Making soy milk → Okagi making → Yunzukuri ... I am concerned about the experience of making Kyoto's tofu!

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Activity JapanHello everyone who watched Hello Friend recommended Chinese restaurant at a recommended restaurant Maiko tofu set if you ordered a small bowl with cold dessert with bean curd with soybean curd with tofu is served It is OK I'm tofu love so it is cool even if cold Even hot, sweet but delicious tofu is versatile Neighborhood in my neighbor has an old-fashioned tofu shop to pull the rear car and come to sell, but I hear it when the sound of the trumpet comes to be heard in the evening I almost always have a stomach hurts But in such a case the tofu is gentle At any moment anything is gentle to anyone nice to be like a tofu like tofu I have never met a bad tofu and I really want to learn an apprentice Tofu senpai!

Yuu also like tofu but some delicious tofu is good (honestly) honestly Because I have not eaten such a delicious tofu so much I'm skeptically suspicious but because he makes up for it with magical words "handmade" so please okay It is only magical Cotoba that two people understand (by Spitz) It is better to know only two people, tofu and me I will investigate where we can make tofu

Experience making tofu in Kyoto

"VR Ninja training in Kyoto"

It is a dream collaboration for me to be able to experience making tofu in my favorite Kyoto It seems that tofu is originated from a refined cuisine approaching the Nanzenji area around Kyoto. When I went to Nanzenji in the summer before, it was hot Heat stroke I feel dizzy and drinking about 3 liters while walking with a hula while walking around with a sign of "Yu Tofu" I strongly thought that "I do not need it" No, it was because it was summer The signboard is about to flicker in a rush By the way it was a hot summer I ate it in the winter By the way the Sanmon in Nanzenji was one of the places I liked so much that I had been there for about 2 hours When I saw the plan it was very simple written Something interesting

· Process of making tofu
Making soymilk → Okara making → Yunzukuri → Finally cotton tofu is finished It is difficult to make soy milk first but it surely will be somehow and so I guess somehow I like silk tofu So cotton tofu with A little disappointing silk vs cotton is one of the wars that will not be finished When you put it in a pot I will buy one you will buy a little I will let the opinion like baked tofu good for the moment and settle down with silk VS cotton! I think so.

· Freshly made
This is also a magical word, "Fresh" is determined to be tasty

· Please choose your favorite way to eat
It seems that eating as it is also good for yoshinoyu "I do not have to put anything really delicious" or "Enjoy the taste of the ingredients simply with salt" I always think that it is possible to eat it in tofu Sometimes I like to sprinkle soy sauce and tempura for Tempura and sometimes I want to eat yakiniku with sauce so "In your favorite way to eat" is also a certain magical word It is magical word Spit's magic croat is ringing "I can meet you again" Lyrics are perfect for tofu and me even if I do not promise, is not it because it was a song of tofu

Experience making tofu and finished

"Tofu Making Experience Details and Completion"

I feel that it is beneficial that I can experience a nice tofu making at 1.300 yen I do not know how much I will make but it is just as good as a photo feeling It is soy sauce on the right! It is wonderful

I am happy also that I can book the previous day I want to say I'm going to Kyoto to make tofu for a while Tofu I've made it I want to distribute it to my friends Do you need tofu everyone? I trust the tofu to the extent that I do not need anything like tofu But perhaps I can not take it home with you I think I will make good memories only if I know two of them, Tofu

Blogger's Profile Nickname: Shishimaru
Age ThirtiesGender FemaleProfession Unemployed
Travel, I like animation 30's singles Onna I always want to walk with my shoulder cut

The plan introduced in this article

The eighth bridge building


プランID:14702The eighth bridge building
2,160yen~​ ​(tax included)

生搾り製法にて、豆乳・おから・湯葉づくり、そして「おぼろどうふ」から 「木綿どうふ」までを作ります。 「おとうふ」を作りながら、オリジナル七味も調合していただきます。 体験でしか味わえないできたての「湯葉」や「おぼろどうふ」の美味しさは格別です! できあがった「おとうふ」は、湯どうふにしてご賞味。お好みで「七味」をかけていただくのもおすすめです。

  • Included in priceExperience fee
  • Available ageAge 5 ~
  • Assemble pointHachijyadashi Kakehashi Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Kyoto Ward 8 Nishikyo Cole District 8

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【Kyoto · Higashiyama】 Japanese sweets making experience class "Kampun temple Toza" (Higashiyama Kiyomizu Temple site)

2,160yen~​ ​(tax included)

We will make authentic Kyoto confectionery under craftsmen's guidance. Please make memories that can stay in memory forever in Kyoto.

The eighth bridge building

[Kyoto Prefecture · Kyoto City] Cute and elegant taste! Kyo top sweets and pastry making workmanship experience!

プランID:14694The eighth bridge building
1,400yen~​ ​(tax included)

I will finish using authentic tools for authentic Kyoto confection "NICKIRI". ① 3-piece manufacturing course about 60 minutes ② 4-piece manufacturing course about 70 minutes



2,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

≪お抹茶&碾き茶とお干菓子作り、3つの素敵な体験≫ 〈1〉碾茶(てんちゃ)からお抹茶を臼で挽きます。 〈2〉和三盆糖を木型に詰め、お干菓子を作ります。 〈3〉お座敷でお抹茶とお干菓子をいただきます。 甚松庵(じんまつあん)は京都五条・間之町あいのまちにある、日本文化を体験できるお店です! 中でも、自分で行うお抹茶体験・碾(ひ)き茶体験・和三盆(わさんぼん)抜き型体験は、当社オリジナル!! 気軽にお茶体験を楽しめます。 甚松庵でお茶に触れて、日本文化を楽しんでください! 【開催時間】 ①10:30~11:10 ②15:30~16:10 ※受付時間、タイミング、人数によっては、催行できない場合があります。 ※上記以外の時間はリクエストで承っております。リクエストプランからお申込み下さい。 ※受付時間は平日10:00-17:00となっております。それ以降のお申込みは翌営業日扱いとなりますので、ご了承下さい。 ※その他、お点前体験、お干菓子作り体験プランがございます。 主催会社:有限会社プラタナス

Hachibashi-anchan Shabanari

【Kyoto · Sakyo Ward】 Kyoto's confectionery! Living Yatabashi making handmade from dough hands-on experience

プランID:14775Hachibashi-anchan Shabanari
1,100yen~​ ​(tax included)

Plan to handmade Kyoto 's confectionery "Yawata - bashi" from fabric making. We will make 3 types of Tsubu-an · Matcha · Grilled chestnuts. You can take out the completed "Yawata-bashi". How about one handmade eight-bridge to one of the memories of Kyoto?