Survival game in Kanto

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Survival game, in nature, such as forest, is the competition performed using the airsoft gun. Play of the United States of paintball has been also said to be originated. There is just not recently also popular for women men, it seems have been an increasing number of participants, which is said to Sabage women. In the Kanto area, in Chiba Prefecture Inzai, including WAR ZONE and beam, Ibaraki, Gunma, there is a field to be able to experience the survival game in various places, such as Saitama. It is also possible to be used in the charter in the companion congenial. In Tokyo Akihabara, it is so has been held at the indoor field to enjoy in the office building. Generally, beginners of people can enjoy as participants all the outfit, such as goggles and protector can be rented. Participation age is 18 years of age or older person limit that can protect the game rules. On the field, divided into teams, we fight. In WAR ZONE, if there is advance booking, in the beam than Keisei-Usui Station, is that of a possible pick-up from JR or Keisei Shisui Station. And use fee, for information, such as opening hours, please refer to the information and access to the official site.

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