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BLACK RIVER (Black River)Black River

Hokkaido / Kushiro, Akan, Nemuro, Kawayu-Kutcharo

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Great nature fullness! A

Black River
Thank you very much (* ^ ▽ ^ *)
It was my first excitement,
It was a very valuable experience and I enjoyed myself very much.
3 parents are very satisfied (≧

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Thank you for using.
I think that it was a bit chilly, but I am waiting for you coming soon.
Since there are various activities in the future, please challenge. .

Great adventure to hand down at our house

I got out of the typhoon over the rainy season.
Before boarding the ship, there was an explanation that this is the time to do such things, but when it was impossible to be immersed in water, I felt elegant feelings around me. When I go out to the river, there are quite a lot of water and flow. In the midfield, hit the protruding branch, and it certainly submerged. Everyone underwater. In my home I called "Donburko Incident" and handed down. After the end I took a small hour and sent it to the inn, and it was very helpful at places without land habit. I was relieved that the tour felt the skill of the guide and I am very grateful to the family's hospitality. I have wonderful memories.

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Akan River Rafting Long Course

There was a thrilling point enjoyed in peace by the guide who dependable. Elementary school third grade boy is also a big satisfaction. It is between say each other fun even in the long course.

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