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NOP Noboribetsu off-road ParkNovoli betulinic off-road bike

Hokkaido / Toya, Noboribetsu Tomakomai

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Traveling alone

I am indebted to the president.
It was a fun trip.

Also I will challenge snowmobile this time.

I can communicate friendly with friends
I will go to Noboribetsu again.

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Joined date: July 2017
all-terrain vehicle
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Ms. Omi
Thank you for using NOP the other day.
I am very pleased with all the staff who can help with pleasant memories of my traveling alone.
Please come again.
Now with the snowmobile in winter! ! .

I was surprised to strength of the buggy!

From firmly taught how to operate the guide's, Embark!
Honestly, how I can run even a place like this! And, I was much surprised.
Surprised to off-road of the road that have not been paved! It has been overwhelmed by the charm of the buggy!

  • 4.5
Participation date: May 2014
all-terrain vehicle
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Thank you for using NOP.
We are pleased all the staff to have fun and have fun.
Please come again. .