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Bathara Kimono rental Kamakura Komachi Street shopBathara Kimono rental Kamakura Komachi Street shop

神奈川 / 湘南・鎌倉

Trying to share with everyone the best of memories!

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I was dressed with a friend.
Yukata was also cute, and the way of tying the band was also cute in different forms.
I think that the employee's response was good and management was done properly.
However, although it was a free hair arrangement, it was a hairstyle that was too tight, so I thought that the present era may collapse a bit and make me feel loose.

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参加日: 2017 年 09 月
Kimono rental
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Thank you for your use.
I got a comment and I got very helpful about the hair set. I hope you will be able to offer it in accordance with your needs in the future.
If there is another opportunity, we are waiting for those who visit us.


I asked him and Three Star Course.
I think that you can find your favorite kimono because it is a cute kimono or a kimono with items!
The correspondence of the staff was very pleasant and wonderful!
I have a yukata in the summer so I said ~ and I would like to take care of you again if there is opportunity! (Lol)
From high school girls looking at college students. Thank you very much

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参加日: 2017 年 04 月
Kimono rental
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Hi Yokoyama

Thank you for coming.
Yukata will start from May. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Thank you.