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Yakatabune HarumiyaHouseboat Hull Miya

Tokyo / 23 wards

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Cherry-blossom viewing

Staff is very kind
The inside of a houseboat was also very beautiful
The toilet was as beautiful as I thought it was marble and inside the ship!
Many cakes came out enough to make you full
Alcohol was offered soon, so I had a very good time ('

  • 5.0
Participation date: April 2017
Tempura soooo!

Tempura fried to eat in a houseboat is, it was insanely delicious.
Cuisine is very delicious, was a big satisfaction.
On the day it was the rain, but want to eat m also delicious tempura Odaiba may look clean.

  • 5.0
Join date: November 2016
Rice nor scenery also everyone of the staff soooo!

Beautiful Sky Tree and Rainbow Bridge, while relaxed looking at the Odaiba, tempura fried, a lot of different kinds smack ,,, drink in luxurious meal, such as sashimi was soooo good at all you can drink!
Impressed in marble of beautiful restroom (laughs). Above all kind is more of the staff pleasant, and native Elvis Presley show, or the celebration together also with the people of foreign countries, it was very exciting fun and or the Cheers! Now I want to bring even foreign friends ^^

  • 5.0
Join date: November 2016