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Horse trekking HokkaidoHorse trekking Hokkaido

Hokkaido / Sapporo

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Riding experience taste in nature! I recommend!

Arrived at the local, greetings to Abe's and Shepherd of Mu. Mu was too dry in Abe's doting!
Helmet and protector, ready wearing a raincoat! Face-to-face with today's partner toward the horse sha!
First of all impressed by the horses that come around in Abe's call. Been issued a buddy to the outside connection to the fence, it was also brushing and the saddle of the set to experience. Recommended point can be this kind of experience! I was surprised to the weight of the saddle.
Preparation to completion to immediately experience. Across and start walking and swaying & eye line is high and a little fear. . . But anxiety thanks to the guidance and gentle partner of Abe's is no longer feel.
Try to walk somewhat in Baba, a little trot? Moya' try, to a large ranch from there.

Buddy did it with grandma horses that call the new year, I felt let unexpected strength and vigor with which I feel such a thing!
Although we experienced riding in Abe-san and us three, horses each other ish very good terms with the parent-child! Figure walking near long ago as the likely stick ass to partner of the head of the horse was lovely. Lol

Walk a wide ranch, the end is over the horse of rice time and photo time.
I was able to spend a very fulfilling time.

When it rains, because the mud is many feet get muddy, shoes are recommended and may be dirty boots.
In addition the camera is better to be wrapped around the body is easy to operate!

Please try to come experience!

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Participation date: September 2016
Horse trekking
horse riding

We were allowed to participate in the family five people. It was the first time, be able to interact from place to issue the horse will be carefully taught, I was allowed to a fun experience. It was really well with your staff. If you have a chance, I would like you to come also to participate. Also to Ouma's who was healed very much. Thank you.

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Joined date: August 2016
Horse trekking