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Let's enjoy snowshoing! !

[Hokkaido Tokachi] happy Onsen ♪ snowshoeing experience! (Half-day course)

プランID:02221 提供:Guidelines Outdoor Club

6,500yen​ ​(tax included)


Guidelines Outdoor Club

Hokkaido / Furano-Biei Tomamu
  • Transfer Yes
  • 子供参加可
  • 自然満喫リラックス派
  • ファミリーで楽しむ派

Description​ ​

Daisetsuzan called Hokkaido roof. Wearing snowshoes, stroll leisurely the virgin forest that spreads out fluffy for powder snow of Hokkaido unique ♪
Or find the footprints of drawn on the snow of the campus animal, or impressed by the snow beauty of, or try to run not just walk, let's feel in the five senses or ... nature of power try Nekkoroga'! !
Even 100% of the Tokachi Dakeonsen to ♪ mind flowed over source after he played a lot in the snow is also healed the body.

♪ would be healed at 100% of the Tokachi Dakeonsen sink over source

After playing a lot in the snow, the source over flowing 100% of Tokachi to Dakeonsen. Body will also be healed heart ♪ I

Choice a course guide to fit the experience possible ♪ strength from 8 years old!

Since the guide to fit the physical strength will chose the course, please join us in peace also in women in children 8 years old.

There is free pick-up from Furano city!

Furano city, Furano Ski peripheral, Nakafuranoshigaichi, Kamifurano
We have free transportation from the city center. If you wish, please let us know your desired location (such as a room name) at the time of your application.

Attractions of the plan

Withholding over flowing 100% of the Tokachi Onsen

Primeval forest fluffy of powder snow of Hokkaido unique spread


Minimum number of people 1 人
Number of people who can book 2人〜15人
Schedule There is changed by the snow situation
Assemble time <午前> 8:50(ツアー時間:9:00‐11:30)
<Afternoon> 13:50 (Tour Time: 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

※ If the likely delay in the set time please contact us always. I will correspond by the situation, but the tour late in the basic set time
※ We ask that you have done is such as restroom, changing clothes before the set (winter Wear).
Assemble point Local set: Tokachi Dakeonsen Silver Zhuang (Address: Hokkaido Sorachi District kamifurano Fukiage Onsen)
Reservation deadline Before 2 days

Regarding advance preparation

About clothings and must-bring items 1, ski snowboard wear (warm and waterproof warmth of a dress)
2, winter snow boots (that there is a waterproof boots type of ankle is hidden. Sneakers are not allowed.)
3, protection against cold, such as gloves, hats
4, towel for when bathing, changing clothes

Pay rental of Wear-winter snow boots ※
About rental items ▼ paid rental
Cold weather Wear (top and bottom set · 120cm ~ XXL): 1 wearing 500 yen
Cold weather snow boots (18cm ~ 30cm): 1 foot 300 yen
Hat gloves: each 200 yen

Facility information

Changing room toilet shower
Hot spring Locker Hairdryer
Parking Lot コンビニ

Access and map


Hokkaido Sorachi District kamifurano Fukiage Onsen

How to reach by car

About 25 minutes by car from JR Kamifurano Station
About from Hokkaidō Expressway Asahikawa Takasu IC 65km

How to reach by train

· Please use "Kamifurano Station". ※ Pick up time is scheduled for AM course 8: 20, PM course 13: 20. JR 's operation time may be delayed depending on the weather, so please come with a margin in the meeting time.

time schedule

8:00/13:00  富良野市街地・富良野スキー場周辺・中富良野市街地・上富良野駅周辺から無料送迎致します。 ご希望の方はお申込みの際にご希望場所(ホテル名など)をお知らせ下さい。



8:50/13:50  ※天候・道路状況によって到着時間は多少前後します。

9: 00/14: 00

10: 30/15: 30

11:30/16:30 ※富良野市内までは約1時間程度かかります。天候・道路状況によって到着時間が  多少前後しますので、バスや電車をご利用のお客様はお時間に余裕もってご利用下さい。

Price list

Basic charge

Adult / person 6,500yen 13 years old - (more than junior high school students)
Child / person 5,400yen 8-year-old to 12-year-old

※Prices including all taxes.

Click on your Preferred Date

Please click on the date of your choice from the calendar.


About payment Please pay in cash at the local
Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About cancellation fee If it is canceled by the convenience of our customers, we received a cancellation fee.
• 4 days to 2 days before: 30% of the participation fee
- The day before: 50% of the participation fee
- On the day: 100% of the entry fee
Cancellation by operators. - By bad weather and natural conditions of the day, there might be in the guide of the judgment becomes "Stop". In the case of discontinuation will contact you to the customer's mobile phone to "to set one hour before". Since the case of a holding does not we will contact you, Uneasy Please confirm by telephone the day before the experience.


Matters require attention - Operates number of people 2 people to 15 people (small groups .15 people for groups of more than like, please contact us.)
And participation age 8 years of age or older.
Other notices ※ I try always to update to the latest situation about the vacancy situation, but if you've become a packed overlap your application, there is also a case where I am allowed to ask for changes such as dates and time. please note that.


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Starting time 09:00 14:00
Participating age8 才~
Time required 2-3 hours
ScheduleThere is changed by the snow situation
Assemble point Look in GoogleMap