【沖縄・恩納村】【毎日限定5組】青の洞窟ボートダイビング&パラセーリング  3名乗りもOK!
Guide five pairs daily at a limited price

【沖縄・恩納村】【毎日限定5組】青の洞窟ボートダイビング&パラセーリング  3名乗りもOK!

Plan ID:18359
Provided by:​ ​​ ​Marine leisure high side

Price list

18,000Yen ~ (tax included)

16,980 yen~ sale

Participants (Normal flight 120m) postal per capita Fri
Okinawa / Blue Cave/Onna
Diving (beginners OK)
  • Children admitted

Plan description








【高所フライト パラセーリング180m】ご案内可能!



We aim for refreshing the blue cavern with a store rental boat! When you arrive at Cape Eiyada where there is a blue cave, immediately to the sea from the boat! There is no stairway movement carrying heavy equipment. It is best for those women who are not worried about physical fitness and who are not good at swimming as returning to the boat and going back to the store.



■パラセール ロープ長さ120mカメラ持ち込み&三名乗りOK


Attractions of the plan


Minimum number of people 2 people
Number of people who can book 2 people~
Schedule 3月〜11月
Start time 【開催時間の各1時間前集合です】



6:30集合 7:30青の洞窟 10:00パラセーリング

8:00集合 9:00青の洞窟 11:30パラセーリング 

10:00集合 11:00青の洞窟 13:00パラセーリング 14:00解散

12:15集合 13:00青の洞窟 16:00パラセーリング 17:00解散

14:00集合 15:00青の洞窟 17:30パラセーリング 18:30解散
Assemble point Once in a store, it becomes a collection of [Shinyoda common shop].
After the meeting the staff will inform you of the parking lot of the store.
※ Please note that telephone number searches are not navigated to the meeting place.
Reservation deadline The day before until 16:59

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items Swimwear, sandals which may be wet, bath towels, shorts, T-shirts
Changing rooms are also available at the store so you can change clothes.
About rental items Blue cave course: perfect for self taking high image quality action camera available

Facility information

Changing room Restroom shower
Parking Lot Locker

Access and map



How to reach by car

【In case of expressway use】
Go north on the Okinawa Expressway and get off at Ishikawa IC.
Turn right at the Yamada intersection and go straight ahead. Please call us at "Honjyoda shop" on the right side. The staff will pick you up.


Guests of the bus please consult us at the time of reservation.
We may ask you to change your experience time.
About 1 hour 20 minutes by bus No. 20 and No. 120 of Naha bus terminal. Please get off at the bus stop and call the store.

time schedule


It will be a store group one hour before the course is held. It is scheduled to arrive in the blue cave during the opening hours. (Congestion Avoidance) Reception · After completing the liquidation, change to the wet suit and be ready! Since all sizes are prepared, there is no worry about the size.


Even if you are new to swimming, you can participate in any experience diving! Do not hesitate to ask anything you do not understand! Practice firmly and make the best diving!


Experience diving is very hard to get into the ocean, but if you are a blue cave boat service you will never walk with equipment on your back! Even female people can enjoy diving comfortably ♪ Wind aiming for refreshing a blue cave with a pleasant boat!


In the busy season of summer, the beach is heavily congested under the scorching sun. If you are a boat, you can shortcut congestion!


Slowly dive into the sea by connecting hands with the dedicated instructor. Even if you can not swim, please be assured that the instructor will support you. There are photographs while swimming.


Memorial shoot of memories with blue light behind! Make hearts and enjoy with various silhouettes! It's a cave that can float on the surface of the water so it's OK for those who are new to you ♪


After the blue cave you can swim yourself if you get used to diving! Please experience the underwater world that is zero gravity and fun ♪


The blue cave course also has a feeding experience so you can play with colorful fish. A lot of tropical fish in front ♪


Pictures of customer's experience diving will be taken by the instructor in charge unlimited number of copies! Let's take photos of underwater photos of memories!


Heavy equipment can be easily put on a boat and comfortably! A short staircase near the 100 steps of the beach is also a shortcut! Enjoy spirit and enjoy parasailing!




The wind is pleasant ~! While departing from the ocean while listening to music ~!


Three people ride is OK so that everyone can enjoy it even with odd number of people! Let's all go to the sky!


Of course, bringing in the camera OK! The beauty of Okinawa can also be taken from the sky far above the sea!


It is high altitude parasailing of 120 m in normal height. Further highlight flight 180m also being introduced! Let's spread the hands and let's go high in the sky ~!


The rope slowly extends and the customer is blown up to the sky high! It is OK to hand over the camera to the staff! Let's take it from the bottom!





Anyone! Landing in the ocean ~! There are so many things to do, so please wear it with good clothing.


Arriving at the ship at the end of parasailing ~! Feeling refreshing ♪

Underwater picture of blue cave diving gifts for the whole!

Underwater picture of blue cave diving gifts for the whole!

We will send all the underwater data to your mobile phone on the day! Let's see and share images with everyone ~!

About price

Basic charge

Participant (normal flight 120 m) / person 18,000yen 16,980yen Last flight 15:00 Only for the holding course Extra cost for extra 1080 yen will be added.
Participant (180 m high altitude flight) / person 19,480yen Upgradeable to high altitude flight with parasailing rope length 180 m

※Above prices include all taxes.
※ This is a basic fee.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the date.

Included in price All additional costs other than the course price will not be incurred.

Marine leisure high side treatment plan list

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About payment / cancellation

About payment 当日店舗にて現金支払いもしくはアクティビティジャパンのサイトから事前カード決済にてお願いします。
Payment method 事前カード決済、事業者指定のお支払い方法
特定商取引法に関する表示 特定商取引法に関する表示
About cancellation fee 50% of the price of the previous day course
100% of the price of the day course

* There is a limit on boat boarding capacity of the day, so a cancellation fee will be charged on the day. Please note
* Cancellation fee will not be charged if cancellation of tour is canceled due to flight cancellation, typhoon, deterioration of ocean condition
Cancellation by operators. Due to bad weather on the day, the tour holding point contents may be changed and canceled. Please note.
If we decide to cancel or change, we will call you from the shop the day before or the same day.


Matters require attention ※ There is a possibility of refusing the doctor's certificate of examination or refusing course participation on the safety of the customer if it applies even a little to the contents of the following. Please consult with the shop in advance

· People who have experiences of heart, brain diseases, epilepsy (symptoms suddenly losing consciousness)
· People who have experiences of lung or respiratory illness such as asthma and lung pneumothorax
· High blood pressure · diabetes · arrhythmia who are currently being treated or taking medicine
· Experience of major diseases in the past, such as nose and ears, or people currently being recuperated
· Currently pregnant or who may have it

※ We refuse to drink alcohol on that day strictly. Please note that we may refuse participation in the case of hangover etc. due to alcohol on the previous day

* If you do not participate in the course of the day due to drinking alcohol, confirmation, etc., please note that due to the capacity of the boat, it will be treated as cancellation on the day.
Other notices Depending on the situation of the ocean, the number of people to be booked, and the length of time the facility is used by the customer, there is some time around the end time so please join us with a margin.
2018/03/01~2018/11/30 開催期間



Everyone's experiences

Thank you very much! it's the best!

On the day I became indebted to para for diving! She seemed uneasy for the first diving, but thanks to the instructor, I and my girlfriend also made the best memories of Okinawa! I also appreciate it with lots of underwater photographs! Parasail was also very beautiful ocean and I became indebted to the captain! I will come to Okinawa again! thanks! by Yuki

  • 5.0
Participation date: September, 2017
Diving (beginners OK)
Reply comments from operators

Thank you for coming!
Both of you were very good at the first dive!
A beautiful sea of ​​Okinawa, might be healed by colorful fish ♪
Parasail also looks at the sea and receives an exhilarating wind and feels good at the highest!
It was said that the captain also thanked you!
Well then, we are looking forward to seeing you again from all the staff! .



  • 5.0
参加日: 2018 年 07 月
Diving (beginners OK)
Reply comments from operators




  • 5.0
参加日: 2018 年 07 月
Diving (beginners OK)
Reply comments from operators




It was the best!!

It was my first diving, but the staff was very kind and I enjoyed them very much!
It was a lot of fun to meet with the fish! I would like to come again!!

  • 5.0
Joined date: March, 2018
Diving (beginners OK)
Reply comments from operators

The two of us were the first diving, but they were very good! ! !
It was amazing to have been able to swim with just two people with the instructor's hands off! ! Please come and visit again ♪
The second and subsequent diving will expand our horizons and become able to enjoy the underwater world more! ! Thank you for coming!

I was very satisfied. \ (^^) /

  • 5.0
Joined date: March, 2018
Diving (beginners OK)
Reply comments from operators

I am marine leisure high side Yokokawa.
Thank you for participating in parasailing and diving!
We will wait for use when there is another opportunity! .

It was my first diving and parasailing, but since the instructor taught me friendly and kindly it was a lot of fun.
When I came to Okinawa, I definitely want to marine leisure on the high side (^ ^)

  • 5.0
Joined date: March, 2018
Diving (beginners OK)
Reply comments from operators

Diving and parasailing Thank you for participating! And thank you for the warm review!
Please come and visit again! The second diving comes with plenty of time and it is more fun ☆ I am waiting for you! .

Memories of Okinawa Travel 1! A

Although I was worried about the first trial diving, I gently explained and supported him, so I enjoyed diving with peace of mind!
The atmosphere of the shop was also good and cozy, so it seemed to be staying long
When I go to Okinawa again I want to go out and play!
Thank you for a wonderful memory!

  • 5.0
Joined date: August 2017
Diving (beginners OK)
Reply comments from operators

Thank you for coming!
It was Ottaru's best food suits!
We are also very good at diving and high side staff too
I enjoyed it!
Also, please come to the high side when you come to Okinawa ♪
We look forward to the staff concentric!

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If you book this plan 157 pt will be given!

Starting time 07:30 09:00 11:00 13:00 15:00
Participating ageAge 10~60
Time required Four to five hours
The set will be an hour before the opening time. Holding time ~ end time 7: 30 ~ 11: 00/9: 00 ~ 12: 30/11: 00 ~ 14: 00/13: 00 ~ 17: 00/15: 00 ~ 18: 30
Assemble point Watch on GoogleMap