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Blue Dolphin Japan (Blue Dolphin Japan)Blue Dolphin Japan (Blue Dolphin Japan)

東京 / 23区

Blue Dolphin Japan(ブルードルフィンジャパン)の特徴

Blue Dolphin Japan is in the Asagaya, is a scuba diving shop. From beginner to professional courses, we offer a tailored service to the level of the individual. Please drop. If you want to now start to dive, those who want to enjoy more, we offer a high quality service!

Blue Dolphin Japan(ブルードルフィンジャパン) のギャラリー


Suginami-ku, Tokyo Asagayakita 1-45-10
business hours 19 o'clock 10 to 30 minutes
Regular holiday Seven days a week
credit card out of service
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