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Chantilly bungalows & Chantilly Bobby'sChantilly bungalows and Chantilly Bobby's

Tokyo / Izu-Ogasawara

Shanty Bungalow & Shanty Bobby's Features

It is surrounded by sub-tropical jungle and mountains, dynamic location. Umiasobi in Xiaogang beach if you walk a little. Or looked blankly the starry sky of the original swaying flame of the sky at night, you can enjoy fun barbecue or camping style and star watching and family and friends in a tent. Jungle, sea, and can stay while feeling in the skin of the universe is Shanti bungalow.

Shanty Bungalow & Shanty Bobby's Gallery


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Tokyo Ogasawara Village Chichijima shaped Kitabukuro Sawa
business hours 8:00~21:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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