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Aterier hana-ya (Atelier florist)Aterier hana-ya (Atelier florist)

東京 / 23区


Aterier hana-ya(アトリエハナヤ)の特徴

Aterier hana-ya at home salon of a 2-minute walk from (Atelier florist) in Nerima Fujimidai Station, has held clay cake, macaroon tower, Clay Craft, pressed flowers, your classroom of stylish flower. Lecturer on TV Tokyo-based "TV Champion" founder Pressed Flower champion, has also carried out, such as pressed flowers animation production and illustrations binding, how-to book writing in the NHK Minna no Uta. Your classroom is I am trying to give you is working to create works such as happy with a small number of people system. I hope everyone in this your classroom is abundant life through the flowers.

Aterier hana-ya(アトリエハナヤ) のギャラリー


Nerima-ku, Tokyo Nukui 3-12-1-223
business hours 10:00〜16:00
Regular holiday Sunday irregular
credit card out of service
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