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Ceramics class FutabaCeramics class Futaba

東京 / 23区



To anyone to produce a work of a simple hand beauty batter to enjoy casually. I will carefully guidance from the basic to how to make the design decisions. Rather than formal ones to say that ceramic art, please come with your friends to each other and family that you can enjoy with a sense of Doasobi. Tool, please join empty-handed since all such clay will be available here. After the firing We of course take-away, can be used as tableware. Why do not you spend a good time in with everyone.

陶芸教室Futaba のギャラリー


Itabashi-ku, Tokyo China and Taiwan 1-29-8-101
business hours 火曜日 10:00~21:00 水曜日 10:00~21:00 土曜日 10:00~16:00 日曜日 10:00~16:00
Regular holiday Month, Thursday and Friday
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