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Hokkaido Nature guide service KamuiHokkaido Nature guide service Kamui

Hokkaido / Asahikawa Sounkyo

北海道ネイチャーガイドサービス カムイの特徴

In the "Hokkaido Nature guide service Kamui", it guides you through the Hokkaido trekking & Nature haiku based on the Daisetsuzan. Daisetsuzan, including the Hokkaido's highest peak is Asahidake (2,291m), it is the generic name of altitude 2,000m class of mountains of up to 20 mountain range. And, Daisetsuzan is the largest national park in Japan. In such a majestic place, slowly leisurely walk journey, Yamatabi, has coordinated the natural journey. Customers to enjoy the trekking and snowshoeing, the guide will firmly support.

北海道ネイチャーガイドサービス カムイ のギャラリー


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