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Hose Academy KobuchizawaHose Academy Kobuchizawa

山梨 / 八ヶ岳・小淵沢・清里・大泉


Why do not you go out into the wilderness to jump out from Baba. Among the Yatsugatake-Minami Alps and a prime location overlooking the Japan of mountain Fuji, along with the best partner the horse to experience from beginner, you can enjoy the outside power with real taste. Yatsugatake course horse-only road to enjoy the southern foot plateau "Township trekking course of the ranch." Even as a military road that Shingen Takeda, also famous place as a mountain course that was used in equestrian competitions. Please spend a moment of enhancement in such families, couples and friends to each other.

ホースアカデミー小淵沢 のギャラリー


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