Popular winter sports! Snowscoot (Snowbike) Complete Guide

Popular winter sports! Snowscoot (snowbike)
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Recently popular Winter sports ・ Special feature on Snowscoot (snow bike).

Snowscoot (snowbike) is winter Ski resort And skiing on the slopes New activity is.

In this article, Snowscoot (snowbike) Features and charm, experience fee / average price Also introduced.

Areas and ski resorts where you can experience snowscoot (snowbike), Recommended cheap tours I'd like to introduce!

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What is Snowscoot (snowbike)?

What is Snowscoot (snowbike)?

Snowscoot (snowbike) Is a winter sport born in France in 1991. It landed in Japan around 1995.

Glide through the snowy mountains in a vehicle that looks like a snowboard with a bicycle handlebar.

The clothes at the time of the experience are Skiing or snow board Same as. Ski wear and snowboard wear If you wear, you can enjoy Snowscoot (snowbike) as it is. No special clothing is required for Snowscoot.

If you are skiing or snowboarding, you can often enjoy snowscoot (snowbike) at the same ski resort. With other winter sports It is also recommended to try it out!

How to ride a snowscoot (snowbike) and precautions

How to ride a snowscoot (snowbike) and precautions

How to ride a snowscoot (snowbike)

Snowscoot (snowbike) is also called a snow bike, and is characterized by its appearance like a bicycle + snowboard. Therefore, many people who have experience in motocross, BMX (Bicycle Motocross), snowboarding, and skiing enjoy it.

However, for Snowscoot (snowbike), Features not found in other winter sports there is. It means that you can hold the handle with both hands to balance and support your body.

Due to the handle, compared to other winter sports Easy to control Is attractive. Snowboarding and skiing tend to lean forward or backward too much when skiing, making it difficult to balance well. However, Snowscoot (snowbike) can be balanced by gripping the steering wheel.

The basic way to slide on level ground is

  • Hold the steering wheel with both hands and kick the snow surface with one foot
  • Put your other foot in the foot strap
  • Relax with your knees slightly bent
bicycle It's almost the same as riding on.

If you can ride a bicycle, You will be able to ride immediately So don't worry.

Precautions when riding a snowscoot (snowbike)

Whenever you fall while experiencing Snowscoot (snowbike) On the mountain side Let's fall down.
If you fall to the valley side, there is a danger that it will roll down to the bottom.

Also, even if you fall during the experience, you will definitely Keep your hands on the handle That is important. If you take your hand off the steering wheel, you may hit yourself and get injured.

Because it is possible that a snowscoot (snowbike) will be thrown out and you will lose control and injure others. Be sure to keep your hand on the handle Let's do it.

Snowscoot (snowbike) experience fee, cost, average price

Snowscoot (snowbike)

Depending on the area and shop, the average snowscoot (snowbike) experience fee is About 15,000 yen per person .. Experience time is Around 4-5 hours Seems to be many.

Since there are many tours where up to 4 people can apply together, it is advantageous to participate in a group.
After enjoying winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, why not try snowscoot (snowbike) together.

Challenge the new winter activity Snowscoot (snowbike), If you post a photo on SNS, the topic will be monopolized There is no doubt that you will!

Recommended places / areas for Snowscoot experience


Snowscoot (snowbike) is a new winter sport, but you can experience it at ski resorts nationwide. The number of ski resorts you can experience is increasing is.

A popular area where you can experience snowscoot (snowbike) Hokkaido ・ Furano, Niigata ・ Yuzawa Nagano ・ Sakuho etc.

At Activity Japan, you can experience snowscoot (snowbike) in Nagano / Sakuho, Niigata / Yuzawa, and Hokkaido / Furano. Reservation is possible is.

Especially in Nagano / Sakuho and Niigata / Yuzawa Kanto Easy access from day trip But I recommend it because you can enjoy it!

Nagano / Sakuho Town Popular Snowbike School Yachiho Kogen Ski Resort

[Nagano / Sakuho Town] Challenge new snow sports! Snowbike school "Yachiho Kogen Ski Resort"

Karuizawa, Saku, Komoro
60,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Beyond "fun", "dangerous"! Let's experience the charm of snow bikes (Snowmoto / Snowscoot)! Even if you are a beginner, you can step up to an intermediate level at once with one lesson! I want to stand out at the ski resort! Recommended for those who want to try new gear!

Niigata / Yuzawa Town Snowbike School Kandatsu Snow Resort

[Niigata / Yuzawa Town] Challenge new snow sports! Snowbike school "Kandatsu Snow Resort"

Yuzawa / Naeba
60,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Beyond "fun", "dangerous"! Experience the charm of snowbikes (Snowscoot)! Even if you are a beginner, you can step up to an intermediate level at once with one lesson! I want to stand out at the ski resort! Recommended for those who want to try new gear!

You can choose from Hokkaido, Furano snow bikes, four-wheel buggies, and snow carts!

[Hokkaido / Furano] Snow sports to choose from! ★ Four-wheeled buggy, snow cart, snow bike ★

Leisure guide Playhouse Furano
Furano / Biei / Tomamu
1,500 Yen ~ (tax included)

A four-wheeled buggy with a small displacement that even children can enjoy. Snow carts and snow bikes that even children over junior high school can enjoy.

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