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Tokyo Japanese sweets making experience

Not only traditional crafts and performing arts, but also people's lifestyles and food cultures, many cultures unique to Japan that have been passed down from ancient times. Now that the era of Reiwa has arrived, the spirit of hospitality, the use of colors, and the artistic charm of beautiful modeling have been reviewed.《Japan Culture Experience》Is now receiving a lot of attention from foreign tourists from all over the world, regardless of age or gender.

On this page, such《Japan Culture Experience》East from among a number certain eyes of Kyoto has been held in the"Japanese sweets making experience』\ Focus on! "Recommended experience plan And "Popular shop information We will introduce in detail and deliver its charm. Let's experience the making of Japanese sweets made with reliable technology that inherits the tradition from ancient times and learn the essence of "Japanese food culture" that is drawing attention from the world ♪


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Experience Japanese food culture! Types of Japanese confectionery making

Currently handling web reservations at Activity Japan​ ​《​ ​Eastern Kyoto in Japanese sweets making experience​ ​》​ ​There are various types of Japanese sweets, such as `` Kyosei confectionery and kneaded confectionery, '' which are conscious of the seasonal colors and natural scenery, which can be said to be the basics of Japanese confectionery, as well as Japanese classic snacks such as `` Dorayaki '' and `` Konpeito '' We have prepared courses that can be handmade while receiving the instructions of craftsmen.

Prices vary depending on the course, but the cheapest price is from 4,200 yen (tax included) per person-you can make a reservation and beginners who are new to Japanese confectionery as well as beginners can easily participate, as part of the Tokyo sightseeing schedule or on weekends It is used in a variety of scenes as a hobby or date plan for lovers. Let's experience the traditional technology that is the charm of making Japanese sweets ♪

Eastern Kyoto in Japanese sweets making experience popular plan

less, Activity Japan is currently accepting advance reservations for Internet​ ​"Eastern Kyoto in Japanese sweets making experience popular plan"​ ​I will introduce The experience fee mainly includes lectures from craftsmen, material costs and usage fees such as cooking utensils, so anyone from children to adult can easily participate ♪ temporarily keeping such as weekends and holidays are recommended as soon as possible ◎

Eastern Kyoto reference data in the Japanese sweets making experience

Lowest price​ ​Per person​ ​4,200​ ​yen (tax included) ~
Duration​ ​Whole year
Participating age​ ​3 years old ~
Popular customers​ ​Family / Female Group / Couple

Eastern Kyoto in Japanese sweets making experience held shop

less, Activity Japan is currently accepting advance reservations for Internet​ ​"Eastern Kyoto in Japanese sweets making experience held shop"​ ​Is introduced in the list. You can check the Detail each store, such as the Address, access map from the nearest station, business hours, regular holidays, other handling Activity experience plans, etc. from the following Partner page link ♪

business hours
Regular holiday
株式会社 萬年堂
business hours
Regular holiday
business hours 9:00 to 17:00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays
いま坂どら焼 神馬屋
business hours
Regular holiday

Eastern Kyoto in Japanese sweets making of reviews experiences

Lastly, Activity Japan is currently accepting advance reservations for Internet​ ​"Eastern Kyoto in Japanese sweets making Review Reviews experiences"​ ​I will introduce The plans with high star counts and high Review are proof of trust gathered from guests ◎ Please refer to the real voice of those who have actually experienced the Japanese sweets making experience class introduced on this page ♪

Both children and adult are happy to be satisfied! !
Elementary school 4 Year two children of students and adult I was allowed to experience for the first time of Japanese sweets making two people. While carefully teaching how to make it, everyone made two kinds of kneaded cuts of two each, a total of four with tea, and three were brought home. I could easily experience making Japanese sweets, and the sweets I made were very delicious, and I wanted to apply again. (Because the confectionery you make seems to change every month)

★★★★★​ ​5.0 Date of participation: Nov. 2019
shop:​ ​wasabi

At home Japanese sweets making experience
It was a good location from Shinjuku. The instructor was a good person and taught me in a cozy atmosphere. Since you can talk a lot easily, it may be fun to join with friends and couples. After showing the sample, I made four, one was sampled on the spot, and three were taken home.

★★★★​ ​4.5 Date of participation: February 2019
shop:​ ​wasabi

Dorayaki in Nerima Ward.
Nerima Ward, Imasaka Dorayaki [Shinmaya], I experienced making dorayaki. The staff taught me kindly and politely, and I was able to make it for the first time well. The special dough is delicious even with the skin alone! It was an hour in no time. We were able to respond carefully from the time of booking, and we had a good feeling. At the store, several types of dorayaki were sold, so it would be nice to buy them as souvenirs and go home.

★★★★★​ ​5.0 Date of participation: Jan. 2019
shop:​ ​Imasaka Dorayaki Shinmaya

Super recommended Imasaka Dorayaki Shinmaya
Thanks for providing such a professional environment, the teacher is very friendly and attentive.We learned the technology and attitude and got a super delicious finished product. Recommend!

★★★★★​ ​5.0 Date of participation: August 2019
shop:​ ​Imasaka Dorayaki Shinmaya

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