Let's Enjoy Activity! Book the recommended Activity cheaply and let's go play! With cash back, Activity experience is virtually free by lottery!

campaign Period 2020 Oct. 1st (Thursday) -2021 Jan. 31st (Sunday)
Let's Enjoy Activity

campaign overview

アクティビティジャパンのWEBサイトからアクティビティを予約する際に、「オンライン決済(カード払い、PayPal、Amazon Pay、paidy)」を選択して予約していただきます。

アクティビティジャパンのTwitterアカウントで、「Let’s Enjoy Activity!」のリツイートキャンペーン

このお得なキャンペーンを利用して、アクティビティ・体験・日帰り旅行を格安に予約して、 現地で思いっきり遊ぼう♪

* For application method and campaign details Here Please be sure to check before applying.

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Let's Entry

Entry method

Book an Activity with ONLINE payment at Activity Japan
ONLINE payment type
Experience locally or ONLINE on the day of the event
Lottery every Wednesday from the experience up to the previous day

Let's Enjoy Activity!
Follow & Retweet campaign

10 people each time, for a total of 40 people
Activity Japan Coupon
Present for 5,000 yen! !! !!
Entry method
  1. Follow Activity Japan 's official Twitter account.
    Twitter official account @activityjapan
  2. Please retweet or quote retweet the post of the campaign.
    * Please note that accounts whose public settings are kept private will not be eligible for participation.
    * One reply and one application will be made for each campaign tweet posted during the period sent from the official Twitter account, and you can participate as many times as you like during the application period.

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Lottery schedule

Let's Enjoy Activity campaign Lottery Date
The lottery is every Wednesday until Jan. 31, 2021!
* Only the final lottery date is February 1, 2021 (Monday) *
Winners will be contacted at Email Address registered at the time of booking.
Please note that the winners will not be announced on the website.

Twitter Follow & Retweet campaign Lottery Date
The application period is until Jan. 31, 2021 a total of 4 times!
  1. 2020 Oct. 1 (Thursday) -2020 Oct. 31 (Saturday) 23:59
  2. 2020 Nov. 1 (Sunday) -2020 Nov. 30 (Monday) 23:59
  3. 2020 Dec. 1 (Tuesday) -2020 Dec. 31 (Thursday) 23:59
  4. 2021 Jan. 1 day (holiday) -2020 Jan. 31, 2008 (Sun) 23:59
About Activity Japan Coupon
  1. We will send the coupon code distribution URL to the winners by message. If a person other than the winner registers and uses the URL for distributing the coupon code by forwarding, etc., it is considered that the right of the winner has been waived.
  2. The period of use is until March 31, 2021 (Wednesday), and if the event cannot be held by the period of use, it will be invalid.
  3. The conditions for using the coupon are Activity Japan Terms of Service Please Confirm.


  • Winners will be decided after a strict lottery.
  • The announcement of the winners will be replaced by contacting the winners.
  • Plans that do not support ONLINE payment are not eligible for the campaign.
  • This is for customers who make ONLINE payments and come to the store.
  • If you change the payment method and confirm the payment by the content method in "ONLINE payment", it will not be eligible for the campaign.
  • If the reserved experience is suspended or canceled, it will not be eligible for the campaign.
  • Eligible reservations will be counted for each Reservation number, and the Reservation number will be the target of the lottery.
  • Only the reservation price (tax included) settled ONLINE Activity Japan is eligible. * Upper limit 100,000 yen (tax included)
  • You can enter as many times as you like during the campaign period, but those who win will not be eligible for entry from the subsequent lottery.
  • There is only one lottery opportunity for each booked experience.
  • Refunds for ONLINE payments are based on the rules of each payment company. Please Contact us payment company for refund timing and notifications.
  • If the secretariat determines that it is fraudulent, the winning may be invalidated. Please note.
  • Please refer to the privacy policy for the handling of personal information.
  • Please note that we cannot answer Contact us regarding winning results.


About our guidelines and correspondence regarding the new coronavirus (COVID-19)

Thank you for your continued patronage.

In order to allow many customers to enjoy various Activity across Japan safely and securely, we have established the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Basic countermeasure policy for new coronavirus infection control"・" Avoid the three secrets"・" New lifestyle Based on the "rooms Partner we have recommended measures against infectious diseases, such as the following for.

  • Instructors and participants should have sufficient distance
  • Use masks as much as possible while participating
  • Ventilate frequently to avoid enclosed spaces
  • Thorough hand washing and disinfection
  • Thorough disinfection of equipment
  • Customer and employee health management, etc.
Examples of initiatives by the Partner

For infection prevention measures of the operating company, see the information of each operating company at the bottom of the plan reservation page. [Appeal point for safety] Or [Precautions for participating in the course] Please refer to and contact the relevant operating company directly for details.

You can also check the information on Activity Partner in various places on the following page!

How to enjoy new Activity the after/with corona era

How to enjoy new Activity the after/with corona era
Even if you are a customer, when you continue to go out, in addition to avoiding so-called [three secrets], coughing Ticket, thorough hand washing and alcohol disinfection, 2020 Friday, June 19 ), The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Japan Tourism Agency announced [New Travel D Ticket], take actions to avoid the risk of infectious diseases, and enjoy Activity safely. Please keep in mind.
There is a tourist facility, Activity Partner, whose business hours and dates have changed. Please check the calendar status at the time of application and check the latest information at each event Partner even after the reservation is completed. Please check with each event Partner regarding the sudden closure of the facility and whether there is a cancellation fee due to suspended etc. of the Activity experience.

[ONLINE experience] in any place ONLINE a new experience
The "ONLINE experience" service is digital content that can be expected to create a new community by connecting customers with local and tourism Partner on a daily basis. Those who have difficulty going out due to circumstances, those who want to try but are uneasy about having a real experience suddenly, those who want to collect local information to plan future trips and stay plans, etc. Feel free to meet local instructors and guides ONLINE and enjoy a conversation while experiencing a simulated experience!
Please use it together.