Activity Japan Website Terms of Use

Article 1 (Applicable terms)

1. Activity Japan Website Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as 'Terms') are applied to users (hereinafter 'Website Users') of Activity Japan website (hereinafter 'This Website') which is a comprehensive information service network (hereinafter 'Our Website') with email delivery system and other various information services for mobile and PC devices provided by Activity Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter 'Our Company') .​ ​

2. Contents of Terms may be changed at any time without prior notice. When using Our Website you should review the Terms periodically for changes.

3. Users of Our Website must agree to any Terms modified as stated in the preceding paragraph.

4.  If Our Company publishes various important notices (hereinafter referred to as 'Important Notes.') on This Website, they should be regarded as a part of the Terms.​ ​​  ​​ ​

Article 2 (About using this site)

1.  There is a special service ('Membership Service') available to only registered users ('Members') of Our Website or Our Company's designated sites. If you wish to use the Membership Service you can register on This Website or Our Company's designated site.​ ​

2. In addition to the Terms, Activity Japan Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as 'Our Service Agreement') is applied when booking activities provided by business operators (hereinafter referred to as 'Activity Providers') listed on Our Website. Website Users should also check Our Service Agreement when making reservations.

3. Website Users can browse any information published on This Website.

4. Through Our Website, Our Company will collect the information on age, gender, occupation, and address provided by the Website Users and keep records of their actions for management and operation purposes. Regardless of the validity period of the Terms, Our Company reserves the right to create a statistical data without any restriction. But, we will not disclose users' identifiable information to the third party unless requested on a legal basis.

5. Our Company will not be liable for Website Users’ losses and damages due to complete or partial changes on Our Website or due to its termination.

6. Except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, Our Company will not be liable for any trouble occurred between Website Users and Activity Providers upon using Our Website (including incorrect or false information published on This Website). Please contact Activity Provider directly.

Article 3 (Temporary suspension of Our Website)

1. In the following cases, Our Company will suspend Our Website temporarily without prior notice or any consent.

  • 【1】If Our Website needs maintenance or any changes in specification.
  • 【2】If it is difficult or impossible to operate Our Website due to natural disasters or other emergencies.
  • 【3】 If Our Company decides that a temporary suspension is necessary for other reasons.

2. Our Company shall not be liable for users’ losses caused by the temporary suspension of Our Website as stated in the preceding paragraph.

Article 4 (Our Company Liability)

1. Our Company is committed to providing Website Users with accurate information and reliable services. Website Users should carefully review all information on Our Website and use Our Website according to their own decision and at their own responsibility. We shall not be liable for the following cases below.

  • 【1】Usability, compatibilty, completeness, accuracy, security, legality and up-to-dateness of all information on This Website (including all information through linked pages of a third party).
  • 【2】 Any negotiations, reservations, agreements or troubles occured between Website Users and a third party connected through This Website.​ ​
  • 【3】That Our Website and products or any information provided through Our Website will fully guarantee a customer satisfaction.​ ​
  • 【4】 Unavoidable system errors and a failure to operate Our Website.
  • 【5】 Computer viruses delivered through emails from Our Website or web contents.
  • 【6】 That Our Website will exist permanently and maintained.

2. We use the site users of this site etc. Activity Partner Or Other(Including, but not limited to, the act of providing information by a third party) or any damage that occurs as a result of the inability to Damage, mental distress, or Other The company shall not be liable for any disadvantage, including, but not limited to, any financial loss, unless the company is intentionally or grossly negligent.

  • 【1】 Damage caused to the site user due to downloading of contents provided by a third party, access to link sites managed and operated by a third party, etc. via this site etc.
  • [2] Despite the Company taking reasonable safety measures, illegal acts such as unauthorized access to this site etc., unauthorized access to data related to this site etc., illegal activities such as the inclusion of computer viruses, etc. were caused, and as a result Damage caused to the site user
  • [3] due to failure of the communication line and computer, stop of our servers and systems, interruption of this service, the damage caused by the delay or discontinuation or loss of data, etc.

3. In the preceding paragraphs, even if we are responsible, our liability shall be limited to direct and normal damage.

Article 5 (Site users prohibitions)

1. Since copyrights of images, comments, reviews and publisher information posted on this site are attributable to the Company or its licensor, the scope of citations permitted by the site user to the copyright law Any use of the image, the comment, the review, the publisher information, etc., without exceeding our prior consent shall be prohibited.

2. The user of the site shall not perform the following acts or the acts that may fall under the following when using this site etc.

  • [1] The transmission or write action information by pretending to be someone else
  • [2] the act of using the Service by a method other than that our approval
  • [3] Acts of using this site for commercial purposes
  • 【4】 act of modifying this site without notice
  • 【5】 act of illegally accessing or sending or writing harmful computer programs etc on our computer such as server and act of sending spam mail, chain letter or junk mail etc.
  • 【6】 Portrait right or copyright, trademark right or other intellectual property right of the Company or a third party (including publishing activity business, but not limited to this, hereinafter the same) Acts that may infringe or infringe
  • [7] Acts of defaming or slandering our company or a third party, or acts of hurting honor or privacy, etc.
  • [8] information of the content offensive to public order and morals, the act of publishing to another person a document or graphics, etc.
  • [9] Name of oneself, another person or third party, Hotel Address, Phone Numter, Electronic Email Address The act of intentionally registering false information (including, but not limited to, fictitious information that does not exist) regarding etc.
  • [10] nuisance to the Company or third party act, the act and the disadvantage inspire the discomfort act
  • [11] In the separately determined "review Terms", the act posted activity operators of the employees and their families to post the contents related to the posted activity operators
  • [12] acts that lead to criminal behavior
  • [13] Actions that hinder the operation of this site or damage the credibility of our company, our affiliates or our affiliated parties
  • [14] In addition, the law, laws and regulations, there is a fear of public policy or act or violation in violation of this Agreement Acts

3. In the event that the user violates the preceding paragraph or when the Company conducts an action deemed inappropriate for the operation of this site, we will suspend the use of this site, deprive of membership or (Including, but not limited to, legal measures) that the Company deems necessary, such as claims for damages, etc.

4. If the Company or a third party suffers damages due to the acts of users who violate paragraph 1 of this Article or Article 2 of this Article, the user shall compensate all such damages by their own responsibility and costs Have to.

Article 6 (Processing of information on site users)

In order to prepare statistical data for the purpose of improving the convenience of users of this site, we may acquire access logs. However, unless required legally, we will not disclose personal identifying information to third parties.

Article 7 (Handling of personal data by the Company)

We respect the privacy of users and carefully pay attention to the management of the users' personal information. In managing and operating this site, personal information acquired by the Company from users shall be handled in accordance with a separately defined "privacy policy".

Article 8 (Prohibition of Assignment or Delegation)

The user shall not transfer or provide collateral to third parties unless the Company previously agreed on the position as a user and the rights and obligations based on the position concerning this site.

Article 9 (About the copyright of the map)

In the preparation of the map provided by Zenrin Co., Ltd., with the approval of the director of the Geographical Survey Institute, a 1 / 25,000 topographic map issued by the hospital is used. (Approval number: flat 23 passion, 192-111)

Article 10 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

These Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan and the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Simplest Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction for this Agreement and various notices and disputes concerning this site.

Activity Japan Terms of Service


1. Activities The Japan Service Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms") shall be on the Internet managed by and operated by Actecity Japan Co., Ltd. (the "Company") (including both PC and mobile ) (Hereinafter referred to as "the Site"), and various other information providing services (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Site, etc.") accompanying them, It applies to the following users of the site users to use (hereinafter collectively referred to as "service users").

  • 【1】 Activities for Activities (hereinafter referred to as "Activity Activities") posted on this website provided by the Company Activities for people who utilize an Experience Reservation Service (hereinafter referred to as "Booking Service")
  • [2] In addition to the preceding item, a person who has become an Activity Japan member (as defined in the following Article) for the purpose of using the reservation service and the member service (as defined in the following Article)

2. Since the contents of this agreement may be changed as necessary without notice to the service user, please confirm the latest agreement posted on this site when using it Please.

3. When the service user uses the reservation service or the member service after the Company has changed the contents of this agreement under the preceding paragraph, it shall be deemed that the service user accepted the change of this agreement.

4. In the event that various warnings etc. (hereinafter referred to as "various cautions, etc.") to be posted on this site exist, various cautions etc. shall constitute a part of this agreement.

Five. Reservation service and membership service are collectively referred to as "this service" below.

Article 2 (Activity Japan Members)

1. Activity A Japan member is a person who has registered necessary information specified by the Company on this website and has been approved by the Company for the use of the unique ID of this site (procedures from the registration of the information to the approval Hereinafter referred to as "ID registration"). After registering the ID, the Activity Japan Member shall be able to utilize the Activity Japan Membership Service (hereinafter referred to as "Membership Service") on this website.

2. At the time of ID registration, the service user is deemed to have agreed to the matters concerning the members of the Activity Japan among these Terms. Indication of non-compliance intention shall be accepted only by not registering ID.

3. When using the service user, please observe the following conditions when registering ID.

  • 【1】 Activity on this service Please input the truthful and accurate data on the service user himself / herself in the entry field of the Japan Members Registration exclusive page and register the ID. We do not accept any registration by proxy.
  • 【2】 When registering your e-mail address at ID registration, please register your own e-mail address of service user. We refuse registration with others' mail address. When a mail address is shared by a plurality of persons, such as a company, a school, a family member, etc., only when the service user is permitted to register the ID with the corresponding e-mail address by consensus of the co-owner, ID registration is permitted. However, in this case as well, we will limit the use of the membership service to the activity Japan members themselves.
  • [3] If there is a change in the input matter of 【1】, please change the registered contents promptly for the activity Japan member.
  • 【4】 Multiple activities by one service user We do not allow registration and / or possession of Japan members.

Four. Activities To use the membership service, Japan members shall enter the e-mail address and password registered at the time of ID registration, and the Company will use the e-mail address to which the input was made using the e-mail address and password And Password and the e-mail address and password registered with us are the same as Activity Japan members. Even in the unlikely event that they are stolen and used or are illegally used, responsibility due to such acts will match on the ID registration information concerning the e-mail address and password unless there is intentional or gross negligence on our company Activity Japan member shall bear.

5. In the following cases, we will suspend or terminate the use or termination of all or part of the membership services for the Activity Japan members without prior notice to the Activity Japan members, delete the registered ID, delete the registered e-mail address, Deletion of all or part of points (which shall be defined in Article 4), deprivation of activity Japan deprivation of membership and necessary compensation such as claims for damages (including but not limited to legal measures) You may do. In addition, as a result of such correspondence, we will not bear any responsibility even if damage or disadvantage arises to the activity Japan members.

  • 【1】 Activity Japan members do not hold valid points, the Activity Japan members have not used the activity Japan as a member (login), and various contacts by e-mail from the company can not be sent in error When there is a message or if all the received mail settings have selected "not to receive"
  • 【2】 Our company judges that members of Activities Japan will violate these Terms or Terms of Use, the Terms and Conditions offered at the use of the Site or this Service, collectively (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Activity Japan Agreement, etc.") In the case that we judge that there is a risk of
  • 【3】 When the Activity Japan member conducts an act that the Company deems it unsuitable for the operation of the member service

6. Activity The Japan member shall verify and agree to the Activities Japan Agreement etc. when using the Site or this service by himself, and shall use the Service or the Service concerned.

Article 3 (Reservation of Activities)

1. The service user shall be able to make an application reservation application to the publishing activity business operator by using the booking application function of this site or requesting the company by telephone. Service users who are not members of Activity Japan can make reservation applications only by requesting the Company by telephone.

2. By conducting the reservation application set forth in the preceding paragraph, the user of the service shall not be liable for any conditions (including the content of the activities, conditions of payment, conditions of cancellation fee, etc.) related to the activity determined by the publishing activity business operator and displayed on the site But it is not limited to these).

3. After the reservation application in the preceding paragraph, the booking activity shall be established at the time when the publication activity business operator gives notice of acceptance.

4. The service user shall not cancel cancellation without making a reservation. In the event that the Company determines that the service user made a non-contact cancellation due to reports from the posting activity business operator, etc., the Company shall not use the part or all of this service without notifying the relevant service user in advance In cases where the said service user is an activity Japan member, we may take measures such as deprivation of membership qualifications, claims for damages, etc. (including, but not limited to, legal measures) We shall be able to do.

5. The service user shall be able to make a reservation application only for activities for which the service person participates. However, only when the service user accompanies it, only those who are not service users, with consent of the publishing activity business entity, can make reservation applications that participate in the activities.

Article 4 (Payment for activities)

1. Service users are posted using the reservation service Activity Partner If the reservation you applied for has been made, it will be posted Activity Partner In the way specified by Activity Partner Directly against Activity Charges for less"Activity I will pay the price).

2. In the case of canceling a reservation after reservation is established (assuming that the reservation is canceled), the service user specifies the cancellation fee determined by the posting activity business operator according to the cancellation date, by the posting activity business operator We will pay directly to said publishing activity business entity by the method.

Article 5 (Settlement service)

1. Activity Japan The member is a settlement service such as credit card settlement provided by our partner company in the service designated by the less It is assumed that you can use "payment service". Activity Japan Members posted by our company Activity Partner When Activity Japan Regardless of the fact that we are not a party to a contract with a member, we Activity Partner for Activity Japan Posted for the limited purpose of receiving payment from members Activity Partner I understand and agree that I will act as an agent for receiving claims. Activity Japan Once the members have paid us the full price, Activity Japan Posting members Activity Partner The obligation to pay the target service fee for the Activity Partner It is responsible to transfer the fee to.

2. Activity Japan If the member chooses to use the payment service, Activity Japan The members, regardless of the provisions of Article 1 paragraph 1, Activity The period when the price is determined by our company Sun You agree to pay in accordance with our method by Activity Japan When using the settlement service, members agree to the separate terms and conditions defined by the settlement service provider, and that refunds and other processing are in accordance with the terms of use.

3. Activity Japan Members are Activity Japan The member chooses to use the payment service and Activity I agree that the paid amount will be applied to the cancellation fee, regardless of the provision of paragraph 2 of the preceding article, when the paid cancellation is performed after the payment is made. However, Activity Japan Members will post paid amounts Activity Partner If there is a shortage of the cancellation fee determined by Activity Partner Will pay directly to

Four. Activity Japan Even if the member chooses to use the payment service, Activity Day of the event On the day until Number of participants Increases, or Activity Other option In the case of adding Activity Partner Will pay additional fees in the manner indicated by.

Five. Activity Japan Members use our payment service to our company Activity You can receive a receipt from us by separately charging us if you pay the fee.

Article 6 (Point service)

1. As part of the return to the Activity Japan member, we conducted an act of use (hereinafter referred to as "point granted transaction") in accordance with the method prescribed by the Company in the service designated by the Company among the reservation services Activities We issue our own points (hereinafter referred to as "points") in accordance with the conditions prescribed by the Company (hereinafter referred to as "point granting conditions") to Activities Japan Members, and the Activity Japan Members will designate In conducting the predetermined usage acts (hereinafter referred to as "point use target transactions") in the service, a point service (hereinafter referred to as "point service We will operate it).

2. The point service contents (collectively referred to as "point conditions" below) such as the points to be awarded, points granting conditions, point usage tariffs, point usage conditions, point expiration dates, etc., We will decide on the page specified by our company on judgment.

3. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the Company may issue points in a different point condition than what is stated on our designated page, in which case point conditions shall be specified at the time of issuing points. In addition, if the points stated on our designated page and the point conditions specified at the time of issuance are different from Activity Japan members, the point conditions specified at the time of issue to the Activity Japan members shall prevail.

Article 7 (Point grant)

1. The Company shall grant points to the Activity Japan Members who conducted the point-awarded transaction in accordance with the point granting conditions.

2.アクティビティジャパン会員は、前項に基づき付与されたポイント数に疑義のある場合、自己が予約サービス上でポイント付与対象取引の対象となるサービスまたは商品等の提供を受けた企業または店舗等(以下「本ポイント付与対象取引サービス提供企業」といいます)について、当社へ問い合わせるものとします。 アクティビティジャパン会員は、当該疑義についてアクティビティジャパン会員と本ポイント付与対象取引サービス提供企業との間で解決するものとします。当社は、自己の故意や重過失によりアクティビティジャパン会員に付与するポイント数を誤った場合を除き、一切の責任を負わないものとします。

3. Even after the Company grants points to Activity Japan members pursuant to Paragraph 1 of this Article and Article 3 of the preceding article, we judge that Activities Japan members' violation of this Agreement and other points are inappropriate by the Company In the event that circumstances are known, the Company shall be able to cancel all or part of the points granted to the Activity Japan Member.

4. When the Company intends to cancel points under the preceding paragraph, Activity Japan If there are no or insufficient cancelable points due to the member already using the points subject to cancellation, etc., the Company Activity Japan Of the points subject to cancellation based on the preceding paragraph, the equivalent amount of points that could not be canceled (1 point = 1)yen It shall be able to charge money of

Article 8 (Use of points)

1. Activity The Japan member shall be able to use the point owned by himself for payment of all or part of the point use transaction in accordance with the point use conditions. (The companies and shops using points owned by the activity Japan member are hereinafter referred to as "this point using company")

2. Activity Japan When the member's application for use is canceled after the member has made an application for using the points based on the preceding paragraph, or Use the points. If the number of points used for payment at times decreases, etc. Use the points. The destination company will return the equivalent of points that could not be refunded for points or hardware.

3. Activity After the Japan members apply for use of the points owned by themselves for the payment of all or a part of the point use target transaction, it was found that the point applied for by the activity Japan member was the subject of cancellation , We may cancel or suspend the transactions subject to such payment. In that case, the Activity Japan member will follow the instructions of our company on subsequent response.

Four. Activity Japan Members can not transfer or inherit points to a third party, nor can they exchange them for goods, unless expressly specified on our designated page.

5. Even if the Activity Japan member registers multiple IDs, the Activity Japan member can not add points held in each ID registration.

Article 9 (Use of coupons)

1. Activities Japan members can use the campaign code (hereinafter referred to as "coupon") provided by the Company as a discount service for members of the Activity Japan in the service designated by the Company among the reservation services. In order to exercise the coupon, we shall enter the coupon code in "Coupon code input field" displayed on the application screen. For coupon coverage, applicable conditions and other coupon-related content, we shall decide for each coupon.

2. Involved in reservation using coupon Activity But cancel, suspended Other The coupon will expire if it is not executed for any reason. We do not provide refunds for coupons, compensation for points, etc.

3. If the member uses the coupon in violation of the coupon coverage, applicable conditions and Other coupons stipulated by the Company (if the coupon issued by identifying the scope of the member for which the Company has a right to use is referred to as a usage right But not limited to this), the Company shall cancel the use of the coupon and separately collect from the member in case of a difference occurred

Article 10 (Prohibited matter)

When using this service, the service user shall not perform the following acts or actions that may fall under the following.

  • 【1】 Acts of infringing the portrait rights of other users or third parties or copyright or other intellectual property rights
  • 【2】 Acts of infringing the property or privacy etc of other users or third parties
  • 【3】 An act of slander or inconvenience against other users or third parties, or an action to make third parties feel discomfort
  • 【4】 Acts of illegally accessing a computer such as our server or sending or writing a harmful computer program or harmful mail etc
  • [5] Acts of using this service for commercial purposes
  • 【6】 Acts leading to criminal acts
  • 【7】 Acts of using information acquired through this service beyond the scope of reproduction, sale, publication or other private use
  • 【8】 Any act that hinders the operation of this service or damages the confidence of our company or partner
  • 【9】 Act of conducting information providing activities for sales activities or for profit
  • 【10】 An act of deliberately confusing our company or affiliated parties by providing false information or threatening using this service
  • 【11】 Activity Partner Or cancellation fee to us or Activity price Other Nondisbursement of usage fee or abuse to the listed facilities such as the act of violence against our company or a third party
  • 【12】 Acts that may violate laws, laws, public order and morals or this agreement or acts that may violate

Article 11 (Non-guarantee)

Although we are making efforts to deliver reliable services and information to this service in our service, we do not guarantee the following items at all. Upon using this service, the service user himself must judge the usefulness of the service and information provided in this service and this service, and use it at own risk.

  • 【1】本サイト等で提供される全ての情報(本サイトに表示される、本サイトに掲載されている事業者(以下「掲載アクティビティ事業者」といいます)以外の第三者が管理および運営するリンクサイト内に含まれる一切の情報等を含み、以下同様とします)に 関する、有用性、適合性、完全性、正確性、安全性、合法性および最新性等
  • 【2】サービス利用者が本サイト上において提供される情報を利用して掲載アクティビティ事業者以外の第三者と交渉または予約、もしくは契約の申込または締結等を行う場合(ポイント付与対象取引、ポイント利用対象取引を行う場合を含みます)において、当該行為に関する一切の事項
  • 【3】本サービスおよび本サービスを通じて入手できる商品、役務または情報等がサービス利用者の希望または期待を満たす適切なものであること
  • 【4】本サービスの提供に不具合、エラーまたは障害が生じないこと
  • 【5】本サービスに関連して送信される電子メールまたはウェブコンテンツ等に、コンピュータウィルス等の有害なものが含まれていないこと
  • 【6】本サービスの存続または同一性が維持されること

Article 12 (Responsibilities of the Company and Service Users)

1. The Company shall not be liable for any damages arising from the Service User's use of the Service (including but not limited to the items in this section) or the inability to use it. Pain or Other The company shall not be liable in any way for any losses, including, but not limited to, financial losses in Also, even if we take responsibility, our responsibility is limited to direct and ordinary damage.

  • 【1】 Damage caused to the service user due to downloading of contents provided by a third party, access to link sites managed and operated by a third party, etc., performed through this service
  • [2] Despite the company taking reasonable safety measures, unauthorized access to the data on this service, such as unauthorized access to the data or misconduct of computer viruses, has occurred, and service Damage caused to users
  • 【3】 Interruption, retardation or discontinuation of system or service due to failure of communication line or computer etc, damage caused to service user due to data loss or unauthorized access

2. The Company shall assume responsibility for any troubles that occur between the service user and the posting activity business entity or other third party as long as there is no willful or gross negligence on our company if the service user uses this service It is assumed that the service user resolves the problem with its own expense and responsibility.

3. In the event that the Company or a third party suffers damages by acts in violation of the Terms of Service or the Activity Japan Agreement etc, the said service user shall indemnify all such damages with its own responsibility and expenses It must be.


1. We will respect the privacy of the Activity Japan members and pay close attention to the management of Activity Japan members' personal information. In managing and operating the target service, personal information acquired by the Company from the Activity Japan members shall be handled in accordance with a separately defined "Privacy Policy".

2. Even if the Activity Japan Member stops using the target service or withdraws from membership system of the target service (whatever the reason), members of the Activities Japan will separately submit the Activity Japan Membership Information As long as you do not delete it, you can continue to keep and use the activity information of the Japan Japan members, and the Activity Japan member agrees in advance.

Article 14 (Acquisition and Use of Attribute Information and Behavior History)

1. The Company acquires attribute information such as age, gender, occupation, residential area, etc. provided by the Activity Japan Member through the use of the target service and the activity history of the members of the Activity in the target service, and manages the target service for the management and operation of the target service The Activity Japan member agrees in advance that it can be used within the necessary range and statistical data created based on the attribute information or the action history irrespective of the term of validity of this agreement without any limitation I will. In addition, we will not disclose information that can identify individual members of Activity Japan to third parties unless requested based on legal grounds.

2. When we log in to the target service and use this service, we will identify the individual and collect the attribute information and action history that we have acquired (the information acquired prior to consent to this agreement Whether or not it is the information acquired afterwards), distribution and display of advertisements etc., as well as provision of this service or target service, and the activity Japan member agrees in advance To do.

Article 15 (Change, interruption or termination of this service)

1. The Company may change, suspend or terminate all or part of the Service without giving prior notice to the User. However, if we terminate the entire service, we will terminate the service users. Sun We shall notify you in the manner prescribed by our company one month in advance.

2. We will not bear any responsibility even if there is a disadvantage or damage to the service user as the whole or part of this service is changed, suspended or terminated.

3. If we terminate all of the point services of this service, we will terminate the issue and use of points from that end date. However, even after the end date, if the service user separately determines the service, the points can be used according to the conditions.

Article 16 (Exclusion of Antisocial Forces)

The service user is a service user who is an antisocial power (such as a gang group, a gang member, a gang member who has not passed five years from the time when it is no longer a gang member, a semi-constituent of a gangster, a gang group related company, A violent group or the like or any other person equivalent thereto), and also expresses that it will not engage in illegal acts such as acts of violence, fraud or intimidation, or business interruption . In case of violation of such representation, we will accept the suspension of the use of this service without objection, or the deprivation of the activity Japan membership.

Article 17 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations)

A service user shall not transfer or provide collateral to third parties unless the Company preliminarily agreed on the position as a service user of this service and the rights and obligations based on the position.

Article 18 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

These terms and conditions are interpreted under Japanese law, and the court of jurisdiction for the exclusive agreement of the first instance of the dispute regarding these terms is Tokyo Region Court or Tokyo I will assume a simplified court.

Revised Dec. 27 Sun Heisei 30

Activity Japan Terms of points

項目 Content

Points to be awarded

Activity Japan Member (hereinafter referred to as "Member") logs in to the Activity Japan ("Activity Japan") Activity Experience Reservation Service (hereinafter referred to as "Activity Japan") managed and operated by the Company with Activity Japan ID, Activities to be done using Activity Japan's reservation function Points will be awarded when you make reservations for activities provided by the business operator.

※ Telephone reservation, reservations at stores are not eligible.

Point granting condition

【Point Grantable Amount】 Members Activity Japan I made a reservation using the reservation function of Activity Fees (excluding tax)


Grant the timing of the point

Activity implementation date next month of 10 days or later
(Example: If you join the activity on June 29th, you can check the points on My page after July 10th.

Expiration date of point

Until the last day of the month after 12 months from the month in which the point was granted.
(Example: The point of validity of points granted on October 10, 2017 is October 31, 2018. If you use this point within the validity period and make an activity reservation, Even when it remains, please keep in mind that the expiration date of the remaining points will not be updated and will remain as of October 31, 2018.)

※ point, please use within the validity period.

Point transaction target transaction

ポイントは、アクティビティジャパン会員がアクティビティジャパン IDでログインして行う、以下のサービスの予約において利用することができます。

· You can make a reservation by using the reservation function of Activity Japan, reservation of activities provided by the activity company (Please be aware that some activities can not be used.)

Use upper limit

Up to 50,000 points per exercise

Use lower limit

100 points


100 points

Use after point service termination

From our company Activity Japan Made for members Activity Japan Notification date of point program termination (less Within 1 month from "end notice date")Activity Japan Apply for the use of points using the reservation function of, and it is actually within 3 months from the end notification date Activity If it has been completed, Activity You will be able to use your own points for the use of.

ACTIVITY JAPAN · Q & A and Review Terms of Use

Co., Ltd. ACTIVITY JAPAN ( less referred to as "Company") is managed and operated " ACTIVITY JAPAN " ( less " Activity Q & A and that Japan") Review about the service, site users and published Partner ( less , the "user" It collects information and exchanges information among users.

In order to make the service more useful for you, please use the following Q & A and Review posting service terms (less "this Terms of Service") after acknowledging.

Article 1 (General Provisions)

1. Q & A
Q & A is a site user who is considering using Activity on the "ACTIVITY JAPAN" site Partner is posted, and the posting Partner can post a reply to this. less, posting the user's post as "question posted", posting Partner post is called "answer posting".

2. レビュー

3. 本利用規約の適用

4. Accept
By using Q & A and Review , you are deemed to have agreed to comply with each provision of these Terms of Use. The indication of disagreement intention shall be accepted only by not using Q & A and Review at all.

5. Change
We may change these Terms of Use at any time. Users should check these Terms of Use and ACTIVITY JAPAN Related Terms each time you use Q & A and Review .

Article 2 (User)

In Q & A and Review , users shall only be permitted by the Company to browse and post articles in accordance with these Terms of Use, and all rights relating to Q & A and Review are attributable to the Company.

Article 3 (Posting / Browsing)

1. Purpose
Q & A and Review are opened and operated by the Company for the purposes listed less . After understanding this purpose, the user browses the Q & A and the Review and posts the article.

  • ● exchange of activity business-related information between users
  • ● Exchange of information to be used as judgment judgment on site user's Activity reservation review
  • ● Collection of Review information based on the real experience of site users
  • ● exchange of other information between users

2. 投稿
質問投稿ができるのは、当社が別途定める方法にて会員登録を行ったサイトユーザーとします。 レビュー投稿ができるのは、当社が別途定める方法にて会員登録を行ったサイトユーザーのうち、実際にアクティビティを利用した者とし、1予約あたり1件の投稿ができます。 回答投稿およびレビュー返信投稿ができるのは、質問投稿およびレビュー投稿を受けたアクティビティの掲載事業者とします。

3. Prohibited acts
The user, when the post, responsible for the content of the article, also you shall not take the acts listed below.

  • 【1】 Users who do not actually use posting Activity post Review
  • [2] intentionally large number posted to the same content
  • [3] intentionally doing a question submission with almost the same content as a question submission by other users
  • [4] Posting articles falling under item 4 of this Article (restrictions on contents)
  • 【5】 To contact the site user who submitted the question or Review contribution by the publishing Partner without contacting the reply posting or the Review reply submission, by direct mail, telephone, etc
  • [6] published Partner is, Contributions and pretending to site users Review be carried out post

4. Restriction on content
The user, by posting the article, including the matters listed below shall not be.

  • [1] content that deviates from the activity information provided by the Company
  • [2] Review in the post, experience or the user's own ACTIVITY JAPAN not based on the use experience of using the contents
  • [3] commercial content of the solicitation of introduction and MLM products
  • [4] facts and contrary content or false content
  • [5] of the activity Japan services or content on the function
  • 【6】 Content not related to publishing Partner 's posting Activity and associated services
  • [7] Site Users and Listings Partner Issues and matters determined by the Company (including, but not limited to, reimbursement due to specific circumstances between the parties and re-provision of services
  • [8] Content that infringes copyright, trademark right, privacy right, honor etc, or the right of others
  • [9] Matters related to the privacy of individuals such as not only contributors but also other users and facility employees Sun(Including, but not limited to) information that allows individuals to be identified, such as corporate organization names, job titles, characteristic appearances or conduct behavior)
  • [10] Individual's name not originally published and Phone Numter Other of Phone Number Are used (including, but not limited to, the case of being used in the name of the poster or the content of the posting)
  • [11] slander, profanity, such as discrimination representation, indecent or obscene expression
  • [12] that take the touted for information that does not only occur in a particular condition
  • [13] what effect that intimidating or threatening the others are noticing
  • [14] violent resistance, content to induce promote brutality or crime
  • 【15】 Contents that lead to unjust inducement of profits or credit damage to users and third parties
  • [16] laws and regulations or public order contrary to the contents
  • [17] nonsense or grotesque content
  • 【18】以下に該当する表現(または近い表現)
  • 【19】 Other , contents judged by the Company that it is inappropriate contents to be posted on Q & A and Review

5. Our authority as an operator
In managing Q & A and Review , we have the less authority. Please note that this clause only defines the rights of the Company and does not impose obligation.

  • [1] Acts that do not conform to each item described in Article 3 (Submission / Browsing) Article 1 (Purpose) of this Terms of Service, and also acts 3 (Prohibited Act) and 4 (Restrictions on Content) ( less to as "violating act"), the right not to post the posted article without obtaining the consent of the poster, and the right to post to the contributor, Rights to refuse access to Q & A and Review , and Other measures deemed necessary.
  • [2] for the previous issue in the stipulated violation prevention, right to a preliminary review before publication, and part modify or delete rights of content.
  • 【3】 In addition to the measures of item 1, the right to take notice to the investigation institution and other measures deemed necessary for the third party who suffered damage due to the violation.
  • 【4】 Activities To raise the satisfaction level of Japan, not only the violation specified in the first issue, but also the right to directly contact the contributor and confirm the contents of the contribution.
  • [5] right to remove posts that the Company has passed the posted period specified separately.


  • 【1】 Post reply posting Right to post in plan information registered by Partner
  • 【2】 Right to send the contents of the reply post to the question poster by e-mail 【3】 Right to delete question posts and answer posts

7. 投稿記事の著作権

  • [1] The copyright, management right and Other rights (including the rights of Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Law) of posted articles posted on Q & A and Review belong to us.
  • 【2】 For posters, we acknowledge that there may be cases where we post or post on Q & A and Review after we correct or delete some or all of the posted articles, or there are times when we do not post.
  • [3] contributor, we duplicate the posts, modified, posted, public transmission, you acknowledge that the use license to reprint, and a third party.
  • 【4】 We will acknowledge that the contributor does not exercise the moral rights of the author and does not file an objection on the action of No. 2 before we do.

8. Handling of Posted Articles

  • 【1】 Review The name of the site user who has posted and posted questions (the name registered as a member), along with the posted article created by the poster, is the target of the posted article Partner Provided for Also, Q & A and Review Above, the nickname for which the poster has been registered, the posted article, and the target posting for the posted article Partner The answer from may be posted.
  • 【2】 The user who made the post acknowledge beforehand that we will not be obliged to delete the post after posting, no matter what reason of the poster.

9. Incorrect guarantee of posted contents

  • 【1】 Users can browse contribution contents freely according to the screen guidance. However, the submission contents are posted on the responsibility of the contributor, and we acknowledge that we do not guarantee anything about the truthfulness, legality, safety, appropriateness, usefulness etc. of the contribution content, It shall be used in responsibility. In addition, we will not guarantee the absence of any content or expression such as wrong information, unpleasant remarks, message with no grade in the posted article.
  • 【2】 We do not guarantee any of the less .
    1. No faults, errors or faults in the Q & A and Review system
    2. The information obtained from Q & A and Review is accurate
    3. Q & A and Review , as well as information that can be obtained through Review posting, etc. meet the expectations of users

Article 4 (Management of personal information)

当社は、別途定める「プライバシーポリシー」に従って、会員の個人情報を取り扱うものとし、会員はこれに同意します。 なお、投稿者の氏名(会員登録した氏名)は、当該投稿者が作成した投稿記事とともに、投稿記事の対象掲載事業者に対して提供されます。 掲載事業者は、当社から提供された、投稿者に関する情報を当該掲載事業者内においてそのサービス向上の目的で使用する以外に使用できません。

Article 5 (Others)

1. Change or stop the provision of Q & A and Review

  • 【1】 We may change the provision of Q & A and Review or temporarily suspend without advance notice to users.
  • [2] We are one month Mon on top of the notification user with a notice period of between, Q & A and Review can be long-term suspend or terminate the provision of.

2. Our responsibility
Company, Q & A and Review All damage (mental pain, or resulting from use or unavailability of Other The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage (including any financial loss) unless the Company deliberately or In addition, even if we take responsibility, our responsibility will be limited to direct and ordinary damage, unless our intention or gross negligence.

3. 準拠法及び管轄
本利用規約の準拠法は日本法とし、Q&Aおよびレビュー、ならびに本利用規約に関する一切の紛争は、東京地方裁判所を第一審専属合意管轄裁判所とします。 第6条(特記事項)

1. Handling of posting personal complaints and trouble cases
Posts is, if it is deemed trouble related claims and the Company to the Company, the Company without notice to the user, to transfer the posts in the "inquiries" to carry out our troubleshooting, in some cases, "Inquiries" There is that of the person in charge to contact directly to the user.


Corporation Activity Japan(less Managed and operated by the Company))Activity Japan"(less"Activity Japan The service related to the offer of ") is the site user and Partner(less, "Users" (generally referred to as "user") is intended for matching support.
Terms of the offer service below to make the service more useful to you less Please use the "Terms of Use" after consenting to it.

Article 1 (General Provisions)

1. Offer
The offer is Activity Japan"On the site, Activity The site user who considers the reservation of the offer condition (date and time, as member service area, Activity Source of designation, etc.)Partner Make an offer to Partner Is a service that can post a proposal for this.

2. Application of these Terms of Use
These Terms of Use shall apply to all users who use the offer (including the designation of offer conditions in the “use”), and the user peruses and fully understands these Terms of Use. We will use the offer upon consent.

3. 同意

4. Change
The Company may change these Terms of Use at any time. Each time you use the offer, you are bound to Activity Japan Please check the relevant terms and conditions.

Article 2 (User)

The user shall be licensed by us only for viewing, posting and posting in accordance with these Terms of Use, and all rights regarding the offer belong to us.

Article 3 (Offer)

1. 目的

2. Offer
The offer can be made to the site user who registered as a member according to the method which our company separately establishes.

3. Prohibited acts
Users are required to less Shall not perform the acts listed in.

  • [1] Actually Book Now It is posted though there is no plan Partner Make an offer to
  • [2] Offer multiple intentionally on the same condition.
  • 【3】 Partner Make an offer impersonating the site user.

4. Our authority as an operator
In managing the offer, we less You have the right of This clause only defines the rights of the Company and does not impose any obligation.

  • [1] In the case where an act that does not conform to the matters described in Article 3 (Offer), Section 1 (Purpose) of the Terms of Use, or Section 3 (Prohibited Act) is found (less In addition, the right to not post the offer without the consent of the user, and the denial of access to the offer to the user Other The right to take action that seems necessary.
  • [2] Right to perform prior examination before offer, and right to modify or delete part of the contents to prevent violation defined in the preceding item.
  • 【3】 In addition to the measures of item 1, the right to take notice to the investigation institution and other measures deemed necessary for the third party who suffered damage due to the violation.
  • 【Four】 Activity Japan The right to contact the user directly and confirm the content of the offer, not only for the violations set forth in the first issue, in order to improve the degree of use satisfaction.
  • 【5】】当社が別途定める掲載期間を経過したオファーを削除する権利。

5. Listing in the offer Partner Authority of
In managing the offer, we less You have the right of This clause only defines the rights of the Company and does not impose any obligation.

  • [1] Right to propose a posting plan for the offer
  • [2] The right not to propose a posting plan for the offer

6. Disclaimer of Proposal Content

  • [1] Users can browse the content of the proposal freely according to the guidance on the screen. However, the content of the proposal is posted Partner And the Company is not responsible for guaranteeing the credibility, legality, security, appropriateness, usefulness, etc. of the content of the proposal, and will use it at its own risk. . In addition, we do not guarantee the absence of any content or expression, such as incorrect information, offensive remarks, or poor messages, in the proposal content.
  • 【2】 We do not guarantee any of the less .
    • 1. オファーのシステムに不具合やエラーや障害が生じないこと
    • 2. The information obtained from the offer is accurate
    • 3. Information that can be obtained through the offer meets the expectations of users

Article 4 (Management of personal information)

当社は、別途定める「プライバシーポリシー」に従って、会員の個人情報を取り扱うものとし、会員はこれに同意します。 掲載事業者は、当社から提供された、オファーに関する情報をオファーに対する提案の目的で使用する以外に使用できません。

Article 5 (Others)

当社は、別途定める「プライバシーポリシー」に従って、会員の個人情報を取り扱うものとし、会員はこれに同意します。 掲載事業者は、当社から提供された、オファーに関する情報をオファーに対する提案の目的で使用する以外に使用できません。

1. オファーの提供の変更または中止

  • [1] We may change offer provision or temporary interruption without prior notification to the users.
  • [2] We can suspend or terminate offer offerings for a long time on notice to users with a one-month notice period.

2. 当社の責任


3. Governing law and jurisdiction
The governing law of these Terms of Use is Japanese law, and any disputes regarding the Offer and these Terms of Use shall be Tokyo Region The court will be the court of first trial exclusive jurisdiction.

Browsing articles on the Activity Japan website

This section is composed of texts, images, images, etc. that make up "Feature articles", "Activity Journals", "TOPICS" etc. provided in the "Activity Japan" site managed and operated by Activity Japan Co., Ltd. Programs and any other information (including linked sites, hereinafter referred to as "article content") shall be applied to all users.

【1】 Copyrights and other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights and other moral rights, ownership rights and other property rights occurring on article contents belong to us or third parties with such rights .

【2】 Users who browse the article contents use the article contents (copying in the domestic and overseas, public transmission, modification, distribution, translation / adaptation etc., except for cases where the company (or the right holder) accepts it , But it is not limited to these).

[3] The user browsing the article content shall view the article content on his / her own responsibility and judgment. If it is quoted on another site, it will be based on the management method of the other site, and we will not take any responsibility for these points.

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