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アクティビティ、体験、レジャーは、 2021年も初夢フェアでお得に体験!

キャンペーン開始 2020.11.18(水) 〜
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What is Hatsuyume Fair?

HIS (H.i.s.) group give, Year now to a large sale "Hatsuyume Fair" of once a Year also Activity Japan to participate!
Activity that utilize the natural resources of each region, mainly in popular area Japan, including popular resort areas such as Okinawa and Hokkaido, "manufacturing experience" that even small children can easily participate in, customers from overseas "also recommended to the Traditional culture experience such as", across Japan various of Activity selection of experience, a popular plan greatly Sale the winter break and the announcement is ♪ book with crowded Year end of Year beginning, leisure bookings of Spring Break as soon as possible !! Make a great deal on this opportunity and Activity experience on the road to the fullest!


Activity Japan Recommended
Experience the great Hatsuyume fair

Okinawa Blue Cave Specialty Store Blue Ocean

Goto Travel Area Common Coupon Dealer [Blue Cave Guidance Record No. 1, Departure Probability No. 1, Comfortable Facility No. 1

沖縄 青の洞窟専門店 ブルーオーシャン
Blue Cave/Onna
11,000 yen7,000 yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

Goto Travel Area common coupons available Corona countermeasures excellent store "Blue Cave Specialty Store Blue Ocean" is the best store with a track record of guiding you on a blue cave boat. The number of staff and stores is also the largest in Onna Village! As a measure against corona, we promise the following thorough guidance so that customers can come to the store with peace of mind. ・ Thoroughly wear masks for all staff. ・ We ask for temperature measurement when visiting. Thorough disinfection with disinfectant water ・ Disinfection of men's and women's Changing room with ozone equipment ・ Disinfection of toilet with ozone equipment Maeganeku Located in front of the fishing port, we own three boats operated by our company. The boat is always equipped with an AED, an emergency medical oxygen kit, a stretcher, and an emergency set. In addition, all the trained staff are qualified, and we also have insurance for customers, such as accident insurance, liability insurance, special insurance accident insurance, boat insurance, etc., which can be dealt with in case of emergency. .. Okinawa as to get the permission of the Prefectural Police, "the tax exemption office", "16 Year track record of between accident-free"! Registered as a guide diver, rescue rescuer, and diver. We have everyone enjoy the sea of Okinawa and offer a safe and secure experience plan. We look forward to your visit ♪

Kyoto Kimono Rental Rei

Go To Travel Area Common Use a coupon Available [Kyoto / Kiyomizudera] Kimono rental (Mask & yen

京都きものレンタル 麗
Gion/Higashiyama/ Kitashirakawa Area
3,000 yen2,300 yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

Ideal for couples, friends, families, etc.! Go To Travel "Regional Coupons" can also be used! You can Kimono rental at a special Sale rate of 2,300 yen per person (same price for Female, Male, and children) ♪ Moreover, masks are distributed free of charge, and hair ornaments can be Rental for free! Limited to 2 more people. option hair set is also a low price of 1,000 yen ♪ Let's go sightseeing in Kyoto a reasonable price! With this plan, customers can choose their favorite kimono and yukata. About 2 minutes on foot to Yasaka Shrine. Within walking distance of Kiyomizu Temple and Chion-in Temple! Since it is located in Gion, there are many souvenir shops and restaurants nearby ♪ Moreover, the bus stop is nearby, so it is a very convenient location for sightseeing. Dressing takes about 30 minutes, so after that, you can enjoy sightseeing in Japanese clothes until 18:00, which is the return time. Rental fee includes a set of items necessary for dressing, so you can come to the store empty-handed. option hair sets, makeup, hair accessories and accessories can be Rental. * Please see the "Other notices" column for our new coronavirus infection prevention measures. ※ use of pregnant women will rejected we have been. * Since our store handles Go To Travel "Regional Common Coupons", you can use it cheaply using "Regional Common Coupons". Please check the Go To Travel Secretariat official website (https://goto.jata-net.or.jp/) for information on how to use the "Regional Coupon".

Yamanaka Marin House momo

[Yamanashi/ Lake Yamanaka]Smelt fishing warm dome ship (3 hours regular plan) OK by hand! Children and beginners are welcome!

Lake Yamanaka/Oshino
5,300yen~(tax included)

★釣り道具やエサもコミコミ! 暖房・トイレも完備の快適なドーム船で、手ぶらで気軽にワカサギ釣りを楽しんでみませんか? 釣ったワカサギは、提携ほうとう屋にて無料で天ぷらにして食べることができます! ※ほうとうを1人1品注文(幼児要相談) ※事前予約制 {モモで釣ったわかさぎ調理希望}を伝えるとスムーズ♪ 甲州ほうとう水神(すいじん):0555-73-8484 営業時間:11時~15時 住所:山中湖村山中865−14 定休日 木曜日 15時以降の調理希望の場合は、下記のお店へ♪ 浅間茶屋(せんげんちゃや) 山中湖店:0555-73-8066 住所:山中湖村山中224 定休日 年中無休 ★注意事項 ドーム船への移動は、基本的に小型モーターボート(約5分)です、天候不良の日などは水しぶきなどあがります ※雨天時は、送迎の小型モーターボートに屋根がない為、必要な方はカッパ・傘をご用意下さい ※7:00コースのスタート時のみドーム船で移動します ※3歳以下のお子様は、安全面からお連れ頂いても乗船することができません 【コロナ対策のため下記実施しておりますのでご了承ください】 営業時間の短縮7:00-13:00 マスク着用必須でお願いしております(お子様も含む) 換気のため暖房の効きが通常より弱くなります。各自防寒対策(とくに足下)をお願いします。 ご来店時に体温を申告していただきますので、事前に各自測定をお願いします。 アルコール消毒液を常備しております。

RailfanGuide (learning ing)

[Narita local if there is an attractive spot ★ knowledge becomes even want to go without ride to the airport and around Station Guided Tour] airplane or

Special Deals

Narita airport, good and transportation costs of access does not come true in Haneda Airport. However, not only get on a plane, we consider as a tourist, Narita is one of the fun way to the airport. This course is, mere "Narita rather than the airport tour", while looking forward to the middle of the movement by public transport from the metropolitan area, and the attention amusement spot of the first, second and third terminal, is being buried in the history Narita We will show you the spots related to the Shinkansen. I'm sure there are spots that you will want to visit in your spare time before and after boarding. Real experience in the popularity of the three Narita Airport Guided Tour "Narita Airport Guided Tour <first, second and third terminal>", "adult of Narita Airport Guided Tour," "7 Station round: six Narita + Shibayama Chiyoda Station (sky Experience the highlights of "Noyu)" ONLINE in about an hour. Unlike YouTube movie, you can enjoy writing on the screen and interacting with each other. [2020 host's voice of the participants of the summer] is, Narita and Narita in relation to the airport, gently warm narrative, because he will talk clearly while also cares here of reaction, it was one and a half hours of a blink. Also, please teach me how to use zoom carefully, is this price really good? I even thought. By the way, Narita was a place I spent from an early age, but I didn't really know about the local area or the airport. Since the bad and ends up spoilers details, we will refrain, but if you know that you have taught me, locals also people outside the prefecture also, Narita airport, I thought it was place to enjoy the day as the amusement park! There are points that both adult and children can enjoy, so it might be a good idea to go out with parents and children! Currently am in a different place from the relationship of work, Narita To return now to is not a Shinkansen Narita thought I'd use the airport. Before returning to the home Narita I will try to night to the airport (laughs) Also, I personally, Narita we can also look forward to compare the airport of Settlement and the airport now! I'm really thankful to you! [Other] ★ We will actively respond to Reservation request. It is possible to hold a charter for 3 more people. ★ more 30 people participated in one month for the first time! 19 people can be reserved.

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Online Experience

ONLINE experience

New experiences ONLINE anywhere
The "ONLINE experience" service is digital content that can be expected to create a new community by connecting customers with local and tourism Partner on a daily basis. Those who have difficulty going out due to circumstances, those who want to try but are uneasy about having a real experience suddenly, those who want to collect local information to plan future trips and stay plans, etc. Feel free to meet local instructors and guides ONLINE and enjoy a conversation while experiencing a simulated experience!
Please use it together.

Popular ONLINE experience

GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)

[ONLINE experience] Miyakojima tourism ◎ "the East beautiful grant Naha foreshore beach" in Zoom!

GRAT!S!SUP (グラッツサップ)
Miyakojima (Irabujima, Shimojijima, Kurimajima, Ikemajima)
1,500yen~(tax included)

"I want to deliver what we can do now ..." As the new coronavirus spreads, many people are fighting against the new coronavirus regardless of their own danger. Medical people of the workers, of course, members of the government, people responsible for logistics, also to all of those who have me fighting a hard new corona virus from their respective positions, such as those who provide us with the necessities of life Miyakojima from With all my heart ... I would like to deliver from Miyakojima. While having a conversation and chat with participants Miyakojima you can enjoy the spectacular views of ♬ ◎ white sandy beach given the deep blue sea ☆ the East in Naha foreshore beach Introduction ◎ Recommended tourist attractions and shops introduce etc Photo © ️ NORIPOS

Cerulean blue (Cerulean Blue OKINAWA)

[Okinawa / ONLINE Tour] Sing and dance ♪ Bus guide will guide you ♪ Popular virtual tour-Kouri Island

セルリアンブルー(Cerulean Blue OKINAWA)
Nago/Motobu/Sesokojima, Minnajima, Kourijima
2,500 yen1,500 yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

*The bus guide will guide you through each tourist destination using movie. *This plan allows you to enjoy the realism while staying at home. Tour participants can enjoy the scenery of sightseeing spots, environmental sounds only here, and guide guidance on their smartphones / computers. ~Tour contents~ It's impossible to be a real Bus tour Okinawa North-South popular tourist spots around! Okinawa The popular tourist spots on the main island of movie are used to guide you through the popular singing and dancing bus guide. You can always see the blue sky Okinawa scenery regardless of the weather! ~ Information place ~ ・ [Kouri Island] Cross the Kouri Bridge, which is famous for its spectacular scenery, and take a walk on the beach!・[Sweet palace] The originator! Red sweet potato tart confectionery palace! Great shopping information!・ [Manzamo] A superb view from a height of 20m consisting of raised coral rocks!・[Okinawa World] The natural limestone cave "Gyokusendo" and powerful Acer performances are the highlights! * Guide each tourist spot using movie * [Schedule] ZOOM ONLINE Tour starts around 11:00 ↓ Bus guide self-introduction, customers Self-introduction time ♪ ↓ Tour content Explanations ↓ Largest US military base in the Far East ↓ Kouri Ohashi, Kouri Beach ↓ Okashi Goten ↓ Manzage ↓ Okinawa World ↓ Scheduled to end around 12:30 ~Thank you for your hard work~~ *Since the above schedule is an outline, the end time may change. Please note that.

Kanoyama Nature School

[ONLINE Experience] We will train Dr. Taki! A trip around the Boso Hills and unexplored waterfalls

1,000yen~(tax included)

Chiba The Boso hills spread over the Boso Peninsula in the prefecture, where there are many waterfalls, making you feel like you are at your home! You will learn about the flood control culture unique to Boso and the river circulation, and when you actually go there, the appearance will always change, and it will be fun to see the topography and waterfalls. The principal of a local nature school trains you to become Dr. Taki.

Sakura Japan Culture Experience

ONLINE decorative winding class-Shikai winding

Kawaramachi/Karasuma/Omiya Area
3,300yen~(tax included)

This is a class of "Shimi-maki" rolls that you can make ONLINE. We will inform you about the materials and preparation after making a reservation, so don't worry! We will give you the recipe after the completion, so you can make it again at home. You can change the color scheme by changing the ingredients, so it's a gorgeous sushi perfect for parties and celebrations. Please remember this opportunity and try to make it.



当日予約大歓迎【沖縄・青の洞窟・体験ダイビング】地域クーポンOK★GoPro★高画質写真動画無料撮影★1組貸切★ HIS初夢フェア実施中

Blue Cave/Onna
8,5003,980yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

ダイビングショップなごみでは、1グループに専属の インストラクターが担当させていただきます。 また、経験豊富なスタッフが初めからゆっくり丁寧にサポートさせていただきます。 初めての方、泳げない方も、お楽しみいただける一押しのコースです。 11月1日からNEWウエットスーツ50枚導入 GoTo地域共通クーポン使えます 紙クーポンもQRクーポンも両方対応 沖縄の青い海につつまれてみませんか? 最高の思い出となること間違いありません。 日常ではまずできない貴重な体験をご堪能くださればと思います。 ぜひダイビングショップなごみ自慢の体験ダイビングを楽しんでください。 体験ダイビングは、初めての方、ライセンスをお持ちではない方が対象となります。 皆様初めての方が多数なので、お気軽にご質問ください。 タオルとサンダル貸出無料 枚数に限りがありますのでお申し込み時必ずご連絡ください ご連絡頂けない場合ご用意していない場合があります インスタ映えする 白いUVカットマスク導入しました。 地域最速導入 paypay での支払い対応店 キャッシュレスで当日携帯でのお支払いも可能となりました。



Blue Cave/Onna
4,0002,500yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

◆GO TO 地域共通クーポン取扱店◆ 【当社のコロナウイルス対策】 お客様に安心してご参加頂けるよう当社が行っているコロナウイルス対策のご案内!! ●チェック表により感染予防に努めております。 ●お客様にお使い頂く器材で直接くわえて使用する器材は毎回使用後に洗浄消毒させて頂き感染防止をおこなっています。 ●3密を避けるため人数制限をもうけ各ツアー野外での開催を実施しております。 ------------------- 可愛いお魚と青の洞窟シュノーケルコースはお客様全員に安心してご参加頂けるように足の着く浅場から練習できるようにプランを開催しております、小さなお子様からご年配の方まで沢山の方にご参加頂き喜んでいただいております。 また4歳以下のお様がいるご家族様は下記をご覧下さいませ!! https://activityjapan.com/publish/plan/18400



Blue Cave/Onna
3,2401,500yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

ーコロナ感染対策ー # 使用器材のアルコール・次亜塩酸での除菌. # 3密を避けた広々とした屋外施設で間隔を保つ. ーGO TO 地域共通クーポン取扱店!ー 沖縄のNo.1シュノーケリングスポット! 「青の洞窟」で楽しく安心安全なシュノーケリングを楽しみましょう! シュノーケリングが初めての方でも気軽に参加できます。 泳げなくても大丈夫!青の洞窟を熟知したガイドが丁寧にレクチャー・サポートいたします! ☆今なら【期間限定】キャンペーン価格で体験できます!  通常価格 3,240円 ➡ 2,000円~!! 格安料金でのご案内ですが、水中写真や餌付け体験も含まれています☆ こちらのプランは2名様以上で予約可能です♪(1グループ最大8名様でのツアーとなります) 2名以上で貸し切り希望の方は、『貸し切り専用プラン』をご利用いただけます。



How to enjoy new Activity the after/with corona era

Since 2020, the world has begun to seek new lifestyles. While taking measures to prevent the spread of the new type coronavirus (COVID-19), more has been increasing its number of shops that have made Activity entertaining. This time, we will introduce an initiative that goes one step further.


[ONLINE experience tour] New experience ONLINE

Activity Japan 's "ONLINE Experience Tour" is for people who have a desire to go out of the house, spend time with humans and play with something, as well as those who are physically handicapped and usually outdoors. Even those who have endured or abandoned participation in Activity and experiences due to various reasons, such as those who have few opportunities to try outdoor Activity, feel as if they are participating in Activity locally while staying at home. We are aiming for a service that allows you to feel and create contact between people.

Frequently Asked Questions for Hatsuyume Fair

Q What is HIS's Hatsuyume Fair? Now Year from when?

A "Hatsuyume Fair" is the biggest sale once a Year, presented by the HIS Group, with a lot of shocking prices and special trips. Examples Year in South Korea, from Guam to Hawaii classic but lined featured product of overseas travel, now not far away Year "Hatsuyume Fair 2021" of Japan tours and Bus tour, such as-flight Japan focusing on travel, Go Use To Travel to prepare even more great deals! Don't miss the event a little earlier than usual, starting ONLINE Nov. 2020 (Friday).

Q What is Activity Japan 's Hatsuyume Fair?

A Participation of Year Activity Japan is now decided at the annual "Hatsuyume Fair"! Focusing on popular tourist destinations such as Okinawa and Hokkaido, which are popular resorts, and Japan "Outdoor Activity" that utilizes the natural resources of each region, "Hand-making experience" that you can participate with your family and small children, from home "ONLINE experience" where you can easily participate, "Traditional culture experience" where you can learn the heart of Japan, etc. Japan We have a variety of play experiences, and we will guide you through popular plans at Sale. Take this opportunity to enjoy the Activity experience on your trip to the fullest.

Q How to make a reservation for the advantageous Hatsuyume Fair?

At A Activity Japan, you can easily search, book and settle the experience of across Japan 15,000 more anytime, anywhere. You can also search for products that are eligible for the great Hatsuyume Fair by area / event! In addition to the Hatsuyume Fair, you can search and make reservations by narrowing down the products that are eligible for Go To Travel, the products that are common to all regions Use a coupon, and the advantageous plans in Sale. In addition to various card payments, Amazon Pay / PayPal, and "Paidy", which allows easy payment only with mobile phones Phone Numter and Email Address, have been added to make ONLINE payments even more convenient. Correspondence. Half Year You can make reservations up to Activity, so make early reservations for winter vacation and Year end Year beginning and spring vacation when reservations are crowded with Go To Travel. !!



About our guidelines and correspondence regarding the new coronavirus (COVID-19)

Thank you for your continued patronage.

In order to allow many customers to enjoy various Activity across Japan safely and securely, we have established the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Basic countermeasure policy for new coronavirus infection control"・" Avoid the three secrets"・" New lifestyle Based on the "rooms Partner we have recommended measures against infectious diseases, such as the following for.

  • Instructors and participants should have sufficient distance
  • Use masks as much as possible while participating
  • Ventilate frequently to avoid enclosed spaces
  • Thorough hand washing and disinfection
  • Thorough disinfection of equipment
  • Customer and employee health management, etc.

For infection prevention measures of the operating company, see the information of each operating company at the bottom of the plan reservation page. [Appeal point for safety] Or [Precautions for participating in the course] Please refer to and contact the relevant operating company directly for details.

You can also check the information on Activity Partner in various places on the following page!

How to enjoy new Activity the after/with corona era

How to enjoy new Activity the after/with corona era
Even if you are a customer, when you continue to go out, in addition to avoiding so-called [three secrets], coughing Ticket, thorough hand washing and alcohol disinfection, 2020 Friday, June 19 ), The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Japan Tourism Agency announced [New Travel D Ticket], take actions to avoid the risk of infectious diseases, and enjoy Activity safely. Please keep in mind.
There is a tourist facility, Activity Partner, whose business hours and dates have changed. Please check the calendar status at the time of application and check the latest information at each event Partner even after the reservation is completed. Please check with each event Partner regarding the sudden closure of the facility and whether there is a cancellation fee due to suspended etc. of the Activity experience.

HIS First Dream Fair 2020!

Activity Once you have determined the experience, deals travel, book a tour!

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