Panari Island (Shinjo Island) is one of the most unexplored spots in Okinawa! Introducing directions, tours, legends, and secret festivals!

Panari Island (Shinjo Island) is one of the most unexplored spots in Okinawa! Introducing directions, tours, legends, and secret festivals!
Activity Japan editorial department

Located on the sea south of the main island of Okinawa Panari Island (Shinjo Island: Aragusukujima) .. Like Ishigaki Island and Kuroshima, it belongs to the "Yaeyama Islands", but because there is no regular route to the island, it cannot be visited individually. “Popular spots for snorkeling and diving known to those in the know” !!

So this time, it was wrapped in a mystery Marine sports and activities, access / overview, sightseeing spots that you can experience on Panari Island (Shinjojima) Introducing its charm!

Panari Island (Shinjo Island) Recommended marine sports!

Recommended activities on Panari Island (Shinjo Island)!

The sea on Panari Island (Shinjojima), where there are no regular boats, is left untouched. The white sand with crushed shells in the sky that is too blue, its beauty is truly a paradise in the South Sea, and it is said to be No. 1 in the Yaeyama Islands.
Here are some recommended marine sports that you can experience on Panari Island (Shinjo Island).

Play at the popular snorkeling spot "Kita no Hama"

Commonly known as "Panari Blue" The sea around Okinawa Panari Island (Shinjo Island), also known as You can see colorful fish and corals just by looking from above Excellent transparency is!

In addition, there are few coral bleaching phenomena, and a wide variety of tropical fish can be seen, so it is enough to compete for one or two in the Yaeyama Islands. Snorkeling Great location.
The main beach of Panari Island (Shinjo Island) is "Northern beach" on Uechijima Area called.

" Clownfish Various tropical fish such as "" and "" larger than the human figure Table coral , A bright red that stands out in the deep blue sea Isobana You can fully enjoy the world's most diverse coral reefs.

If you get tired of snorkeling, you can take a rest on the white sandy beach of Panari Island (Shinjojima) where the shells are crushed, while watching the scenery of the contrast between the emerald green sea and the blue sky that spreads as far as the eye can see!

Okinawa Panari Island (Shinjo Island) Half-day snorkel tour

[Okinawa Prefecture / Shinjojima / Snorkel] Half-day snorkel on Panari Island from Iriomote Island

Shinjojima sightseeing
Okinawa and other remote islands (Taketomijima, Obamajima, Shinjojima)
6,500 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 4.7
  • (7 reviews / experiences)

・ Easy snorkeling experience and walking around the island on Shinjojima (Panari Island), an unexplored region where the legend of mermaids remains. Snorkel points will be entered from the beach or boat depending on the situation on the day.・ The home and rest area on the island is fully equipped with toilets and showers, so you can rest with peace of mind.

Review / word-of-mouth experience

I went to Panari!
Blessed with the weather, I was able to fully enjoy the blue sea of Panari.
I was also interested in talking about walking around the island and history. All the tour participants cheered on the trees and swings in the rest area ^ _ ^
From my father's story, I felt the love of the island and the bonds of the people of the island.
please keep trying your best!

5.0 ★★★★★ Experience date October 2020

Review / word-of-mouth experience

very satisfied. No more wonderful experience
I used it with her this time.
It will be a half-day course.
First of all, we will pick you up at Ohara Port on Iriomote Island by boat.
Move from there to the snorkeling point.
It's the best at this point.
After arriving at Shinjojima, I learned about the history of the island, a walk around the island, and the scenic points.
Since it was a long trip, I used to see the seascape at other points, but it was a different view.
I promised the captain that I would definitely visit again.
I hate it even if the number of customers increases too much, but lol, For details, I hope you can actually experience and feel it.
I think there is no doubt that you will participate.

5.0 ★★★★★ Experience date October 2020

Review / word-of-mouth experience

The island you want to visit again
I was surprised at the blue of the sea! The walk around Shinjojima, the story of the Toyonensai, is very interesting, and I would like to ask for a one-day course this time.

The island without a liner, and each house was a beautiful island even though there were few people.

5.0 ★★★★★ Experience date July 2020

Okinawa Panari Island (Shinjo Island) 1-day snorkel tour

[Okinawa Prefecture, Shinjojima, Snorkel] From Iriomote Island! Yu Yu Panari 1 day snorkel

Shinjojima sightseeing
Okinawa and other remote islands (Taketomijima, Obamajima, Shinjojima)
8,500 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 5.0
  • (2 reviews / experiences)

・ Experience snorkeling and stroll around the island on Shinjojima (Panari Island), an unexplored region where the legend of mermaids remains. Snorkel points are entered twice from the beach and boat, so you can meet many kinds of coral and tropical fish.・ Lunch and walks on the island, toilets and showers are available for lunch, so you can take a break with peace of mind.

Review / word-of-mouth experience

I was very satisfied
The weather was cloudy and the waves were high, but the transparency of the sea was outstanding.
We may have a small number of people, so we kindly responded to your request.
Next time I want to see sea turtles.
5.0 ★★★★★ Experience date May 2021

Review / word-of-mouth experience

Due to the polite explanation and the small number of people, I was able to spend time on the island slowly. It was a very valuable time because it was difficult to enter the island.
5.0 ★★★★★ Experience date June 2019

Okinawa Panari Island (Shinjo Island) & Phantom Island Chartered 1-day Snorkel Tour

[Okinawa / Ishigaki] Phantom Island & Panari Island & Snorkeling 1 day (1 group limited charter)

Marine sports shop smooth wind
Iriomote Island and other Yaeyama Islands (Yubu Island and Barasu Island)
22,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

A one-day plan of "one group limited charter" that can be enjoyed only by family and friends. You can feel free to get excited. You can enjoy snorkeling on the phantom island (Hamajima) → Panari Island (Shinjojima).

Between sightseeing in Okinawa! Panari Island (Shinjo Island) Half-day snorkeling

[Okinawa Prefecture Snorkeling] Approximately 3 hours of underwater trip between sightseeing in Okinawa! Snorkeling (half-day course)

Iriomote Island and other Yaeyama Islands (Yubu Island and Barasu Island)
8,800 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 5.0
  • (1 review / experience)

This plan is a half-day course plan where you can enjoy snorkeling for about 3 hours on the phantom islands of Hamajima and Panari, with the Taketomi Island area as the main island. This plan is recommended for those who want to explore Okinawa here and there but also want to enjoy snorkeling. Either morning or afternoon for snorkeling, either for sightseeing or shopping

Review / word-of-mouth experience

I was able to enjoy the phantom island and snorkel at a reasonable price and in a relatively short time. I was impressed by the stunning emerald green sea.
Also, my brother took pictures for free and told me about recommended shops, which made this trip even more enjoyable.
I will take care of Jesus the next time I come to Ishigaki! This time, thank you very much.
5.0 ★★★★★ Experience date September 2019

Okinawa Panari Island 1 Day Boat Fishing & Snorkeling Tour

[Snorkeling / Fishing] Panari Island Boat Fishing / Snorkeling Tour (1 day course)

FU-GEE marine service
Ishigaki Island
14,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 4.5
  • (1 review / experience)

The sea of Panari is a premonition of big fishing! The possibility of a big hit is unknown off the coast of Panari, which is also attractive as a fishing point. Even though it is a simple five-eyed fishing, you may be able to catch big fish unexpectedly! Even the first person is sure to be a hit with the captain's advice! Offshore fishing in the morning, leisurely lunch and cool down on the beach of Panari in the afternoon, and a solid shu in the afternoon

Review / word-of-mouth experience

First offshore fishing
I participated because I wanted to go offshore fishing!
I was a beginner, but I caught 6 of them in half a day!
I had you change the point that you can catch diligently, and I was able to enjoy it without getting bored.
It was a one-day course including snorkeling, but the staff were kind and made good memories.
4.5 ★★★★ Experience date August 2019

It's like Ryugu Castle! Diving at "Ryugu no Root"

For those who want to enjoy the sea of Panari Island (Shinjo Island) more deeply, the popular marine sports diving is recommended. is.

The diving point on Panari Island (Shinjojima) is "Ryugu no Root" on Shimojishima Area called. It is suitable for people who are accustomed to swimming because the tide is fast, but if you are aiming for the time when the tide stops, even beginners of diving can fully enjoy it.

Coral reefs that fill the surface of the sea and a school of colorful small fish coexist in the highly transparent sea where you can clearly see the terrain. A world like Ryugu Castle Is spreading. Also, the roots of Ryugu are not very deep, so you can enjoy snorkeling at low tide.

Okinawa Panari Island (Shinjo Island) or Phantom Island 1-day diving tour

[Departure and arrival at Ishigaki Island] Safe small group system! Longed-for uninhabited island & Churaumi experience diving! (1 day course)

Ishigaki Island
15,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 4.9
  • (22 reviews / experiences)

The concept is "slow, laid-back, relaxed!" FLOW FISH is a completely small-group, laid-back style with peace of mind. Experienced instructors will guide you to the beautiful sea of Yaeyama slowly and happily at the pace of each guest. Even those who are diving for the first time can enjoy it with confidence! We will respond to your request as much as possible

Review / word-of-mouth experience

I used it for GW
I experienced snorkeling and diving twice. The instructor was kind and a beginner, but I enjoyed it without any problems.

5.0 ★★★★★ Experience date May 2021

Review / word-of-mouth experience

Best experience
It was an experience that I couldn't express in words I'm glad that the instructor was very polite and matched me very well for my convenience! I want to continue using it in the future!

5.0 ★★★★★ Experience date December 2020

Review / word-of-mouth experience

Visit Ishigaki Island on a women's solo trip and try diving for the first time!
I was worried about the sea because I was motion sick, but the staff were very kind and gave me a diving class that I usually do on board on a phantom island. Thank you ~ (о´∀`о)
This time I took the plunge and dived twice. Both times, a wonderful lady guided me clearly. In the sea, I am very happy to use the whiteboard to explain fish and coral and take pictures! Thank you again ~ (о´∀`о)
He seemed nervous and desperately holding a regulator, and his jaw muscles were so tired that he couldn't open his mouth when he got out of the sea.
Thank you, sister! !!

5.0 ★★★★★ Experience date June 2020

You can also enjoy adventure tours on Panari Island!

On Panari Island Adventure tour like a tropical resort You can also enjoy it.

Enjoy a tour of Okinawa, Panari Island & Nakama River Adventure Boat

[Okinawa / Iriomote Island] Iriomote Island Enjoyment Tour around Panari Island & Nakama River ★ Adventure Boat

Haemi Papiyon
Iriomote Island and other Yaeyama Islands (Yubu Island and Barasu Island)
10,000 Yen ~ (tax included)
  • 5.0
  • (2 reviews / experiences)

Snorkeling on Panari Island, a beautiful sea that shines brightly on Iriomote Island. A jungle cruise on the Nakama River, which has one of the largest mangrove forests in Japan. You can enjoy both of these as a set! I want to swim a lot in the basin! I want to enjoy snorkeling more! For those who are thinking of joining with children and the elderly, this adventure boat tour is available

Review / word-of-mouth experience

Thank you very much
It was very good. I have been to Okinawa several times so far, but I spent a very luxurious time, which can be said to be the best among them. Thank you very much.
5.0 ★★★★★ Experience date August 2019

Review / word-of-mouth experience

I participated in the tour with a friend, so
Barasu Island and Panari Island are also private beaches
It was the best! ✨
And during snorkeling
I was excited to encounter a sea turtle.
According to the guide, I was lucky because I couldn't meet them easily.
5.0 ★★★★★ Experience date October 2018

What kind of island is Okinawa Panari Island (Shinjo Island)?

What kind of island is Panari Island (Shinjo Island)?

"Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun" at the southernmost tip of Okinawa Panari Island (Shinjo Island) ". "9 manned islands known as Iriomote Island, Hateruma Island, Kuroshima, etc. and 7 uninhabited islands" Yaeyama Islands Is one of them.

Panari Island (Shinjojima) is located 450km southwest of the main island of Okinawa. It is made up of two islands, Kamijima and Shimojishima. Panari means "away" in the Okinawan dialect, but Uechijima and Shimojishima are only about 400m away, and you can walk across them at low tide.

The islanders live in Uechijima, and Shimojishima has a magnificent ranch. That said The total population of the island is only around 10 including Uechijima and Shimojishima. .. Both islands have a living infrastructure such as electricity, water, and gas, but there are no shops, public facilities, or signals.

Also, on the island Areas that are off limits to non-islanders Because there are many It is NG to enter the island individually .. In addition, walking in swimsuits on the island, camping at the beach, bringing back the flora and fauna that inhabit the island, and leaving garbage unattended are strictly prohibited.
These are thoroughly implemented to protect the island's traditions and nature, so be sure to follow the instructions of your guide and locals when you stay on Panari Island (Shinjo Island)!

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How to access Panari Island (Shinjo Island)?

How to access Panari Island (Shinjo Island)?

Unfortunately, ships and planes heading to Panari Island (Shinjo Island) There are no regular flights ..
In rare cases, a liner connecting Ishigaki Island and Iriomote Island may pass through Panari Island (Shinjo Island), but this cannot be used by anyone other than the islanders. Be sure to apply for a sightseeing tour to access Panari Island (Shinjo Island) Let's do it.
In that case, It is common to take a tour from Ishigaki Island, Iriomote Island, and Kuroshima to Panari Island (Shinjo Island). is. Tour prices vary depending on the place of departure and the tour company, The market price is around 10,000 yen is.

Also, depending on the tour company, there are plans such as those that enjoy the sea around Panari Island (Shinjojima) without staying on the island, and those that actually land on Panari Island (Shinjojima) and take a walk around the island. There are many. Whether you can get the experience you want Check in advance Please apply after that. There are no supermarkets or convenience stores on Panari Island (Shinjojima), so if you're going on a lunchtime tour, don't forget to check if lunch is included!

Introducing the legends and secret festivals of Panari Island (Shinjojima)!

Introducing the legends and secret festivals of Panari Island (Shinjojima)!

Okinawa, which was once an exchange base for East Asia, has been around since ancient times. International culture Has been nurtured. Therefore, there are still many remnants of unique historical culture, legends, and secret festivals. Therefore, I have summarized the legends and secret festivals that have been handed down on Panari Island (Shinjo Island) below. If you know the history before visiting Panari Island (Shinjojima), you may be able to enjoy a different and quaint trip.

"Mermaid legend" that retains the remnants of history and culture

It is said that a long time ago, a mermaid was presented to the Ryukyu dynasty on Panari Island (Shinjojima). Mermaid legend "there is.
This "mermaid" actually lives in the shallow, warm waters of the subtropics and tropics. "Dugong" Refers to. "The dugong swimming looks like a mermaid." , "In the West, the mermaid model is the dugong." There are various theories as to why the mermaid and the dugong were linked, but the legend of the mermaid is still handed down on Panari Island (Shinjojima).
However, the number of dugongs has decreased significantly now, and unfortunately it can no longer be seen around the Yaeyama Islands.

On Uechijima, a memorial service was built for the dugong, which was once appreciated as food. East (Early) Utaki "there is.
alias" Mermaid shrine This shrine, which is also said to be a sacred area, is considered to be a sacred area. Not only tourists but also islanders other than priests are prohibited from entering and taking pictures. It has been. Please be careful not to go inside even if you make a mistake.

Only islanders can participate in the secret festival "Akamata Chromata"!

On Panari Island (Shinjojima), the "Toyoensai" was held in June of the lunar calendar, and " Akamata Chromata It is said that two gods called "" will appear. However, this year-end festival also has information such as the date and place of the festival. A secret festival that has not been announced at all .. Unfortunately, I can't know the contents.

Only people who are close to the people from the island can participate in the Toyonensai. further, It is also taboo that photography, sketching, recording is prohibited, and the contents of the festival are leaked to the outside. It has been with.

Panari Island (Shinjojima) is an island with few inhabitants and it is not easy to land, but at the time of the Toyonensai, hundreds of people involved in the island gather. From that, you can imagine how carefully this festival has been protected by the people of Panari Island (Shinjojima).

Sightseeing spots on Uechijima

Sightseeing spots on Uechijima

As of September 2016, Uechijima has a population of 12 people, but there are tanks for storing rainwater and the site of the school is left as it is, which is a remnant that many people would have lived there in the past. However, it is left here and there.
Here are some spots you should definitely see when strolling around Uechijima.

Stroll around the traditional streets of Okinawa

Here and there on the island, you can see the traditional scenery of Okinawa, such as the red tiled houses where the islanders once lived, the stone walls made by stacking coral limestone, and the white sand roads.
Some people say, "I'm living on a neighboring island now, but sometimes I go home to clean my house." The vacant houses are well maintained, and there is even an atmosphere where someone lives. It seems to be fun to stroll around while being surrounded by the idyllic scenery dotted with such private houses.

An observatory called "Kinuupana"

"" On the west side of the pier on Uechijima Quiupana Is the only viewing spot on Panari Island (Shinjo Island). In the Okinawan dialect, Kui says " Place name , Pana said Tip Means. Basically, Panari Island (Shinjojima) is a flat island, but only Quinupana is on a hill, and if the weather is nice, Iriomote Island in front and Shimojishima on the left You can enjoy the scenery that symbolizes Panari Island (Shinjo Island). It's a breathtaking beauty.

Sakishima Beacons called "Takanik"

"" On the north side of the village of Uechijima Takanik Was once the "" of Uechijima Sakishima Beacons (Sakishima Shoto Hibanmui) "was used. Sakishima Beacons is a Tomi Bandokoro that was established at the request of the Satsuma Domain, which once ruled the Ryukyu Kingdom. Compared to the Okinawa Islands, the Yaeyama Islands received more foreign ships, so they were responsible for monitoring the state of the sea and raising the signal when nearby ships were coming to inform the Ryukyu Kingdom.
Takanik is only about 1m high There is only one, but the view from here is outstanding because there is nothing blocking the surrounding area! Why don't you enjoy the view of the sea while imagining what it was like when you were looking at a foreign ship.

Sightseeing spots on Shimojishima

Sightseeing spots on Shimojishima

Shimojishima was abandoned in 1963, and the entire island is now a magnificent meadow. Currently, the settlements are concentrated on Uechijima, but it seems that Shimojishima was once more populous than Uechijima. The place name Panari Island (Shinjo Island) is also on Shimoji Island. Shinjo Village It comes from the fact that there was a prosperous village.
Here are some spots you should definitely see when exploring Shimojishima.

"Panari Ranch" where hundreds of cows are grazing

" Panari Ranch "Is a magnificent ranch on Shimojishima. Hundreds of cows are grazing here. The appearance of walking around the island and eating undergrowth freely may look like a wild cow.
This Panari ranch is lived and managed by only two islanders. On Shimojishima, you rarely have the opportunity to meet people, and you can feel the extraordinary feeling of visiting an uninhabited island.

Sakishima Beacons called "Hateruma Muri"

On Shimojishima, as well as "Takaniku" on Uechijima, " Hateruma Muri There is "Sakishima Beacons Fire Bansori" called ". Since it has not been used for many years, the stone wall and wood are integrated, and when you look closely, you will be amazed at its overwhelming presence.
Hateruma Muri is located inside the Panari Ranch, so it may be a little difficult to find, but if you climb up to the top, you can get a panoramic view of the magnificent Panari Ranch.

What is "Panari ware" that is secretly attracting attention in the world?

Panari Island (Shinjojima) ・ What is "Panari ware" that is secretly attracting attention in the world?

" Panari ware "Is a pottery made on Shimojishima until the early Meiji era. The womb soil (taido), which is made by mashing and mixing turbomarmoratus roasted on red clay, is molded by hand without using a potter's wheel. It is made with primitive open burning.
In addition to being used as daily necessities for carrying and storing water, the former Ryukyu royal family said, " Bone washing It was also used as an urn when the funeral ritual custom called "Senkotsu" was introduced.

Unfortunately, there are no more places or tools left to make Panari ware, but if you are interested, a replica of Panari ware is on display at a sightseeing and resting place on Panari Island (Shinjojima). Please check it out.

Experience marine sports activities on Panari Island (Shinjo Island)

Enjoy the great outdoors of Apanari Island (Shinjo Island)! Experience activities and leisure

Panari Island (Shinjo Island), which is not served by regular boats, has a small population and is one of the Yaeyama Islands. An island as close to an uninhabited island as possible is. The whole island Iriomote Ishigaki National Park The wilderness that has not been touched by humans and the beautiful village where no trash has fallen are still left.
The sea on Panari Island (Shinjo Island) is above all Highly transparent and shallow So, for popular marine sports snorkeling It's a great place. Enough to fill the surface of the sea Coral And the colorful crowds there tropical fish You can take a closer look at us.

Also, if you participate in a walking tour, a guide who knows Panari Island (Shinjojima) will explain the history and culture of the island in detail, so you can see the history of Okinawa from before the Ryukyu dynasty to the present. It seems fun to explore.

The climate of Panari Island (Shinjojima) in Okinawa, where untouched nature is left, is worth a thousand words! Marine activity You can enjoy it or take a leisurely stroll around the island. Why don't you visit Shinjojima once?

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