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now Year The long-awaited Christmas will come ☆ Exciting and exciting ☆ Two days from Eve is a big lover Events(* ^ _ ^ *) It's time to start thinking about plans to spend time with her, her boyfriend, or lover. Activity Japan Then 2017 We recommend the “Making” experience that allows you to make one original in the world as an accent for Christmas dates and gifts ◎

Christmas On the day It's fine to make a secret surprise gift, or make a special Christmas memory with a couple, and we will introduce 3 handmade experiences that are perfect for Xmas for such lovers ♪ Year Let's spend a special holy night once a night ~~~ ♪ (´ε `)

December is a high season popularity making thing ◎ Think about the schedule until Christmas and book early is recommended! ! One month's instantaneous _ (➌ "ε:) _

1. Make accessories

Making Christmas accessories

Speaking of the handmade experience of lovers, "Accessory making" ♪ Rings and bracelets, necklaces and pendants, straps attached to the smartphone etc ... It is fun to exchange only one accessory in the world as a present ◎ Silver or natural stone , Glasswork and various other accessory making plans ♪

Popular plan for making accessories




You can hit an inscription (option) inside. You can use alphabet capital letters and numbers. Twisted design will also make its twisting stroke Explanations. I will do the brazing work which rounds the ring, I will finish up to just the size while hitting the hammer. I also love to polish. Of course you can take it out as it is after completion. The material is brass, silver material and width 3,000 to 7,000 (tax excluded) and price are various respectively. Please choose the one you like according to Prices since you visited us. If you would like K10 or other designs please separately please contact us at Contact us. We are waiting for your reservation (we do not correspond stones).

Silver dolphin

【埼玉県・南与野】簡単手作り「シルバーアクセサリー」体験 !大切な方へのプレゼントにもおすすめ!


アットホームな雰囲気で、シルバーアクセサリーを手づくりしてみましょう。 アートクレイシルバー(銀粘土)という、やわらかい粘土状の素材を使うから、 初心者の方でも、手軽に、自由な形に作れます。 ぜひ一緒にシルバーアクセ作りをたのしみましょう 。


【京都・水族館近く】運気アップに天然石ブレスレットを作ろう! 金運?! 恋愛運?!それとも… コロナ対策実施中!


It is a plan to make your own original bracelet with natural stone. Natural stones have mysterious power, it has been used as an amulet and amulet for ancient times and as a stone calling for good luck. Why do not you make your own bracelet by combining stones with power that makes wishes come true? In our store you not only get you to choose your favorite natural stone but also you can design freely! After the design, you also do the work of threading the rubber yourself, further attachment will come!

2. Candle making experience

Christmas candle making experience

As a Christmas experience Activity Japan The big recommendation is Candle making Experience ♪ Candles that can enjoy the aroma scent using colorful candles, and original candles made by sprinkling your favorite parts are one in the world ♪ Christmas On the day To enjoy the holy night with candlelight ◎

Candle making Popular plan of experience

Kakuozan candle



Popular No.2 menu Production time: About an hour and a half Price: ¥ 3,500 yen+option[Including tuition and material costs] (1DRINK included)Japan Luxuriously used aroma oils can be selected from 43 types. Accented with dried flowers according to the seasons, this is an original candle with a gradient candle and plenty of playfulness in an antique-processed glass. Because it is in a heat-resistant glass container, you don't need to put underlays and the candle inside doesn't melt or get dusty during storage. Ideal for storage. You can choose your favorite fragrance and color according to your request. You can enjoy it as a gift for loved ones, as an interior of your room on the anniversary. Harmony with other candles! Color your room! A professional instructor will guide you, so you can complete it for the first time. * Bin types are changed daily for imported products.

Lily Bear candle

【大阪・大阪市】ドライフラワーが映える透明感!ボタニカルジェルキャンドル作り 駅より徒歩3分!



Vitamin candle



A lantern candle is a lantern made of a candle wax. My heart is crunchy with the color of the shape and vitamin color as a colon! Even though it is made of wax, it does not melt in a strange way, and it can be used to light a fire repeatedly, and the light will create a fantastic space. Produce & size 2 sizes for your anniversary. It is one of the pleasure to light the memorial memorial for only two people at home.

3. Leather craft experience

Christmas leather craft experience

Christmas gift is recommended ♪ to handmade and large classic purse (wallet) and key case in leather craft ('ε `) leather taste enough to wear increases if Tsukaikome is through Year it is to enjoy the change ◎ simple accessories There are various plans from full-length leather goods such as shoes to あり

popular plan for leather craft experience

Sekiguchi shoe studio



かかとを入れて走ってよし。 かかとを踏んで歩いてよし。 軽くて運転にもよし。 通気性もよし。 表革には天然原料で丁寧になめされた オーガニックレザー使用していますので 安心してお使いいただけます。 体にも環境にも優しい 履くほどに風合いの増すヌメ革の変化をお楽しみ下さい。 裏地は通気性に優れた豚革。 ソールは軽くて滑りにくいイタリア製のソール。 かかと部分にはアスファルトでも減りにくい 特別なゴムを使用しておりますので 外でも快適に履くことが出来ます。 そんなオールマイティーな手縫いの革靴(外履き用) をお作りいただけるプランです。 横幅は広めの2E〜3E になっております。 所要時間は約3時間となります。

Antico Ciabattino


Antico Ciabattino

Antico Cibattino (Antico Chabbatino) is an Italian old shoe craftsman, meaning shoe repair person. "Casual Made-Made Shoes" This is a shoe specialty shop that carries out operations consistently from shoe manufacturing to repair with the concept of "shoe craftsman's shoe repair shop". It is exactly Ciabattino. The staff is a specialist of shoes that I learned at the shoe workshop "Shoes Asaoka Studio" at the sister shop. Craftsmen who are familiar with the structure of shoes are not just to make shoes, but to repair, we will repair and manufacture the most things that customers can comfortably wear. In addition, we are also engaged in the manufacture and sale of leather accessories and shoe polish workshops and leather accessories. Please feel free to join us ♪

Kadota workshop



Using the saddle leather to create your favorite work. Work you can use a long time is very strong. Leather work, you aside about love because they are coming out of the taste to use. In the No. 1 popular 3-fold key case, it is also often those who made gifts. If such as an image picture of the work you want to create, Model can be made a completely original work made from paper.

Outside glass factory making / workshop experience

Christmas glass workmanship and workshop experience

You can make colorful glass works such as dragonfly balls and photo frames that can also be used for glasses (cups) and accessories by blowing glass experience, fusing, processes using banners, etc. ◎ Especially enjoying Ryukyu glass experience enjoying with Okinawa travel Popularity ◎ It is also fascinating that you can enjoy the time to complete even those making your own thoughtful things ♪

Popular plan for making accessories

手作り琉球ガラス工房 沖縄工芸村


手作り琉球ガラス工房 沖縄工芸村


Studio Baku Zaurus



Breathe into the melted glass and make a cup or single cut. 1000 degrees more Wrap the melted glass in a stainless steel bowl and breathe in. It's a glass experience that expands like a balloon. You can enjoy the process together as the shape changes and how the glass softened by heat hardens. As it takes time to cool down, we will receive your work later or mail it within 1 week. (Separate shipping fee)

Other popular making experience

Everybody can participate with confidence ♪ It is a plan that you can participate with confidence ♪ I think that it is a very special experience to handmade those thinking the other person who is good at making things ◎ Activities other than the three selections carefully selected this time We accept reservations for various making plans throughout the country in Japan ◎ Please challenge Christmas in 2017 to handmade near your home, date and travel destination ♪

Other popular making experience
Pottery Experience / Shisa making experience / Chopsticks making experience / Marine Craft / Dyeing experience / Weaver experience / sand blast / flower arrangement / Poseratsu / Photo frame making experience / All things making experience