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Summer is the season of rafting ◎ This time we will close up to the charm of "Kamakumagawa Rafting" featuring the famous spot Kumamoto Prefecture Hitoyoshi and the Rumagawa area, as well as beginners as well as children and adults. This year also the "Kawagoe Festival" was held as usual in March of 2017, and the full-scale spring and summer leisure season has arrived Kumagawa (Kumagawa). Let's enjoy the summer by rafting experience in the Hitoyoshi and Ramagawa river area where the sightseeing and traveling are popular among the Kyushu region! !

Rumbo River
Kumagawa river rafting which children and adults can enjoy together

What kind of river is Rumagawa?

Kyushu region "Kumagawa (Kumagawa)" flowing through the Hitoyoshi Basin in southern Kumamoto Prefecture is the largest primary river in Kumamoto Prefecture, which flows through the southern Hitoyoshi Basin in Kumamoto Prefecture and flows into Yatsushiro Sea. With the "Mogami River" flowing through Yamagata Prefecture and "Fuji River" flowing across Nagano Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture, it is counted as the three major rapids in Japan as "fast flowing river". Ayu (Ayu) growing bigger is famous, and sweetfish exceeding 30 cm in it is called "Shaku Ayu" and am entertaining many anglers. It is gaining popularity as a popular leisure spot in summer where many river playing experience tours such as canyoning (Sawajiri), canoeing, SUP (stand up paddle board) etc. are being held, with rafting being the lead.

Tempo / River Rafting Timing / Features

In the Kumagawa River, which is known as the only rafting experience point in the Kyushu region, we will have the most popular time of rafting from April to October. There are 48 shops and there is a rafting course that uses the flow of a river with a hasty river. The natural waterslide that slips through rocky is thrilling full ◎ Also during the afternoon tour a steam locomotive running between Kumamoto station and Hitoyoshi station " SL Hitoyoshi "There are also plans, such as a beautiful contrast contrast with nature, entertaining tour participants as a rafting spot.

In the Tamagawa river, many outdoor leisure companies carry out a rafting experience tour plan by their own service. A set plan that you can enjoy hot spring bathing and barbecue (BBQ) together after rafting experience, plans for shooting photos and videos, etc and great deals with data gifts are popular. There are many other nice services such as group discount etc. Families and students, or group leisure such as girls travel, so please check the plan contents of each shop ◎

Tamagawa river rafting bbq
After rafting everyone at the barbecue is recommended

Activities to enjoy at the Tamagawa river

Outdoor leisure activities of the Tumagawa River where you can book at Activity JapanRafting,SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board),Canyoning,CanoeingThere is permanent boasting 66 meters high in Gochi Village, Tamagawa GunBungee jumpingExperience is famous. As you can see, various areas of activities can be enjoyed in the area as summer vacation and many other tourists are busy with the area of ​​the Rumagawa river. Please enjoy multiple activity experiences along with the royal road rafting experience.

Tamagawa river canyoning
Canyoning to enjoy together with rafting
Tamagawa river SUP
River SUP enjoying flow at a gentle point
Kumamoto Go Go village bungee jump
Bungee jumping 66 meters high at Futagi village

Tanumagawa Rafting Recommend Plan

Activity to experience at the end of the Rumikawa river Japan We will introduce recommended rafting plans. Although the contents of the course varies according to the plan of the shop, it is the charm of the Tamagawa river rafting that it is relatively reasonable to experience rafting from 5,000 per person starting from the lowest price. In addition, most of the equipment required for rafting is included in the price so everyone can participate with peace of mind. We will recommend a pleasant rafting experience in the summer of this year at the Rumikawa ◎

Adventure Create Shop Compass (Compass)

[Kumamoto Kuma River] Japan's three large torrent! Rafting experience (course morning)

プランID:1395Adventure Create Shop Compass (Compass)
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Japan's three major rapids one, rafting in the Kuma River Kumamoto Prefecture! ! Please enjoy the exhilaration down the torrent.


[Kumamoto Kuma River] Family for beginners! Rafting experience (short course)

5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

It has become a family-friendly, for beginners course. Wave will be happy to experience a gentle upstream course. Recommended for those who want to feel free to challenge a short time! Lunch BBQ is put in the yen +1500.

SunTrust rafting club (SUN TRUST Rafting club)

[Kumamoto Kuma River] rafting half-day course [with natural hot spring bathing] to enjoy in the rich natural attractions

プランID:8424SunTrust rafting club (SUN TRUST Rafting club)
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

You will enjoy the rafting on the Kuma River pouring in to flow through the Hitoyoshi Basin Yatsushiro. There is also a place where you can comfortably leave the gentle flow, also there, it will be able to enjoy the nature of the Kuma River without getting tired fast rough rocks and flow location. Because there is a different AM course and PM course of implementation time, you can join the convenient time. ※ When I apply for a special BBQ set in the PM course, please keep in mind that it becomes [11:00] set.

Kuma River rafting Happy Surprise

One of the Kumamoto Kuma River] Japan's three major rapids! Rafting experience with the Kuma River (AM course)

プランID:151Kuma River rafting Happy Surprise
5,400yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is the morning course. Enjoy violently when rather - to loose the Kuma River. Canyoning experience (Sawaasobi) and boating is also very popular. It is also fun for the BBQ in the OP from the lunch (* ^^) v

Rafting Heart (HEART)

[Kumamoto Hitoyoshi-Kuma] rafting Short Course [for beginners]

プランID:8622Rafting Heart (HEART)
5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

I am concerned about the budget, I want to try with a beginner, I am concerned about the time. Perfect for that kind of person! The course is a bit short but satisfactory enough! You can enjoy the largest thrilling course of the Tumagawa river rafting.

Kuma River rafting club

[Kumamoto Prefecture / Kuma River] with hot spring of rafting tour! (6 hour course)

プランID:3286Kuma River rafting club
6,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

You can enjoy rafting at the Kumamoto Kumagawa River in the three major rapids of Japan. It is a plan that omits all you can eat BBQ from the 8 hour course. It is a time and fee saving plan. Apart from rafting, there are plenty of fun such as being hit by a waterfall, climbing a cliff, jumping out of a rocky place. After enjoying playing, you can relax in the hot spring as it is.

Rafting the Kuma River ABC

[Kumamoto Kuma River] ※ organizations split ※ rafting deals all-round (group plan: 30-42 people)

プランID:1060Rafting the Kuma River ABC
6,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

This cheapness is equivalent to 1DAY course (about 12km)! It is! Compare this with others! It is! This price at 12 km! I could make it so cheap if I eat a meal!

LAND EARTH (Land Earth)

【Kumamoto · Rumikawa river】 25th Special Project ★ 1 / 2DAY Rafting (half day course / morning and afternoon)

プランID:16915LAND EARTH (Land Earth)
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)