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Glass Crafts Transmitted from the Edo Period Classrooms and workshops hosting the Tokyo Brand "Edo Kiriko Making Experience" plan are the most noteworthy events in the "Making Experience" that can be booked at numerous ACTIVITY JAPAN one ♪ of the Sun is born from the popular momentum approaching such as "Ryukyu glass" of the "pottery experience-classroom" and the same glass crafts has skyrocketed ↑ its beautiful color and cut technology as a creative-based leisure to inherit this culture unique shine stunned the viewer, the delicate work process is the season to recommend such things making experience from which to stimulate the creative mind ◎ This time, the site posted east Kyoto to enjoy d reservation in the shop and popular plan Complete introduction! !

What is Edo Kiriko (え ど き り こ)

Edo Kiriko Experience Class & Recommended Plan Introduction ~ Glass Craft Tokyo Brand from the Edo Period ~ Edo Kiriko

Tokyo traditional craftwork "Edo Kiriko (traditional craftwork)" which passed from the late Edo era is a "facade making experience" classified as glass craftwork and glasswork with faceless cutting using cut glasses. As the First name of Edo Kiriko is a regional traditional culture craft brand in Edo ( Tokyo ), its fans are also deeply rooted in dishes such as glasses and dishes that are given beautiful cutting techniques and vivid colors. The Satsuma Kiriko (Satsuma Kiriko) and together visit as "kiriko" Sun high popular with foreign tourists Tokyo Sat those who bring back to the purchase or handmade, such as the production and gifts seem to be many. Nowadays, the past from handed down the Sun also attracted attention to the book of traditional crafts and culture young generation, Edo downtown, such as Kiriko craftsmen often Asakusa area can be taught the technology mainly in and work process There are many classrooms, workshops, etc. Even beginners can easily participate in experiential plans are also actively held.

Popularity experience plan ranking

ACTIVITY JAPAN East is accepting reservations in Kyoto will announce the Edo Kiriko handmade experience popular plan ranking within. Which course also all fees tools and materials needed to feel free to work production can also participate in a non-experience person Fri you can enjoy with confidence because they are contained in. Experience fee Fri the lowest price of 3,240 yen for to enjoy a reasonable price a full-fledged Edo Kiriko experience from the (tax included), couples and families, can feel free to join young and old alike, such as the group is attractive. Tokyo as part of the tourism, also as a hobby of weekend Sun How about try to touch the traditional techniques that this world-class?

The postal Fri lowest3,240 yen (tax included) ~
Participating age6 years old ~
Popular guestsBeginner / Couple / Family / etc.

    First place
    Tokyo Glass Industry Research Institute

    [Tokyo / Ota Ward] I carve beautiful patterns on glass with traditional techniques! Experience to make Edo Kiriko

    Plan ID: 12092Tokyo Glass Industry Research Institute
    3,240yen~(tax included)

    A plan that you can taste the world of Edo Kiriko which delicate techniques of craftsmen shine. Since I do not use fire, I can participate from first grade primary school. This technique which draws a pattern by cutting with a diamond grinder on a plate is recommended for those who want to concentrate quietly. There is no doubt that you can be crazy! The work of cutting with a diamond grinder is a delicate work that requires dynamic adjustment but is dynamic. Please also enjoy the process of forming the image that you imagined.

    Second place
    Sandblasting headquarters classroom

    【Tokyo · East Japan Bridge】 Welcome Japan! Sandblast · Original glass & Origami coaster making (for foreigners)

    Plan ID: 20967Sandblasting headquarters classroom
    5,000yen~(tax included)

    Welcome to Sun book! Elegant Glass Work This is a special plan for the travelers from abroad in the classroom. Sculpture and glass scraping with sand, Sun Let's touch the world of the traditional culture of the book "Origami"! " Sandblasting " means shaving by blowing sand. It is similar to Edo Kiriko, but it is characterized by freely carving your favorite pictures and handwritten letters. Even for the first time, even if you do not have an image, a wonderful work with a high degree of completion will be completed! Time required about 80 minutes Sun create a coaster using the "Origami" is a book of traditional culture. A cute coaster is completed in just 15 minutes. Please come and remember how to fold. ※ This plan is because it is a plan for foreigners, Sun participation only person in question Declined has been.

    3rd place
    Kiyohide glass workshop

    [Tokyo Koto Ward] only one in the world! Edo Kiriko dish + glass making experience

    Plan ID: 11679Kiyohide glass workshop
    12,960yen~(tax included)

    In this course, subjected to a faceted transparent dish experience, making it a luxurious course taste both of glass to put a faceted experience of color covering (Irokise). Both want will recommend the plan to those who are lost. Experience from the preparation, you will be able to experience all of the process to completion. Self-made, one dish and a glass of the only in the world, become a lifetime of memories, it'll be fun to use in everyday increases.

    Kiyohide glass workshop

    [Tokyo Koto Ward] Edo Kiriko glass making experience

    Plan ID: 11669Kiyohide glass workshop
    9, 720yen~(tax included)

    In the glass manufacturing experience, we will put a facet into a glass of color covering (Irokise). This course will be taken as a target (people who have or Edo Kiriko experience) better to experience the dishes making course. In addition to draw a pattern "faceted" experience, you will be able to experience all of the steps of "indexing" "coarse ground (faceted)", "" stone hanging, "" Shine, "" finish ".

    5th place
    Kiyohide glass workshop

    [Tokyo Koto Ward] Edo Kiriko dish making experience

    Plan ID: 11663Kiyohide glass workshop
    4, 320yen~(tax included)

    A is Kiyohide, using traditional techniques "hand polishing", you can apply a faceted transparent dish experience. Experience from the preparation, you will be able to experience all of the process to completion. Dish of only one in the world to make yourself, become a lifetime of memories, you'll be more also fun to use in daily life. In addition, you can have also to a full-fledged dishes by skilled craftsmen.

Edo Kiriko Experience Studio / Classroom List

ACTIVITY JAPAN Currently, Ota Higashirokugo, Chuo-ku Higashi Sun this bridge, Edo Kiriko experience studio-classroom experience plan Koto Kameido has been published. Please enjoy making Edo Kiriko near the destination of Tokyo tourism, or at a shop near your home or workplace. Also, there are shops where you can experience making glass craft works other than Sandblasting and Edo Kiriko so if you are interested in making things, please check them out.

ACTIVITY JAPAN Leisure in Activity , cultural experiences, making things - Sightseeing tour North such as Hokkaido , south Okinawa until the Sun this Japan will accept reservations for a variety of experience plan to play with. We can reserve discount plans and points etc. conveniently so if you are looking for "play" near your destination or your home, please do use it by all means.

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