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Tokyo traditional crafts "Edo Kiriko (traditional handicraft)" which passed from the end of the Edo Period is a facelift craft using cut glasses and it is a manufacturing experience classified as glass crafts and glasswork. As famous for Edo Kiriko, famous as a regional traditional culture craft brand in Edo (Tokyo), its beautiful cut technique and dishes such as glass and dishes with vivid colors are proud of its strong popularity I will. In addition, together with Satsuma Kiriko ("Satsuma Kiriko)" as well as "kiriko" are also popular for foreign tourists, there are many people who purchase or handmade in Tokyo souvenirs or gifts etc.

In recent years, Japanese traditional crafts and culture that have been handed down from time to time have attracted attention even in the younger generation. In recent years, classrooms and workshops that can teach the technique and work process, mainly in downtown areas such as Asakusa where many Edo Kiriko craftworkers are located There are plenty of other experiences plans that anyone can participate. This time we will introduce the recommended plans of classrooms and workshops accepting reservations as activity sightseeing in Tokyo and weekend indoor leisure experience and close up to the secret of popularity of Edo Kiriko. Please experience the "beauty" and "technology" that Japan boasts.

Edo Kiriko Classroom
A beautiful cut of Edo Kiriko applied to red and blue glasses

Easy commentary! What is Edo Kiriko?

Edo Kiriko Classroom
Glass of Edo Kiriko using color covering
Edo Kiriko pattern
Curved plants curves

Course content of Edo Kiriko experience

In recent years, the popularity of Edo Kiriko making experience is getting better by helping DIY attracting attention, making handmade making and furniture etc. Experience contents, price price, experience time and so on will vary according to plan and course, but in many plans it is included in material cost and experience fee. There are various plans ranging from a casually enjoyable course for beginner glass artists to a course for experienced people, so please reserve a plan according to the level. The work process of the experience is roughly divided into "faceted experience" and "colored covering (Irozeki) experience", and plans that allow you to experience all of it, such as indexing, roughing (chopping), stoning, polishing, finishing Yes.

In the facet experience drawing a pattern on the glass there are complex and complicated tasks such as techniques called flower facets that draw geometric patterns and curves but knowledgeable craftsmen will guide you carefully so you can participate with peace of mind. Also different from blown glass experiences and other things because it does not use fire, it is also characterized by plans that many children can participate. Edo Kiriko works of completed "one in the world" are often optimum for gifts and souvenirs for important people as well as everyday use for home, as it is often that they can take home on that day.

Edo chopping
A diamond grinder that scrapes the pattern of Edo Kiriko

Edo Kiriko Experience Recommendation Plan

Activity Japan currently accepts reservations for classrooms and studio in Ota Ward and Tokyo Taito Ward. As it is possible to reserve reasonably from the lowest price trial price 3,240 yen (tax included), please feel free to reserve / inquire in Tokyo sightseeing or near your home. As introduced in this article, Edo Kiriko experience is one of indoor leisure, making popularity · high attention · making experience. Please visually touch the artisan's creative skills, delicate and detailed work with your eyes.

 Tokyo Glass Industry Research Institute 
Address: 1-26-13 Higashi Riko Town, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0046
Tokyo Glass Industry Research Institute

[Tokyo / Ota Ward] I carve beautiful patterns on glass with traditional techniques! Experience to make Edo Kiriko

プランID:12092Tokyo Glass Industry Research Institute
3,240yen~​ ​(tax included)

A plan that you can taste the world of Edo Kiriko which delicate techniques of craftsmen shine. Since I do not use fire, I can participate from first grade primary school. This technique which draws a pattern by cutting with a diamond grinder on a plate is recommended for those who want to concentrate quietly. There is no doubt that you can be crazy! The work of cutting with a diamond grinder is a delicate work that requires dynamic adjustment but is dynamic. Please also enjoy the process of forming the image that you imagined.

 Kiyohide glass workshop 
Address: 5-13-11 Kameido, Koto Ward, Tokyo 136-0071 Tokyo
Kiyohide glass workshop

[Tokyo Koto Ward] Edo Kiriko dish making experience

プランID:11663Kiyohide glass workshop
4, 320yen~​ ​(tax included)

A is Kiyohide, using traditional techniques "hand polishing", you can apply a faceted transparent dish experience. Experience from the preparation, you will be able to experience all of the process to completion. Dish of only one in the world to make yourself, become a lifetime of memories, you'll be more also fun to use in daily life. In addition, you can have also to a full-fledged dishes by skilled craftsmen.

Kiyohide glass workshop

[Tokyo Koto Ward] Edo Kiriko glass making experience

プランID:11669Kiyohide glass workshop
9, 720yen~​ ​(tax included)

In the glass manufacturing experience, we will put a facet into a glass of color covering (Irokise). This course will be taken as a target (people who have or Edo Kiriko experience) better to experience the dishes making course. In addition to draw a pattern "faceted" experience, you will be able to experience all of the steps of "indexing" "coarse ground (faceted)", "" stone hanging, "" Shine, "" finish ".

Kiyohide glass workshop

[Tokyo Koto Ward] only one in the world! Edo Kiriko dish + glass making experience

プランID:11679Kiyohide glass workshop
12,960yen~​ ​(tax included)

In this course, subjected to a faceted transparent dish experience, making it a luxurious course taste both of glass to put a faceted experience of color covering (Irokise). Both want will recommend the plan to those who are lost. Experience from the preparation, you will be able to experience all of the process to completion. Self-made, one dish and a glass of the only in the world, become a lifetime of memories, it'll be fun to use in everyday increases.

Work example of Edo Kiriko experience

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