【Latest version】 2018 Iriomote popular activity ranking

【Latest version】 2018 Iriomote popular activity ranking

Ishigaki Island Located a bit west of the area, the subtropical wilderness called "Oriental Galapagos" is attractive Okinawa The isolated island "Iriomote Island" It is a spot where the whole island is designated as a national park and you can enjoy untouched nature. Iriomote tea ceremony and many other nation designated natural treasures, and even among popular Okinawa remote island popularity in recent years "Ishigaki Island" and "Miyakojima "travel high popularity area. Since the popularity of remote islands is rising especially at 2018, many people thinking of traveling this spring and summer do not have much.

Wed also by Watareru by ox cart Yes First name tourist attraction "Yubujima (Yubujima)" and, "Pinaisara of waterfall", such as sub-tropical virgin forest jungle area , the island "ballast islands" made of fragments of coral and shape of star It is also a secret of popularity that many sights such as 'Star sand beach' with its First name from the fact that sand which was done was found is also a secret of popularity ◎ In addition, the sailing ship of the traditional Ryukyu traded by the sea person (Umishuu) Tourist experiences unique to Iriomote Island such as plans to ride on "Sabani" and other cruising are gaining popularity.

Activity Ranking

Iriomote popular Activity Index

First of all, we introduce popular event ranking TOP 10 of activities that I can experience in Iriomote Island ♪ In other Okinawa islands such as Ishigakijima and Miyakojima, marine activities occupy the top, whereas in Iriomotejima "kayak"Or"Mangrove SUP"," canyon raftingActivity enjoying mountains and rivers are characteristic of being popular. If you enjoy the outdoors in Iriomotejima Let's go adventure to one of the leading jungles in Japan (based on the summer reservation data in 2018 )

Plan ranking

Continue to announce the latest Iriomote Island popular activity plan ranking ♪ It ranks in the top rank in the ranking of the ♪kayakPlan is popular ◎ As with other Okinawa areas King of marine activities "SnorkelingYou can not do too Activity. (Based on 2018 summer reservation data)

First place

Iriomote Island Canoe Club pie and Izu

[Okinawa Iriomote Island] waterfall of Pinaisara of powerful! Canoe & trekking + yearning Yubu buffalo car one day tour -

Plan ID: 14174Iriomote Island Canoe Club pie and Izu
11,000yen~(tax included)

It is a profitable program that collaborated the popular Yufu Island buffalo car for half-day short tour which can taste the best place of Iriomote Island easily. Half-day trip to Pinusisara's waterfall that boasts the biggest head drop in Okinawa Prefecture. It is a popular field that you can recommend Kayak for the first time, Iriomotejima for the first time with confidence. We enjoy the sightseeing of Yufu island popular with buffalo cars crossing the sea on half a day. Besides just sightseeing, a greedy plan that you can taste authentic jungle exploration and active kayaks. ★ ★ Tour guide picture taken free gifts at a later date! ★ ★

Second place

Blue season Iriomote (BLUE SEASON IRIOMOTE)

[Waterfall of Okinawa Iriomote-Pinaisara] popularity No.1 course! The view is superb. Canoe & trekking tour

Plan ID: 7084Blue season Iriomote (BLUE SEASON IRIOMOTE)
6,500yen~(tax included)

While enjoying the jungle and mangrove in canoe and about 30 minutes of trekking in one way about one hour, is a tour that aims to basin of Pinaisara. You can also take a dip in the plunge pool. Since the guide of the veteran of the mountain will tell carefully, you can enjoy safely in children. You can enjoy happy either half-day courses and plenty of play 1-day course of those who do not have time.

3rd place

Iriomote KEN GUIDE

【Okinawa · Iriomote Island】 Mangrove SUP & Falls of the Unexplored Falls & Ballas Island Snorkel

Plan ID: 15421Iriomote KEN GUIDE
10,000yen~(tax included)

★ ☆ It is a plan to visit one of the few secrets! It is! Do not miss it ☆ ★ Row SUP and aim at the unexplored waterfall by trekking the jungle. From the afternoon snorkel in the ocean of the emerald blue where colorful coral reefs spread to the miracle Ballas Island with an adventure boat! I want to enjoy the ocean and mountain with a day! It is! It is recommended course for those who like.


Iriomote you walk mood (Iriomote Kayak Tour)

【Okinawa · Iriomote Island】 Summer is no doubt this! Pinaisala Falls & Canyoning Clear Flow Play

プランID:4951Iriomote you walk mood (Iriomote Kayak Tour)
10,000yen~(tax included)

Popular summer most of the recommended course for children! ! Variety of outdoor experience Ki is possible green of the scan Bae Shas courses jungle can enjoy 120% of Iriomote Island in one day. Morning and explores the two attractions are divided in the afternoon. Half a day is aimed at the kayak and trekking to the waterfall of Pinaisara. The other half-day dive unlimited! Canyoning-clear stream play ♪

5th place

Iriomote Island Canoe Club pie and Izu

[Okinawa Iriomote] can also enjoy superb view of the waterfall! Compelling Pinaisara Falls Canoe & trekking 1 day tour

Plan ID: 11538Iriomote Island Canoe Club pie and Izu
10,000yen~(tax included)

Iriomote most good thing is is one day tour program was Gyuttotsuma'. Pinaisara boasts most of the drop in Okinawa Prefecture, is compelling. In addition, you can enjoy also superb view from the unusual waterfall. Blue view of the sea is breathtaking beauty spread. Popular field kayak is also the first one, which can be recommended with the first time of confidence for those who are Iriomote Island. ★★ guide shooting tour image at a later date free gifts! ★★

6th place

Iriomote KEN GUIDE

【 Okinawa · Iriomote Island】 Paradise in southern country! Panari Island yachting Snorkeling (half Sun course)

プランID:4170Iriomote KEN GUIDE
6,000yen~(tax included)

Trying to colorful tropical fish and snorkeling in the sea of ​​emerald green of Panari Island boasts outstanding transparency! Beautiful is pure white beaches and clear blue sea Island of God, Panari (New City) island! Natural charm lots. Just paradise! !! Let Tsukuso play the beautiful sea snorkeling to enjoy the charm of the sea to easily meet a colorful fish and beautiful coral

7th place

Haemi Papillon

[Okinawa Iriomote] Fune浮-Mizuochi Falls & Ida of beach tour ★ sea kayak tour

Plan ID: 11291Haemi Papillon
10,000yen~(tax included)

The beach of the waterfall, Ida of Mizuochi in Fune浮, also called land of the island of Iriomote Island aims at sea kayak. Or soaking up the water in the unusual Mizuochi waterfalls that fall directly to the mangrove lush waterway, enjoy a snorkel on the beach of the beautiful Ida, unexplored region mood, I recommend tour of adventure mood packed.

8th place

Iriomote KEN GUIDE


Plan ID: 11567Iriomote KEN GUIDE
7,500yen~(tax included)

Popular activities ~SUP mangrove river cruise and jungle trekking waterfall tour Nature experience! Relaxed cruising through the mangroves in the SUP in the morning. In addition we aim to waterfall of unexplored region in the jungle walk! After lunch time, you cross the top of the loose-tossed while being sea while listening to the three-wire ride in cute water buffalo car. Paradise! The tourism Yubu you will come and enjoy.

9th place

Iriomote Island Canoe Club pie and Izu

[Okinawa Iriomote Island] swim in the waterfall! Compelling Pinaisara Falls Canoe & trekking half day short tour

Plan ID: 14173Iriomote Island Canoe Club pie and Izu
7,000yen~(tax included)

Is the most handy enjoy half-day tour program the good of Iriomote Island. Half-day trip to the basin of Pinaisara compelling, which boasts the most of the drop in Okinawa Prefecture! Popular field kayak is also the first one, which can be recommended with the first time of confidence for those who are Iriomote Island. ★★ guide shooting tour image at a later date free gifts! ★★

10th place

Iriomote KEN GUIDE


プランID:4126Iriomote KEN GUIDE
10,000yen~(tax included)

マングローブSUPorカヌーと南国の楽園〜パナリ島ヨットシュノーケリング!その両方を満喫できる贅沢コースです。 ※シュノーケリングとSUP・カヌーは当日の天候・海況によって午前と午後が入れ替わる可能性があります。

Featured / Recommended Activity

Iriomote Island canoe tour windmill

【Okinawa · Iriomote Island】 Pinaisala Falls (Falls & Waterfalls) Canoe & Trekking Tour

Plan ID: 48Iriomote Island canoe tour windmill
11,000yen~(tax included)

<It is our classic course. > Both canoeing and trekking can be enjoyed, but the trekking has a high specific gravity, the coolest time from October to May is the most recommended time compared to hot summer days. There is nothing special prepared. > All necessary equipment for the tour will be prepared at our shop. The minimum thing you need is water to drink when thirsty, and change of clothes after the tour is over. <Change safe because there is a shower room, so it is safe> Like a matter of course, when you play in the jungle or mangrove all day, you sweat, your feet get muddy. After the tour is over, I will return to our office without dismantling at the port as it is from the field. We will send you to the harbor after showering and changing clothes, so we will put it on the way back in a refreshed condition. <Target is over 10 years old ~ 55 years old> This indication is the target age when it is held under very hot and humid summer conditions. From July to September it's a hot tour and it's a tough tour. From October to May, there are many days with temperatures below 30 ° C, so comfortable trekking is possible compared to midsummer. Since it is possible to give a range to the target age at this time, please consult with those who are not eligible for age.

Iriomote Nature School (Iriomote Nature School)

[Okinawa Iriomote Island] Manten of starry sky, night watch the noctiluca of shooting stars and sea canoe (kayak)

Plan ID: 10631Iriomote Nature School (Iriomote Nature School)
8,000yen~(tax included)

On the night of Iriomote Island, you want to an important person and surprise experience to you! Why not take a look at falling star of the sky, the Milky Way. The voice of the cry in the night birds to BGM, view leisurely riding the star of the sky to the canoe. Night of mangrove also has a unique atmosphere. In addition, light is "noctiluca" the trajectory of the paddles rowed. Do it the longest Urauchi of estuary in Okinawa Prefecture. Waves also flow without any safety. Even a novice is OK. Iriomote Island is required stayed.

Shinjo Island vacation

[Okinawa Prefecture · Shinjyojima · Snorkel] From Iriomote Island to Panali half-day snorkel

プランID:17042Shinjo Island vacation
6,500yen~(tax included)

· Mermaid Legend remains at the unexplored area, Shinjojima (Panari Island) easily snorkel experience & walking around the island. Snorkel points are entered from the beach or boat according to the situation of the day. · Because we have a toilet / shower in the house and resting place in the island, we can rest safely.

Ishigakijima & Iriomotejima ADVENTURE PiPi


Plan ID: 18214Ishigakijima & Iriomotejima ADVENTURE PiPi
4,900yen3,900yen~(tax included)
Special Deals


Iriomote KEN GUIDE

【Okinawa · Iriomote Island】 Mangrove SUP (Sap) Explore the Jungle Falls and Canyoning (river descent) course of the unexplored area

Plan ID: 4122Iriomote KEN GUIDE
9,500yen~(tax included)

Iriomote Island Mangrove river is relaxing cruising with SUP ~ From the upstream jungle exploration & hidden waterfall tour! From the afternoon enjoy the best island play experience with the popular No. 1 canyoning in the water play!