【Experience Reports】 Challenge for diving C card license! Even beginners can understand the content and difficulty of a safe lesson?

Activity Assault of the navigator Koharu Ojima Activity Experience note March issue theme "scuba Diving"

Challenge for longing diving!
I want to acquire a license this year!

This time the first step of the diver debut! Diving Delivery of license (C card) acquisition in enlarged version. First of all "Diving What is a license? There may be more people there. In fact, Sun In the law of the book for leisure purposes Diving You do not need a qualification to enjoy It is not punishable just because it is unlicensed like a car license.

Diving The license is issued by the 'private' leadership group, Diving Point to those that prove that they have acquired knowledge and skills (guidance standards) in accordance with the regulations of each organization. That is the "C-Certification Card" that I often hear. Get this in the oceans around the world Diving You can enjoy

Strictly Diving Equipment at the shop Rental including Diving In most cases, you will need to show a C card to receive related services. Ie without C card Diving It means that you can not In addition, the license issuing organization Sun There are around 30 leading organizations in the book alone, among which PADI, NAUI, SSI, CMAS etc. are famous. The group website has each feature and history listed, so it may be helpful to decide which group to acquire.

Well, this time to be indebted Tokyo ・ "M's of urban model shop located in Shenzhen, Koto Ward Diving Adventure. Mr. Yabe, the store manager, holds the qualification of course director who can train instructors, 2015 Year He is also an excellent course director. The course is PADI's Open Water Diver Course! "Department class × pool class × ocean class" is composed, complete the class class by e-learning, pool class 1 Sun, Ocean course 2 Sun Total of 3 Sun It is a schedule to get at.

Activity Assault of the navigator Koharu Ojima Activity Experience note March issue theme "scuba Diving"

1Receiving and registration to PADI site. You can go home at the PADI site and receive e-learning. This is a start towards licensing.
Pool course on the 21st day. At first the equipment Explanations And teach the instructor how to use.
3Dry suit can be worn from the top of the clothes, and it adheres firmly, so it will not get wet in any water Diving You can enjoy
Setting of 4 equipment is completed! A fun pool course start!
5 underwater Communication with is a sign of the hand, underwater Do with a note.

Start from the department. You will acquire basic knowledge such as the role and usage of equipment, buoyancy and water pressure, and how to make a diving plan. All practical skill courses are based on the content learned in this department, so at first you may struggle with unfamiliar terms, but here you study quietly. Assumption more I struggled with the volume and started crying several times, but passed the exam safely!

The first day of practical skills is a pool class. Usually, the indoor heated pool seems to be used in the winter season, but the location schedule does not match and the outdoor pool is forced. Yabe-san said in advance, “Winter outdoor pool is colder than the sea, but is it okay?” more It was a frigid pool.

The first is setting and using the equipment. Then, in a shallow place, underwater Students will learn basic skills such as breathing method and mask attachment / detachment. I'm not used to it at first underwater I'm embarrassed by breathing in the air, but I get used to it as soon as I keep "slow breathing". In the pool class, you learned the basic skills such as how to use the equipment, diving, and how to respond in an emergency.

Now it ’s time for the ocean class. I gathered at the shop and left early in the morning when the night was not yet over. The place on the first day is On the day Judging by looking at wind and wave information Shizuoka Decided to Choshihama in Numazu City. Although the temperature is low, the weather is fine and the view point is great while looking at Mt. Fuji. After all, the tension rises in front of the sea. The content of the training is basically the same as the content of the pool training at sea. Tap into the body and head.

“Why in winter Diving? You might think, but in the winter Diving Is highly recommended. First of all, the transparency of the seawater is very beautiful. And experience Diving And there are few beach bathers, and you can have the instructor teach you carefully. Also, the seawater isn't as cold as it is, and it doesn't matter at all because it wears a dry suit.

Activity Assault of the navigator Koharu Ojima Activity Experience note March issue theme "scuba Diving"

6 During training to maintain neutral buoyancy. Use equipment air and breathing to keep it from floating or sinking.
7 After the practice is over, do the equipment maintenance well. Because it leads to the danger of life, work carefully.
82 Sun The ocean course of the eyes Shizuoka At Shishihama in the prefecture. Mt. Fuji is clearly visible and it is a wonderful view.
The state of the briefing before diving nine. Think together with the instructor about the time to dive, the points to be careful, the purpose, etc.
As you dive 10, Wed I feel pain when the tissue around the tympanic membrane is pressed by pressure. In order to eliminate it, Diving The skill of deafening in Required.
11 Wed I caught on the handrail of the bottom and saw the instructor's example of Mr. Yauchi.

Activity Assault of the navigator Koharu Ojima Activity Experience note March issue theme "scuba Diving"

Practice the skills to cope with calm so that you do not panic when the equipment comes off. This is also one of the important programs to get a license.
13 underwater Let's talk with hand signals. There are various types such as "floating", "air out", "remaining pressure?" I have to remember well!
14 Looking back on the course while having delicious seafood. I recorded the temperature, the depth of the dive, and the fish I saw on my notebook.
Day 152 is over! Forgetting fatigue, for the first time underwater A big smile on the experience.

Dive license acquisition!
Further challenge for step-up !?

The last day is "underwater Finish with the famous Izu Marine Park in the post. This post, located at the bottom of the sea, can really post postcards. Well, in the end of the practical skill class Diving Make a plan, without an instructor Diving! And clear all the courses, finally Diving I was able to GET the license. Yay!

Activity Assault of the navigator Koharu Ojima Activity Experience note March issue theme "scuba Diving"

Marine training on the 162nd day is Izu Marine Park. It is famous that many divers gather Diving spot.
17 underwater post. It is about 20m deep, so you can reach if you step up.
18 Umiteng discovered by chance. It is difficult to find because it is mixed with sand.
19 Discover the red-and-white catfish that looks beautiful! The length is about 10 cm. I could see many other fish.

Many people who have acquired the Open Water Diver course which is dive until 18 meters this time will get an advanced open water diver course that will soon reach 30 meters. I am the one who felt the charm in the underwater world, of course, I'm thinking to step up quickly (laugh). From now on I will try to enjoy the charm of the sea fully as a diver.

Activity Assault of the navigator Koharu Ojima Activity Experience note March issue theme "scuba Diving"

し We instructed Mr. Maruyama (left side) of the instructor firmly, and the 3 days course ended! Learn all the skills and get a superb license!

Cooperation GUIDE

M's diving adventure
PADI diving shop located in Koto Ward, Tokyo. We offer a wide range of menus ranging from experience diving to instructor training and technical diving. Excellent store licensed as 5 star · ID center from PADI, the world's largest diving instruction organization.

エムズダイビングアドベンチャー(M's DIVING ADVENTURE)

[Tokyo Toyocho] for the first time in the direction! C card get online training courses (e-learning)

エムズダイビングアドベンチャー(M's DIVING ADVENTURE)

This course is ideal for those who schedule of coming to a store can not be taken. This course can start from to end the Department of training of using the Internet. Easily from e-learning button of our HP you can sign up!

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License Acquisition Recommendation Plan
ネイチャーアクティビティセンター オーシャンデイズ 支笏湖本店

【Hokkaido · Shikotsu Lake】 Open Water Diver Course 【Diving License Course】

ネイチャーアクティビティセンター オーシャンデイズ 支笏湖本店

After completing this course you will receive the C-card of PADI, the world's largest accredited body, and you will be able to dive up to 18 meters in the world with the cancellation of the supervision conditions. underwater Everything in the world starts here. Let's go to the sea of the world!

ダイビングショップ MIU

[Shizuoka Suruga] diving license! Basic Course [PADI Open Water]

ダイビングショップ MIU

PADI Open Water course. For those who start diving in earnest, it is rudimentary license. When the training is completed, is also a rank diving in calm sea by themselves will be able to freely.

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