July 21, 2018 ( Sat ) Let's enjoy "The 2nd Shibuya Bon dance Competition" with Yukata rental

The 2nd Shibuya Bonsai Dance Competition

Organized by the "first time Shibuya Bon Dance Competition" is Shibuya Dogenzaka shopping street promotion association that aims to place people of petting a visit to Shibuya 2017 8 Mon 5 Sun ( Sat but was held to), 2018 it was announced that "Shibuya Bon Dancing Competition 2nd Shibuya Bon Dance Competition" was held in the public road around Shibuya 109 event space. Bon Odori held Sun when the 2018 7 Mon 21 Sun ( Sat ) 18:00 to 21:30, traffic regulation is 16:30 to 22:30 will be held between.

The 2nd Shibuya Bonsai Dance Competition
Source:Shibuya Dogenosaka NEWS

2017 Various media also convey the status of Bon Odori at Sun, but especially the outstanding one is visiting Sun It is exchanges with foreign visitors of tourists. As long as 30 minutes, it seemed like a form of looking at it, and it was reported that it melted into the circle of Bon Odori. 2018 will be held so that you have fun! In order to enjoy "Yukata", which is the must-have item required for enjoyment, for casually ACTIVITY JAPAN introduces the shop of "Yukata rental" that can be booked cheaply such as Shinjuku and Harajuku which are near Shibuya To do. Speaking of the summer festival, the yukata is mast ♪ If it's in the middle of Shibuya, it's cute and it's not unusual ◎

The rental plans for yukata and kimono that you can make reservations are mainly reasonable compared to purchasing yukata, which includes dressed in a set of yukata rental and basic hair set. ◎ In regular courses, when the shop closes in the evening It is safe to return it until around time, but if you use the option of returning the next day you can extend it to the town of the night as a kimono ♪

East other than to introduce here in Kyoto because it deals with the shop that can be yukata rental in, please choose the most smooth skating module and search for, such as near your home or near the workplace ◎ Sun summer book After all the yukata figure looks nice. 2018 7 Mon 21 Sun ( Sat "Shibuya Bon Dance Competition" of) the men and women Chaimashou burst abandon Te texture in yukata ♪ ('ε `)

Shibuya Yukata rental shop

xxxxxxKimono Tokyo Harajuku

Location 1-19-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Harajuku Family Building 306
business hours 10:00 to 19:00 (final acceptance 17:30)
Regular holiday 7 days a week
Handling activities Latest activity Kimono rental cosplay photo

xxxxxxMoshi-moshi kimono salon Produced by YUMENOYA -

Location 3-23-5 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2F
business hours
Regular holiday
Handling activities Kimono rental Leisure facilities

xxxxxxStudio Aye Mei Shibuya

Location Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Dogenzaka 2-30-4 Tamahisa building 3F
business hours 10: 00-20: 00 Sunday Holidays 10: 00-19: 00
Regular holiday Every Tuesday
Handling activities Japan Cultural Experience Maiko&Oiran experience Kimono rental

Shibuya surrounding area Yukata popular rental plan

Hotel Keio Garden Tokyo

【Tokyo · Meguro · Gajyoen】 Yukata and cultural property "One hundred stairs" ♪ Tour plan with lunch

Plan ID: 18343Hotel Keio Garden Tokyo
11,700yen~(tax included)

A yukata which you chose from the new pattern, popular plan that you can take home with the belt, geta etc. directly ♪ After having experienced the special plan which you can enjoy dressing with the staff + food at the restaurant + 100 steps of the staircase tour Please apply for the instructgram campaign "Wakaru no Akari" where the present is hit.

Hotel Keio Garden Tokyo

【Tokyo · Meguro · Gajyoen】 Yukata and cultural property "One hundred stairs" ♪ Tour with dinner

Plan ID: 18376Hotel Keio Garden Tokyo
14,850yen~(tax included)

A yukata which you chose from a new pattern is a popular plan that you can take out as it is with bands, geta and so on. After experiencing the special plan that you can enjoy with the staff wearing + meals in the restaurant + hundred steps of the staircase visit, please apply for the instagramgram campaign "Waiting for the Japanese people" gifted by all means.

Studio Aye Mei Shinjuku

【Tokyo · Shinjuku · Yukata Rental】 Dating plan in Yukata!

Plan ID: 13906Studio Aye Mei Shinjuku
8,500yen~(tax included)

Rental plan that the yukata for and for women men to set. Dressing, 5 minutes hair set (women only), because the stroll one day (return by 18:00) is in the set, please enjoy the dating yukata.

Kimono rental VASARA Sunshine City Prince Hotel shop (Ikebukuro)

【Tokyo · Ikebukuro】 Walking around Ikebukuro with Yukata! [Yukata rental & dressing plan]

Plan ID: 15685Kimono rental VASARA Sunshine City Prince Hotel shop (Ikebukuro)
3, 132yen~(tax included)

In "Kimono rental VASARA Sunshine City Prince Hotel shop (Ikebukuro)" we are preparing a plan that you can come and see and take a walk with your favorite Yukata change. We have selected kimonos that are carefully selected as the main komon which is perfect for walking around the city. Please feel free to contact customers who have requests or requests such as pattern of yukata. The location of the shop is located within the Sunshine Prince Hotel, an 8-minute walk from Ikebukuro station.

Moshi-moshi kimono salon Produced by YUMENOYA -

【Tokyo · Harajuku】 Kimono & Yukata rental in Harajuku ★ Let's wear colorful vintage kimono and stroll around the city!

Plan ID: 18417Moshi-moshi kimono salon Produced by YUMENOYA -
4, 320yen~(tax included)

Come a colorful and unique antique kimono and go for a walk around Harajuku where Japanese and Kawaii culture blend together! It is also recommended to travel Kimono with Omotesando, Takeshita Dori, as well as the spot of sum, including Meiji Shrine and Togo Shrine, as well as the origin base of the trend. You can also go out and wear kimono to outside events such as Shibuya, Roppongi etc. Of course possible! Please enjoy your extraordinary experience by dressed in the kimono of the Hello Kimonos salon. If you wish, you can also add hair set, point makeup, photo shoot (with CD-R data) from options. 【Hello Kimono Salon Produced by Yume no Ya - YUMENOYA-】 Hell Mu Kimono Salon is a Harajuku system based on the concept of "Harajuku Romant", which combines "Taisho Romant" that built a kimono culture era and "Harajuku Kawaii Culture" Kimono transformation photo studio. It was realized through collaboration with Asobi System Co., Ltd., which is driving the Harajuku Kawaii culture, and "Japanese Culture Experience TOURS Yume no ya - YUMENOYA-", a popular tourist spot in Asakusa, a Japanese culture experience trial studio.

Mode Marie

【Tokyo · Gotanda】 ★ Ladies only ★ Let's go out chilly in the hot summer! Yukata rental ※ No additional fee is required for returning the next day!

Plan ID: 15160Mode Marie
4, 320yen~(tax included)

Hot hot summer. But there are lots of fun events in summer. Why do not you decide it strictly with yukata if you go out all the time? It is hard to prepare by yourself, but if you are in Mode Marie you can rent not only Yukata but also bands and accessories so you can use it freely.

Shibuya surrounding attention plan

Mason Studio

【Tokyo · Shibuya · Gaien】 Power Stone ★ Bracelet making

プランID:20646Mason Studio
3,000yen~(tax included)

Power stone to increase luck. Why do not you feel the power as a bracelet of strings and nothing else? We will give power to various troubles such as "I want to spend every day cheerfully" "I want to raise love luck". A traditional stone shop that lasts for 4 generations provides high quality stones with certain eyes selected!


【Tokyo・Harajuku】Animal Cafe Fast Pass in Harajuku! Popular Owl Cafe & Hedgehog Cafe!

2,700yen~(tax included)

It is an extremely popular animal cafe in Harajuku, where you can touch cute owls and hedgehogs. In our plan, we prepared "fast pass" which can be used in Owl Cafe and Hedgehog Cafe of Harajuku. Please visit the unusual owl in the beautiful shop that imaged the garden in the UK. Please try gently with the hedgehog. You will be healed by the lovely appearance of the hedgehog.


【Tokyo】Unique Experience! Sumo Morning Training Watch ​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​

7,500yen~(tax included)

Sumo is the national sports being loved in Japan. It is a valuable time to see the professional sumo wrestler actually practicing. After practicing, you can take pictures with sumo wrestlers and everyone else.

The 2nd Shibuya Bon Odori Summary

The city of Shibuya is undergoing a major transformation to the city where people can live and live more pleasantly and live more than now thanks to the policies of the wards and recent redevelopment. Even if the appearance of the city changes, the time in the center of the city is "people" any time. Shibuya Bon Dance Competition "as a place where people in" living in Shibuya "and" visiting in Shibuya "can meet each other, and as a place that you can enjoy Shibuya-like culture, like Japan. Shibuya 109 Shibuya-like place called Shibuya 109 front, not only Shibuya-ku but also Tokyo, Japan and the world widely broadcast this event, aiming for a festival familiar to many people.

  • [place]
    Scrambled intersection west side road in front of Shibuya station, Cultural Village street, Dogenzaka ("Area near SHIBUYA 109")
  • [time]
    2018 7 Mon 21 Sun ( Sat ) 18:00 to 21:30
  • [Organizer]
    Shibuya Dogenzaka Shopping Street Promotion Union
  • [Planning]
    Shibuya Dogenzaka youth association
  • [Sponsor]
    Shibuya Ward / General Association Shibuya Ward Tourism Association
  • [Special sponsorship]
    Tokyu Corporation
  • [Traffic regulation]
    The scrambled intersection west side road, Culture Village street, Dogenzaka in front of Shibuya station becomes a pedestrian road.
    · Traffic regulation date and time:
    7 Mon 21 Sun ( Sat ) 16:30 to 22:30
    Shibuya Bon Odori held Sun time:
    7 Mon 21 Sun ( Sat ) 18:00 to 21:30

Venue surrounding map

Prohibited items

Travel and movement of motorcycles and bicycles are prohibited as well as traffic restrictions.
· Fireworks and other dangerous acts are strictly prohibited. Also, thank you for your cooperation in adhering to manners, such as "Please take garbage home or throw it away in a given trash box".
※ If you decide that safe holding can not be continued due to danger / nuisance etc, including stormy weather, it may be canceled even during the holding time.

<Contact information>
Shibuya Dogenclass Shopping Street Promotion Association Secretariat
(Telephone) 03-3461-0933