Wakeboarding in Kanto

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Wake board to glide through the water surface while asked to pull in water skiing as well as motorboat. In the Kanto region, Shonan Coast (Kanagawa Prefecture), Edogawa (Chiba Prefecture), Oarai (Ibaraki Prefecture), in such as the Ogasawara Islands (Tokyo), you can enjoy a wake board. Shonan coast in the dunes coast facing the Sagami Bay, nationally famous point in surfing. Instructor for us politely lecture to stand firm. Edogawa access from the city center preeminent. Active professionally us with advice accurately for beginners. Ibaraki Prefecture challenge with Hinuma Lake. Time in with a room half-day school, make sure. In a great location in Ogasawara, you can experience the Weiki (stringing wave) with power.

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