[World Heritage Yakushima day trekking] Tachudake eco-tour

[World Heritage Yakushima day trekking] Tachudake eco-tour

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Price list

14,000Yen ~ (tax included)

Fee per adult
鹿児島 / 屋久島
Trekking (climbing / hiking)

Description of plan

Is a forest of Tachudake thousand years Tachudake "astronomical forest" forest "floret mountain sidewalk" with wrapped in wet moss and the megalith became exposed is the highlight.
This course that combines a little bit different Yaku cedar and moss charm and Jomon cedar course is the power spot of Tabi樂 staff jewel that it is possible to experience the original quiet time forest.

Do not let autumn the visitors.

To the summit of Tachudake aims odd stone height 40m stabbing the sky.
Start Yakusugi Land entrance of the altitude of around 1000m.
Around the Contrary to the simplistic naming Yakusugi Land has spread deep forest of 1000 years.
Since the Jomon cedar and Shiratani Unsuikyo is small and out of people compared to the will and can experience a quiet forest in the busy season.
Also, do not let autumn the visitors views of ever-changing every time you walk.

It surprises to this miraculous odd stone.

Floret mountain sidewalk will appear before branching from Yakusugi Land.
There is bright green beautifully wrapped moss on carpet, in the astronomy of the forest following the floret mountain will appear one after the other is Yakusugi more than 1000 years.
In addition or followed by a tight slope If all goes in the back, another Hitofun clad Once Oiwa of granite is in sight.
Mind soaring heaven cornerstone of height 40m that was Dasa machined to rain and wind over the boggling time, it will surprise to this miraculous odd stone that nature has created.

This is useful recommended equipment, and certain.

Sunglasses, sunscreen, eye drops, contact lens preliminary, glasses spare, Pocari Sweat, powder of Amino Vital, winter clothes, thick socks, gloves, Zach cover, spats, water bottle plastic bottle 500 mm, camera film, batteries, watch CW-X air Salon path, Bantenrin.


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 to 10 people
Schedule Regularly
Start time 5:00 to 6:00
※ season, the weather, by the busy life, etc. There is also a slight change.
Assemble point Onoaida of the section will be free shuttle from Miyanoura.
Pick-up district (Miyanoura, Kusugawa, Kozeta, Nagamine, Kubo Ei, Funayuki, Matsumine, Awa, spring pasture, plain, plateau, Mugiu, original, Onoaida)
Please come to the meeting place at the car rental person other than this section.
Reservation deadline Before 2 days

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items (Please order at the tour the day before to your inn. The day of pick-up is available.) Morning noon lunch T-shirt, long-sleeved shirts, pants (no jeans) hat, towel, towels, rain gear, hiking shoes, change of clothes, Zach, garbage bags , folding umbrella, flashlight or head lamp, toilet paper, medicines, insurance card copy, oral medicine cold, abdominal pain, diarrhea, physiology, (we recommend allergy check you in the hospital) analgesics such as low back pain ※ climbing equipment rental of Tabi樂Please use because there is.
About rental items Rainwear 1500 yen, climbing shoes 1000 yen, head lamp 300 yen, Zach ※ with Zach cover (large, small) 1,000 yen, Zach cover 300 yen, sleeping bag 1000 yen, mat 500 yen, 500 yen stock.

Facility information

Changing room Restroom shower
Parking Lot Locker

Access and map


Kagoshima Prefecture Kumage-gun Yakushima-cho Kozeta 815-31

How to reach by car

Pick-up district (Miyanoura, Kusugawa, Kozeta, Nagamine, Kubo Ei, Funayuki, Matsumine, Awa, spring pasture, plain, plateau, Mugiu, original, Onoaida)
Please come to the meeting place in the car rental person other than this section.


Onoaida of the section will be free shuttle from Miyanoura.
Pick-up district (Miyanoura, Kusugawa, Kozeta, Nagamine, Kubo Ei, Funayuki, Matsumine, Awa, spring pasture, plain, plateau, Mugiu, original, Onoaida)

About price

Basic charge

Adult /person 14,000yen Age 16~
Child / person 11,000yen 7-year-old to 15 years old

※Prices including all taxes.
※ This is the basic charge.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the schedule.

Included in price Accident insurance consumption tax Iriyama contains cooperation gold,.

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About payment / cancellation

About payment The tour price is thank you payment on site. Card payment is not possible. Please note.
Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About cancellation fee If it is canceled by the convenience of the customer will be charged the following cancellation fee Please note that.
When that became the case or the day of the tour stop that could not be Kurushima for the bad weather does not charge cancellation fees.
Up to 8 days before: Free
7 to up to 4 days before: 20% of the tour price
Third to two days before: 30% of the tour price
Tour the day before - tour the day before the start: 50% of the tour price
Tour after the start: 100% of the tour price
Cancellation by operators. You might want to change or cancel by natural conditions and your physical strength, such as weather. Tour price is not your claim at the time of discontinuation.
Heavy rain during the flood warning issued will be the tour stop. In that case we will contact you from the responsible guide.
Also during the advisory also heavy rain, lightning, there is also the course change and stop depending on the situation, if there is a risk of landslides.
In addition to the above, with regard to customers tour participation is determined to be unsuitable for some things that get withhold any day.


Matters require attention Please be sure to inform at the time of application If you have a one and notable history with physical disabilities.
Drinking a day trip tour can not be on safety.
Perfume, please refrain from using so sweet sunscreen, etc. of the smell to attract the bees. If sunscreen is needed please prepare things no smell.
Low back pain thought any chance of that, knee, ankle, do you have a "pain relievers" such as menstrual cramps. Please got formulated in advance on top of the confirmation in the hospital because there is also a concern of the burden and allergies of heart
Other notices 1,000 yen In the case of students, repeater 2 course selection, and discount 3,000 yen elementary school.
Students of the journey, in the cheer! (Cheer period year-round!)
Normal student discount 1,000 yen off → 2,000 yen off (each day course ¥ 11,500 / 1 person)
Normal eco-tour will arrive one people guide per 1 to 7 people.
Please contact us with regard to 8 people or more groups. → 1 guide is the case of the corresponding There is also a separate discount.



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Participating age7 years old ~
Time required 6時間以上
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