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[Kyoto / Kinkakuji area] Experience the mysterious Kyoto! Monthly good luck magic that is handed down to Kyo, apotropaic magic, matchmaking! With exquisite namagashi!

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    1~2 hours
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[Experience the mysterious Kyoto] A seasonal event that brings in the fortune that Kyoto people are sure to do. Experience on a monthly basis! Kyoto, the sacred place of Japanese culture. Boasting a history of more than a thousand years, this town continues to carry out various customs, customs, events, and customs as wisdom for living that has been preserved and passed down from ancient times. Evil, demons, mononoke, demons, and the magic that is unique to the people living in Kyoto who have coexisted with them, are required more than ever in the modern age of corona. For example ... How to spend the day of Setsubun to get rid of evil, the meaning of celebrating like a playhouse at the Hinamatsuri, how to pray when the inside of the house is noisy, etc. A lot of cute, mysterious and mysterious seasonal events at the turning point. They are the roots of events that are familiar to modern life. "Obon is a memorial service for ancestors." "At the time of Gion Matsuri, it's good to call it a sweets." I would like you to experience the true face of Kyoto, which has been passed down as a matter of course. This course is especially popular with women, but it is also recommended for couples. January: Kyoto's New Year's greetings welcome Toshigami-san, who grants happiness February: Kyoto's festival, defeating demons with a "shouldered sword" March: Hinamatsuri is a woman's self-polishing April: Cherry blossom viewing Communication with the gods May: Cut off the devil with irises and hoses June: Secretly "Natsukoshi no Harae" at home July: Gion Festival is a Shinto ritual to disperse the plague that has continued since the Heian period August: Enjoy scary and scary Kyoto September: The festival of chrysanthemums (Shigeyo) that polishes the beauty of women October: Jyugoya and Jusanya Have the moon grant their wishes. November: Power charge with red sword December: Shizuru's manners End the old year and receive the New Year's fortune <About Kyoto Wabichakai> Takagamine, the northern part of Kyoto. About 8 minutes on foot from Koetsuji Temple and Genko-an. The "Kyoto Wabi Tea Party" is held in a tea room quietly nestled along the river in an old inn surrounded by trees. In the forest that leads to the foot of Mt. In spring, you will be surrounded by dazzling fresh greenery, and at nightfall, fireflies will be in your room. In the summer, you can enjoy the private riverbed at the upper reaches of the Kamiya River, which flows beside the tea room where the dragon god lives. Surrounded by the nature of Kyoto, we will talk about the wisdom of traditional Kyoto seasons, events and customs, and beautiful monthly customs so that you can experience them. There are places in Kyoto that you want to visit many times, such as shrines and temples. However, it is not possible to know Kyoto by itself. Kyoto is a town where you can enjoy yourself deeply by facing the beauty and way of life of the Kyoto people who have protected them. Please enjoy Kyoto, which is a private place, away from the hectic daily life, where you can experience the heart of the ancient city, which is deep and graceful, which is not found in tourist spots.

Kyoto's magic to get rid of trouble and live happily.

A number of elegant customs that have been preserved in Kyoto houses since ancient times. The wisdom and humanity of the Kyoto people who live along with nature live there. It is not a magical event that calls for good fortune that has been going on since ancient times in Heiankyo. The real thing cultivated over a long history is the origin of modern spirituality. I will tell you what to do if you do it, what you want to do by all means, and how to make the best use of genuine Kyojo in the present age.

I will teach you local sweets that Kyoto people love.

In Kyoto, there are many seasonal, elegant, beautiful and delicious sweets. If you know how such sweets are called, why they are called now, and what they mean, they will be 5 times more delicious and 10 times more impressive. Please enjoy the truly delicious sweets that are sure to be called by genuine Kyoto people. We serve really delicious Kyoto sweets and the finest matcha.

1 hour and 15 minutes reserved for Kyoto Women. Both that and this can be prepared for Kyoto.

"Is this restaurant in the guidebook really delicious? "Which shrine should you really go to for a good match?" "Where do you recommend buying sencha as a souvenir?" "How about the Bubu-zuke story?" "Where should I put my shoes off at the temple?" "At this time, I want to take a one-point lesson with a wonderful manner" and so on. What I wanted to know about Kyoto and what I had been wondering for a long time. It's a good idea, so I want to learn a little about the manners and the Kyoto dialect. You can listen to it on a charter basis, laugh, be impressed, and experience the Kyoto course live.

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Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
Possible number of bookings 1~5
About duration
1~2 hours
Total time required: 1 hour 30 minutes Actual experience time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Operating period It is closed during the year-end and New Year holidays. * It will be held according to the season. Example: Enjoying fireflies Only during the firefly season.
Assembly time Please come 15 minutes before your reservation time. * If the start time is delayed by 15 minutes or more, it will be canceled.
Booking deadline until 11:59 2 days before

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Dress code - Must bring items 楽な服装でお越しください。正座の心配はいりません。ジーンズはご遠慮ください。
About rental items 特にありません。

Matters require attention ・15分以上の遅刻は御参加いただけない場合がございます。

Plan attractions

プランの魅力 お茶室脇の川沿いの道。ここはゲストだけが入れる極上のプライベートスペース。 の画像

お茶室脇の川沿いの道。ここはゲストだけが入れる極上のプライベートスペース。 昔から龍神様が住むといわれているここ紙屋川上流。せせらぎの音を聴きながらのひと時はゲストのみが体験できる特別な時空です。深いリラクゼーションに満たされる極上の体験を…。

プランの魅力 旅館の入り口。緑に囲まれた山里の佇まい。 の画像

旅館の入り口。緑に囲まれた山里の佇まい。 京都洛北鷹峯。今や京都屈指の高級リゾート地となったそのまだ奥に、人里離れた静かな佇まいの倉楽庵があります。その奥の離れのお茶室ではすぐ横を流れる川のせせらぎが聞こえ、四季折々の自然の景色に心が解けます。ご予約頂いたゲストのみが入れる川沿いでは、春にはまぶしい新緑を、初夏には蛍、夏は川床、秋は天空に真如の月、冬には雪景色とこれらすべてが貸し切りです。京都の行きつけとして特別な時間をお過ごしください。

プランの魅力 お節分にはお多福さん。しきたりに沿うて厄払い。 の画像

お節分にはお多福さん。しきたりに沿うて厄払い。 「京都ではんなり厄払いしまひょ」百年物のお多福さんがゲストを迎えます。柊の添えられた福豆はよばれんのとちごて、体の悪いもん全部吸い取ってくれんのです。

プランの魅力 鷹峯の雪景色のようなそれはそれは美しい上菓子。絶品「雪餅」。 の画像

鷹峯の雪景色のようなそれはそれは美しい上菓子。絶品「雪餅」。 お菓子は季節を表す芸術品。時々で京都で一番のお菓子をご用意します。宇治の最高級お抹茶と共に至福のひと時です。

プランの魅力 明け方、寅の刻のご神水を山からいただき、お体の内から浄めます。 の画像

明け方、寅の刻のご神水を山からいただき、お体の内から浄めます。 早朝寅の刻(3時~5時)、一日で最も大地の気が清らかな時間。その時間に大地を流れる水は浄化効果の高い山の神々の神聖な力が生きています。席主はゲストの為、山のご神水を汲みに出かけます。

Access - Map

2-5 Takagamine Senzokucho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City
Assembly point


If you arrive by car

About 6 minutes from Kinkakuji Temple. It becomes "Ginshoji". Parking lot: 8 cars (large bus: not possible) * Free parking lot available. Please be sure to let us know the number in advance.

If you arrive by other means of transportation

About 8 minutes from Kyoto City Bus No. 6 "Takagamine Genkoan-mae".

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