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[Kochi / Shimanto] Charter for 2 days and 1 night! A bike rafting camp tour where you can enjoy cycling and going down the river at the same time on the Shimanto River and take a bonfire bath!

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  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • School
  • Empty-hands OK
  • Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Solo participant
  • Charter possible
  • Operate rain or shine
  • Accommodation included
  • Photo gifts
  • 地域共通クーポン(紙)利用可
  • 地域共通クーポン(電子)利用可
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    15Age ~ 65 Age
  • Duration
    1 Day or more
Plan description

I'm too enthusiastic to do it normally! It is a tour where you can enjoy the Shimanto River most intensely for two days and one night. Bicycle + river rafting all by yourself! & Camp on the river! I also boil the packraft bath (commonly known as Pak Raflo lol) by myself. You may find it difficult, but this playful guide will safely support your adventure. E-BIKE cycling on the Shimanto River with a trailer full of camp luggage. Go up the river while crossing the subsidence bridge, and go down the river with your bicycle from your favorite place according to the season and weather conditions! For lunch, go to a nearby restaurant, buy a bonfire BBQ in the evening and a meal (alcohol, of course) the next morning, and head to the river! (Since individual differences are large, meals and purchases are paid separately). There is plenty of time, so you can relax in the river. Your guide will do what you want to do. At night, carry it by yourself, put the river water in the boat that you got on the river, boil it on a bonfire, and take a bath (please bring your swimsuit). The bath in an empty river is the best! When I go to bed, I don't have a tent with a tarp, but I turn the boat over to make an air bed and put it in a sleeping bag to sleep. The body is warm while receiving the cold wind on the face. It feels good to sleep in such a situation. And you can just look at the starry sky. You can see the starry sky and shooting stars if you look at it all the time (I can't guarantee it, but lol). This is an adventure where a local guide will ensure your safety and explain various wild birds, fish and local culture. What do you feel when you throw yourself into nature? There is also such fun. Please contact us first! * Due to boat loading restrictions, we are targeting people with a weight limit of less than 100 kg.

Customize according to your taste and physical fitness!

The basic flow is fixed, but if you can tell us your physical strength and points you want to go to, we will definitely create a route where you can fully enjoy the Shimanto area. Those who are physically fit can go as far as they can, and those who are interested in local culture will draw a route accordingly. Enjoy a tour unique to a local guide who is a self-proclaimed and expert outdoor player, which is not listed on the tourist guide map.

Even though it's cycling, is it going down the river?

It is a two-day tour that is a maniac play that everyone in the know knows, a play called Bike Rafting that combines pack rafting and cycling. A lightweight rubber boat (pack craft), which becomes extremely compact when folded, is loaded on the bicycle, and when going down the river, the bicycle is also loaded on the boat. Camp tools and others will be pulled by a trailer. Bicycles and boats are always with you, so you can go anywhere in the river or go up from the river to land. That is, you are free.

Only use sports type electrically power assisted bicycles

A set of pack craft equipment + camp goods are heavy, so carry things with a trailer that can be pulled by bicycle. I think it's a tough image, but since the tour is premised on using E-BIKE, it will assist you powerfully. The cycling part is easy.

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    Detailed information of this plan

    Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
    Possible number of bookings 1~1
    About duration
    1 Day or more
    Since it is a chartered tour limited to one group, the start and end times can be adjusted.
    Operating period 2021/10/01〜2022/5/31
    Open only from autumn to winter when there are no mosquitoes. It will not be held during the fall ayu fishing period (December 1st to 15th).
    Assembly time 9:00 (adjustable)
    Booking deadline until 11:59 3 days before

    Changing room Toilet
    Shower Parking

    Dress code - Must bring items Please bring exercise clothes and drinks. We recommend aqua sandals, such as clothes that can get wet and sunscreen. Please prepare with the image of climbing a low mountain in that season. Since it is a one-night, two-day plan with camp, please bring what you think you need, such as a toothpaste set and change of clothes.
    About rental items Depending on the temperature of the day, waterproof shoes can be rented if it is cold.

    Matters require attention As a tour, we do not have accident insurance. Please subscribe by yourself.
    This is because if you join the tour and have multiple insurances in addition to your original insurance, you may not be covered. Check your own life insurance and accident insurance. Of course, we give due consideration to safety, and as a guided tour, we have liability insurance.

    Plan attractions

    プランの魅力 Luggage is pulled with a trailer の画像

    Luggage is pulled with a trailer Since the camp plan has a lot of luggage, we will load it on the trailer. Since it is limited to E-BIKE use, it is not as painful as it looks.

    プランの魅力 Wild camp style の画像

    Wild camp style There is no tent, just a tarp (roof), so you can sleep while looking at the starry sky.

    プランの魅力 Packraft + bath = pack lafro? の画像

    Packraft + bath = pack lafro? Use the heat of the bonfire to take a bath with the pack craft you are riding. It is a bath of the Shimanto River because it boils the water of the Shimanto River.

    プランの魅力 Packraft becomes a bed の画像

    Packraft becomes a bed I put the pack craft I got on as a bed and sleep.

    プランの魅力  の画像

    There is a sense of accomplishment that you can enjoy because you manage multiple activities on your own!

    プランの魅力  の画像

    Let's run the subsidence bridge! (In case of strong wind, you may push and walk)

    プランの魅力  の画像

    You can enjoy the thrill of rafting safely with a guide who knows the local area on a stable pack craft.

    プランの魅力  の画像

    It's a free tour, so if you like fishing, you can also go fishing on the river or from the riverbank on the way! * Please purchase a recreational fishing ticket in advance.

    プランの魅力  の画像

    The houseboat is also one of the scenery of the Shimanto River, and is a companion who enjoys the same river.

    プランの魅力  の画像

    It's time to finish, and it's a good idea to lie down and spend the rest of your time.

    Access - Map

    3-26 Nakamura Ohashidori, Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture 787-0014
    Assembly point

    Please visit the Okera Adventures office. If you come by car, please contact us in advance as we will guide you to the parking lot. Transfers to and from accommodations in Shimanto city area are possible.

    If you arrive by car

    40 minutes from Kochi Expressway "Kuroshio Kobushinokawa IC"

    If you arrive by train

    About a 15-minute walk from Tosa Kuroshio Railway "Nakamura Station"

    If you arrive by other means of transportation

    Please let us know your transportation and expected arrival location.

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    Selling points regarding safety

    I have been MTB for more than 10 years and have never had a major injury such as a broken bone. Through outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and camping as well as biking, I am aware of the fear of nature more than enough, and I always try to stop activities and read the weather. In addition, there are friends and acquaintances who are engaged in indoor activities as well as outdoor activities, and we are in a situation where we can introduce them in case of unseasonable weather, so it is quick to decide to cancel. We are the only bike rafting guide in Japan and we are proud to be the best bike rafting guide in Japan.

    Insurance information Nisshin Fire & Marine Insurance Liability Insurance
    License and Qualifications Japan Cycling Association Certified Cycling Leader, DK FREERIDE MTB LOGIC Certified Instructor Bronze
    Member organizations and associations Shimanto City Tourism Association
    Number of staff 1
    Number of instructors 1

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