Matcha & Make tea and sweets making experience 【Welcome to the wonderful world of tea! 】

Matcha & Make tea and sweets making experience 【Welcome to the wonderful world of tea! 】

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Price list

2,500Yen ~ (tax included)

Fee per adult
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京都 / 京都駅周辺
Tea Ceremony
  • Hand-held OK
  • 1 person participation Allowed
  • Children can join

Description of plan

«Make-up tea & crispy tea and making sweets, 3 wonderful experiences»
<1> Grind the powdered green tea with mortar from tea (tea).
<2> Stuff Wakaban saccharide in wood type and make sweets.
<3> We will have green tea and sweets at Oshiki.

Jinmatsuan (Jin Matsuan) is a shop where you can experience Japanese culture in the city of Gojo, Kyoto Gojo!

Among them, Matcha experience that you do by yourself · 碾 (Hiroka tea experience · Wakasanbun (waraban) punching experience, our company original! It is!
Feel free to enjoy tea experience.

Please touch tea at Jinmatsuan and enjoy Japanese culture!

Starting 0 minute experience
↓ Mild tea experience (photo shooting etc.)
↓ Making sweets
◇ Matcha experience (hand - made tea with confectionery).
40分後     体験終了

* Other, a point experience, and a sweets making experience plan are available.

Hiki tea experience

Tea ceremony (grind the teacher with a mortar and make green tea.

Experience making sweets

We will make sweets with 100% high class Wakasan sugar. You choose your favorite shape from cute wooden figures created by craftsmen.

Point Experience

In an atmosphere with an atmosphere, eat green tea and sweets that you pointed at yourself. You can also take photographs freely.

Attractions of the plan


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 person~
Schedule Regularly
Start time Please gather by the start time you applied.
Assemble point Minamatsu
Reservation deadline 前日 11時59分まで

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items None
About rental items Successful tools required for experiences

Facility information

Changing room Restroom shower
Hot spring Locker Hairdryer
Parking Lot convenience store/

Access and map


Kyoto-shi, Shimogyō-ku, Gojo-ku, Naganoko-machi Nishijinji shrine town 135 Berk Karasuma 2F

How to reach by train

From Kyoto Municipal Subway Karasuma Line "Gojo Station" Exit 1, 1 min walk to the east

time schedule

Starting 0 minute experience
↓ Mild tea experience (photo shooting etc.)
↓ Making sweets
◇ Matcha experience (hand - made tea with confectionery).
Experience ended in 40 minutes (Original Senjouchi gift gift !!)

About price

Basic charge

Adult /person 2,500yen
Junior high and high school students / people 2,000yen
Children aged 6 to 12 per person 1,500yen

Option fee

Common / people 200yen If you wish to make color sweets, please apply for the number of people you wish. 200 yen will be added for one person.

※Prices including all taxes.
※ This is the basic charge.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the date.

Included in price Experience of green tea, experience of tea ceremony, experience making sweets, consumption tax

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About payment / cancellation

About payment Please pay in cash on that day.
Payment method The ways assigned by operators.
Indication on Specified Commercial Transactions Law Indication on Specified Commercial Transactions Law
About cancellation fee If you cancel your reservation, please immediately contact us by telephone.
Please note that in case of cancellation by a customer, the following charges apply.

10 days before to three days before: 30% of the fee
2 days before: 40% of the fee
The day before: 50% of the charge
That day: 100% of the charge
Cancellation by operators.


Matters require attention ※ Store is on the 2nd floor. Please acknowledge that there is no elevator in this building.

Everyone's experiences

I was healed.

I learned about tea from 1, I learned a lot. I spent my own tea time and had a cup of sweets and spent a relaxing time.

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Joined date: July 2017
Tea Ceremony
Reply comments from operators

Thank you for coming to the matcha experience! If you feel comfortable, I am glad that you are more than anything.
looking forward to seeing you coming again. .

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