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[Yamanashi Kawaguchiko] cart experience 60-minute course of the hottest "Bakuso !! Fuji scenic lakeside course" cosplay

プランID:13483 提供:Fuji Maryka Kawaguchiko store

5,400yen​ ​(tax included)


Fuji Maryka Kawaguchiko store

Yamanashi / Kawaguchi, West Lake, Fujiyoshida, Lake Shoji, Lake Motosu
Public road cart
  • 1 person participation Allowed
  • アクティブ爽快
  • 自然満喫リラックス派

Description​ ​

Have you ever seen a cart running on public roads in Tokyo? Actually it can be experienced even by the general public! This plan is a special plan that drives a cart and shows a spectacular spot of Mt. Fuji with conspicuousness. Anyone who has an ordinary driver's license (AT OK), you can enjoy it!

Guided by the guide, super recommended plan with photography time!

Fuji and lake guides are accompanied, it will guide you through the selection of course. In operation of about 60 minutes, it is also recommended as a superb view spot drive. Attention No.1, we will guarantee the ♪ satisfaction 100% taste also star mood. Nor does it get lost on the road since the guide is attached. In each spot you can take a commemorative photo!

Attention-grabbing! Cosplay to choose

We are planning to increase sequential cosplay variation. If everyone runs in cosplay and runs, it will double the fun. If you run on a public road with a cart, you will have a gaze from the other drivers and the general public! It is especially recommended for those who love to stand out.

If there is a license on public roads OK!

Public roads can travel in a normal driver's license (AT allowed). Of course, it is all right even in the international license!

Attractions of the plan

OK if there is a driver's license 「普通自動車第一種免許」をお持ちであれば、誰でも運転可能。オートマ限定でも大丈夫です。 ※原付免許や自動二輪の免許では運転できません

Peace of mind with a guide Peace of mind before departure, since the lecture about the operating method. Since the guide that with, there deals feeling efficiently Zhou is in the interest spot ♪ postings are down pat also seen Mount Fuji if you like!

Enjoy cosplay! Immediately the center of attention if Hashire everyone to cosplay. More and more fun UP! Please enjoy the moments of excitement.

To commemorate with everyone

Amazing drive


Minimum number of people 1 人
Number of people who can book 1人〜10人
Schedule Regularly
Assemble time 8:00 to 17:00
※ Please inform me of the hope of the time at the time of application
Assemble point Fuji MARICAR Kawaguchiko shop
Reservation deadline There is acceptance on the day (the morning until 11 am)

Regarding advance preparation

About clothings and must-bring items Belongings ... ordinary vehicles driver's license (international license also available)
Dress ... high heels, leather soled sandals, dress there is a hindrance to the operation, such as long skirts please refrain
About rental items Helmet · glasses · mask · sound sound

Facility information

Changing room toilet shower
Hot spring Locker Hairdryer
Parking Lot コンビニ

Access and map


Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Fujikawaguchiko Funatsu 3707

How to reach by train

Fuji Kyuko Kawaguchiko Station 2-minute walk

Price list

Basic charge

Adult / person 5,400yen 18才以上 ※普通自動車第一種免許(AT限定可)をお持ちの方

※Prices including all taxes.

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About payment 当日に現金にてご清算をお願いしております。 カードは使用できませんのでご了承ください。
Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About cancellation fee In case of cancellation or change, please contact us as soon as possible by phone.
If it is canceled by the circumstances of the customer, a cancellation fee will occur.

On the day: 100% of the experience fee
Cancellation by operators. There is a case to be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances, but you can not respond to compensation, such as travel expenses of up to local.
Please note.


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Participating age18 才~
Time required Within one hour
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