[Saitama Kawaguchi] only one of my glass! Glass and glass production experience blow

[Saitama Kawaguchi] only one of my glass! Glass and glass production experience blow

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Price list

3,000Yen ~ (tax included)

Fee per person for 1 to 3 people
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埼玉 / さいたま・川口
Glasswork and glass workshop
  • Hand-held OK
  • 1 person participation Allowed
  • Children can join
  • Families enjoying family

Description of plan

Wound melted glass to the rod, it blows the breath.
You can full-fledged experience the cup production.

Do not make my glass of only one in the world?

Size and shape will continue to decide in the manufacturing process.
Design is OK in while making. Let's decide in consultation with someone.
The glass that could do so one just to the world! Korezo is the real thrill of unique handmade!

Summer vacation of free research!

Staff will assist so that small children can also experience.
In addition free use of serving documents, "the origin of the glass" in the study of summer vacation to those who wish "glass is Q & A that is made thus" we give you.

Anniversary, also available as a gift, such as a wedding!

What glass work of a lifetime of Memorial only one in the world is how!
Each one is a different can in the same way, fondness also will be stronger.
I think we will surely fun memories also in production.

Attractions of the plan


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 person~
Schedule Regularly
Start time 11:00 to 17:00 you can experience between up.
Please inform me of the experience time zone of choice at the time of your application.
Assemble point Kumagai glass workshop
Reservation deadline The day before until 16:59

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items Avoid high heels and fluttering-dressed, we recommend you use of easy to move cotton material.

After the production, the more must be change of clothes, sweat does not oysters, because there is where you get dressed,
Anxious one I think it is okay even if you have.

Or our bundled the direction of long hair, precious metals such as the necklace might be hot.
It is recommended that you remove during work.
About rental items Aprons and work gloves, such as the arm cover is served here.

Facility information

Changing room Restroom shower
Hot spring Locker Hairdryer
Parking Lot convenience store/

Access and map


South Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture Hatogaya 5-8-4

How to reach by car

It may not be displayed in the car navigation system.
In that case, old address
Please give me the input in Saitama Prefecture Hatogaya Shinan 5-8-4.

How to reach by train

Saitama from high-speed rail south Hatogaya Station Exit 2 is a 5-minute walk away.

About price

Basic charge

1 to 3 people / person 3,000yen Age 6 and over
In case of 4 or more people / person 2,500yen 6 years old ~ ※ This is a group discount. More than 4 people are eligible.

Option fee

Decoration / Pieces 500yen It can further compelling challenge to the decoration. ※ Depending on options that you choose there is the case that fee varies.
Sandblasting / Pieces 1,000yen If you apply a set it can also be sandblasted in the published price.

※Prices including all taxes.
※ This is the basic charge.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the schedule.

Handling plan list of Kumagai glass workshop


About payment / cancellation

About payment Cash only (you will the fee after the production end.)
Payment method The ways assigned by operators.
Indication on Specified Commercial Transactions Law Indication on Specified Commercial Transactions Law
About cancellation fee Change the day of the time, it can not be canceled.
Please contact the day before.
Cancellation by operators.


Matters require attention After the glass was our production is completed, allow it to cool slowly over time over the next day morning.
* Can not be the day of take-away.
- The next day or later, will be mailed in or I am come to take cash on delivery.
And traffic circumstances, etc., please contact us as much as possible ahead of time delayed.
If the next book is on, you may not have the time.
- Furnace will take working temperature (1200 ℃) a few hours to raise up to.
Other notices Age is we have been from the elementary school. (In the case of a kindergarten student, upon request)

Everyone's experiences

Great satisfaction ♪

I was very kind to tell you! A
I am satisfied that I can work while having fun.
Also, thank you if you have the opportunity.

  • 5.0
Participation date: September, 2017
Glasswork and glass workshop
Reply comments from operators

Thank you for your participation in the blown glass experience class.
For the blown glass, the finish greatly changes with the addition and subtraction of the blowing method and the timing.
It is literally the world's only one original glass.
I hope you will last forever, I will patronize you.
Thank you very much. .



  • 4.5
参加日: 2018 年 04 月
Glasswork and glass workshop
Reply comments from operators


Kindly, tell me carefully!
If there is opportunity, I will definitely try again!
Thank you for letting me do a valuable experience! !

  • 5.0
Participation date: October 2017
Glasswork and glass workshop
Reply comments from operators

Thank you for comment.
I think that I was nervous because I was working in a special environment that I never encountered in my daily life.
I hope you enjoy the full moon while enjoying the moon with the glass you made by yourself.
Also, if there is a chance, thank you. .

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Starting time
Participating ageAge 6~
Time required Within one hour
Assemble point Watch on GoogleMap