[Chiba Katsuura] Tsuriageyo the big game, such as yellowtail and sea bream! Boat fishing experience to go with cruiser

[Chiba Katsuura] Tsuriageyo the big game, such as yellowtail and sea bream! Boat fishing experience to go with cruiser

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Provided by:​ ​​ ​With‐Ocean(ウィズオーシャン)

Price list

8,640Yen ~ (tax included)

Fee per adult
Chiba / Katsuura/Kamogawa
マリンスポーツ・レジャー / sea fishing
  • Empty-handed
  • Pick-up available
  • Solo participant​ ​
  • Charter Allowed
  • Children admitted

Plan description

It is a plan that you can enjoy authentic fishing easily.
Fishing boat beginners are also welcome! I can spend a pleasant time with my family and couples.

If you are a beginner, the staff will give you guidance carefully.
If you do not have tools you can rent. Do not worry because we will prepare here for gimmicks and baits.
You can feel free to join us by hand.

Set sail in the cruiser! Quirky boat fishing experience

You sail a luxury cruiser from Katsuura Port. Refreshingly while off the wind, move up to the point.

Equipment rental also available feel free to can participate

Fishing rod and reel separately fee Fri There is a rental at. Bait is free.
Also we will prepare for the first time for gimmicks free of charge. Even those who say that you do not have fishing, do not have tools, feel free to join.
Staff will follow up all the time so beginners and children can join.

Cruiser charter possible. Fishing tournament in private!

You can rent a cruiser for more 5 First name .
Because it is a private tour you can enjoy fishing exactly without worrying about the surroundings.
For charter, you can leave in morning and afternoon at the desired time.
You can schedule according to the schedule.


Minimum number of people 2 people
Number of participants accepted 1 to 12 people
Schedule March to December
Start time ● In case of riding
May - September
Morning flight: 6:00 PM afternoon: 13: 00
Oct. - Dec. , 4 Mon to 5 Mon
Morning flight: 6:30 pm flight: 12: 00
※ Mon to Mon are canceled

● In the case of using a charter plan (charter), departure time can be changed according to customer's convenience / request.
Assemble point Katsuura Marin Harbor
Yubinbango299-5233 Chiba Prefecture Katsuura Hamakatsuura Chisaki
Reservation deadline 2 days before

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items There is no particular designation, but thank you in easy to move clothes.
Please bring a cooler box and Styrofoam to put the fish.
About rental items Gomoku fishing fishing rod reel is available for rent.
Please contact us for more details.

Facility information

Changing room Restroom shower
Parking Lot Locker

Access and map


〒299-5233 千葉県勝浦市浜勝浦地先

How to reach by car

Aqua Line KenHisashimichi "Tsurumai IC" ⇒ about 35 minutes Route 297
- Keiyo road ⇒ Michi Tateyama "Ichihara IC" ⇒ National Highway 297 No. about 1 hour
- Kujukuri coast "surfing toll road" end point ⇒ National Highway 128 No. about 1 hour
Free parking available

How to reach by train

Take the JR Sotobo-Express "Wakashio" from Tokyo Station, get off at Katsuura Station.
※ Arriving by train is a possible pick-up of between JR Katsuura Station ⇔ Katsuura Marin Harbor.
Please let us know in advance to the arrival time when you use.


In the case of a bus, there is a stand in front of the "Hokkaido Bussan shop" on the Yaesu side of Tokyo.
※ People coming by bus can transfer between JR Katsuura Station ⇔ Katsuura Marine Harbor.
Please let us know in advance to the arrival time when you use.


Basic charge

Adult per person 8,640yen 13 years old -
Child per person 8,640yen To 12-year-old (not recommended because ※ 1 ~ 2-year-old children there is a possibility that the protection bidder will not play)
Adult Children Charter (up to 5 people) / pair 64,800yen (Children of 1 to 2 years old are not recommended because parents may not be able to play)

Option fee

Charter one person increase per / person 8,640yen Not recommended because the 1-year-old ~ ※ 1 ~ 2-year-old children there is a possibility that the protection bidder will not play.
Gomoku fishing fishing rod reel / pair 648yen
The second and subsequent times gimmick / time 200yen Is about 200 to 600 yen by the gimmick.

※Above prices include all taxes.
※ This is a basic fee.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the date.

Included in price Cruiser embarkation fee, Esadai, first gimmick fee
Not included in the price Consumption tax, fishing rod, reel rental fee, the second and subsequent gimmick bill, cooler boxes and Styrofoam


About payment / cancellation

About payment Please pay in cash on the spot.
※ Advance credit card payment accepted.
Payment method The ways assigned by operators.
Indication on Specified Commercial Transactions Law Indication on Specified Commercial Transactions Law
About cancellation fee When there is a cancellation or change, please contact us by phone as soon as possible.
Cancellation by the convenience of the customer is a cancellation fee of the following will occur.

7 Sun before: fee Fri 30% of the
The day before: 50% of the fee
On the day: 100% of the fee
Cancellation by operators. This Sun due to weather there is the case that the tour is not held (cancellation fee does not occur)

Please note that you can not respond to compensation, such as travel expenses also been canceled since it was arrived at the meeting place.


Matters require attention Restrictions on age is not, but you can anyone join us, in the case of a Child children of 1-2 years of age, you might not play is a parent or guardian.
Pet boarding is not possible.

Q & A on this plan


Everyone's experiences

Sorry for the inconvenience !!

I took him on a surprise at a friend 's birthday, but I could not fish from the beginning to the end despite having two people drunk of drunkenness. The ship's officials were very kind and noticed that they spent all their time doing nothing complaining about their sleeping but fishing for a fish full of cooler boxes instead of us as they went to sleep!
I was surprised by the two people since I came home, but I caught 42 Isaki too! I enjoyed cooking and undertaking treatment. I really wanted them to take a boat of sea men who were really very gentle and learned a good lesson. Thank you very much!

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Join date: December 2017
sea fishing
Reply comments from operators

Thank you for your attentive comments.

The birthday surprise of the corner also has a little wave on the day,
It was disappointing that I got seasick by rolling. · ·

I do not want trauma of seasickness, so next time I will have a calm
Please come to the revenge at the time.
I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Thank you for your hard work. .


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  • 初挑戦
I had a very good time.

I am blessed with the weather, I can catch lots of luxury fish Shimaji
It was a really wonderful experience.
After returning home, I was able to enjoy it with various recipes for 3 days.
The captains are also very kind, with fishing as well as advice on how to eat as well, thank you
It was. Also I will definitely participate soon! !

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Participation date: October 2017
sea fishing
Reply comments from operators

Thank you very much for your boarding.
There were a few waves at the point of Shimaji, it was hard to fish!
I was saved by the activities of both of you. .

I am waiting for another boat. .

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Starting time 06:00 06:30 12:00 13:00
Participating ageAge 1​ ​
Time required 5-6 hours
ScheduleMarch to December
Assemble point Watch on GoogleMap