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-A land of ties, a country of myths, Shimane-If you come to tie a tie from a distant place, I would like to interact with the locals! TRIP SPICE is a cycling guided tour that introduces such travelers to such travelers and connects them with the local community.

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Private time limited to one group

It is a private tour for up to 3 people, one group at a time. The hero is yourself traveling! Let's spend one page of your own trip together, which is not listed anywhere!

Introducing a wide range of spots from sightseeing spots to local spots

We value the originality of our guests, and although we have basic courses, we welcome detours. From popular spots to minor back alleys, let's run through various places and enjoy town play!

Electric bicycle that integrates with the city Daytona

TRIP SPICE uses the electric bicycle Daytona, which is suitable for both city riding and active use. It has an appearance that makes you want to take a picture and a small but assisted ride, and the ride quality is outstanding!

TRIP SPICE staff introduction

  • Shogo Ehara(エハラショウゴ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Cycling guide

    He loves bicycles and is involved in local cycling business, from personal guides to leading group rides. On holidays, I travel by bicycle, and I travel around the country on my low bike. Matsue is a tourist destination and Matsue is an area that has lived as a castle town. It is a tour where you can enjoy both. Let's enjoy cycling in the city unique to Matsue, which is not listed in the guidebook together!

Information on TRIP SPICE

Insurance information Sompo Japan Nipponkowa Accident Insurance
Number of instructors 1persons
Selling points regarding safety In case of injury, we have accident insurance.

TRIP SPICE access - operating hours

5 Suetsugucho, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture
Operating hours 9: 30-19: 00
Regular holidays Weekdays

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