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-Shimane, the land of connections, the land of myths-If you come all the way from far away to make a connection, you want to interact with the locals! TRIP SPICE is a cycling service that introduces the locals to such travelers and connects travelers with the region.

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Electric bicycle that integrates with the city Daytona

TRIP SPICE uses the electric bicycle Daytona, which is suitable for both city riding and active use. It has an appearance that makes you want to take a picture and a small but assisted ride, and the ride quality is outstanding!

It is possible to drive from casual sightseeing in Matsue to Izumo Taisha.

The electric assist battery is a spec that can run about 50 km. In addition to Matsue sightseeing, there are many examples of going to Izumo Taisha and Sakaiminato. The staff also completed the race with sufficient battery remaining, and the route at that time is published on the official website.

Private time for one group of guides

The cycling guide is a private tour with a maximum of 4 people, one group at a time. We value the originality of our guests and welcome detours during our basic course. The main character is yourself traveling! Let's spend one page of your own journey together, which is not listed anywhere!

Information on TRIP SPICE

Insurance information Sompo Japan Nipponkowa Accident Insurance
Member organizations and associations Matsue Tourism Association
Number of instructors 1persons
Selling points regarding safety In case of injury, we have accident insurance.

TRIP SPICE - operating hours

5 Suetsugucho, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture
Operating hours 9: 30-18: 00
Regular holidays Weekdays

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