RED&BLUE のギャラリー
RED&BLUE のギャラリー
RED&BLUE のギャラリー
RED&BLUE のギャラリー
RED&BLUE のギャラリー
RED&BLUE のギャラリー


RED&BLUE features

My name is Sakaguchi from THE DAY, which is developing SUP tours "RED & BLUE", accommodation, meals "Minshuku Nihonkai", and "Umi no Ie RED & BLUE" in Hamamasu, Ishikari City, Hokkaido. I hope we can get involved in your memories of Hokkaido as much as possible.

RED&BLUE handling plan list

RED&BLUE comments・reviews

RED&BLUE recommended points

Moderate countryside

It is a 90-minute drive from Sapporo, which is a good distance for a drive, and Route 231 is a very scenic drive course that runs along the sea. Although Hamamasu is located in such a place, it is a very natural place surrounded by the sea and mountains.

Moderately small

There are so many places to play in the sea, mountains, rivers and nature fields, but there are hot springs, campsites, orchards, guest houses, fishmongers, BBQ ... "Eat, sleep, play" can be completed only in this area.

High repeat rate

You will never get bored because it is a natural partner. You won't see the same scenery twice!

RED&BLUE staff introduction

  • Tomonori Sakaguchi(サカグチ トモノリ) Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:SUP / surfing / 5 years / 20 years

    I love playing in the sea. We will carry out the tour safely.

Information on RED&BLUE

Number of staff 3persons
Number of instructors 2persons
Selling points regarding safety We have been conducting safety awareness activities at sea for about 20 years.

RED&BLUE access - operating hours

70-4 Downstream, Hamamasuku-ku, Ishikari-shi, Hokkaido (Minshuku in the Sea of Japan)
Operating hours Open: June-End of September Business Hours 8: 00-17: 00 (Closed in winter)
Regular holidays No scheduled holidays
Remarks We also operate our own accommodations and seaside houses only in the summer.

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