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Wakayama Prefecture x Activity Japan LINE & Real Mystery Solving Game Wakayama Prefecture x Activity Japan LINE & Real Mystery Solving Game

We will approach the strategy to find Wakapan, which will be unfolded in the activities that represent Wakayama!
Decode the many mysteries that appear and find Wakapan safely!

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[Let's find Wakapan by following the mystery given on LINE! ]

Find Wakapan! Edition

[What is the “legendary fruit” that Wakapan was chasing? Get to the bottom of it! ]

EX (Complete) Edition
Period // 2022.9.16(Fri)-2023.1.31(Tue) Period // 2022.9.16(Fri)-2023.1.31(Tue)
This is a game that solves the mystery set using LINE anytime, anywhere, and finds Wakapan,
In order to actually find the "legendary fruit", it is two game events that go to the site and complete everything.

LINE Official Account
"Wakapan - Mystery Solving Game Underway -"
Add friends and challenge 4 riddles.
solve all mysteries,
Let's go on a trip to Wakayama to meet the "legendary fruit" that will appear in the future.

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Speaking of Wakayama Prefecture, it is popular to experience activities where you can play to your heart's content using the richness of nature.
"Sky" paragliding, "sea" diving, "mountain" trekking, "river" canoeing and much more.
"Wakapan" is active every day as a symbolic character for tourism in Wakayama.
The "wakapan" suddenly disappeared.

Message from Wakapan

It's hard!
It's been a week since Wakapan disappeared
I have to find it quickly, I need your help! Leave it to me! !


Wakayama tourism PR symbol character "Wakapan"

  • Birthplace: Wakayama Prefecture
  • sex : ???
  • Birthday: August 23rd
  • Favorite food: Fruits from Wakayama
  • Special Skill: Dance
how to play

What is LINE & Real Mystery Solving Game?

"Wakapan-mystery-solving game being held-"
For those who have registered for a LINE friend account, solve the many mysteries set in the account,
Please find Wakapan safely. - Find Wakapan!

In addition, challenge a mystery that cannot be solved unless you actually go to Wakayama (local)
-EX (Completion) Edition- A guide to appears.
This is an experiential game event where you use LINE to solve mysteries and advance the story.

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[A mystery-solving game that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, only on LINE]

Find Wakapan! Hen
  • Register for a LINE friend account

    LINE friends
    register for an account

    Add friend

  • Solve 4 mysteries

    four mysteries

    If you really don't know
    Tips there is too!

  • Chance to get discount coupons

    discount coupon
    chance to get

    Wakayama activity Get a discount coupon on a first-come, first-served basis!

  • Guide to the EX (Complete) Edition Challenge

    EX (Complete) Edition
    Challenge guide

    We will guide you through the mystery questions that can only be solved when you come to Wakayama!
    First of all, let's go to Wakayama to experience activities!

The discount coupon code will be distributed to everyone who has cleared the 4th mystery.
Limited to the first 200 people , you can receive discounts on activity experiences in Wakayama Prefecture.
Please use it as soon as possible!

* The first 200 people will be in order of use of the discount coupon.
If the number of users reaches the capacity, we will stop using the discount coupon without notice. Please note.

[This is a puzzle-solving game that you can visit and continue to enjoy by visiting two designated locations. ]

EX (Complete) Edition
  • Head to the first mysterious designated location (Roadside Station)

    First mysterious designated location
    Head to (Roadside Station)

    The location of the roadside station Link destination Choose one place from

  • Enter Keyword

    the keyword

    The first mystery appears when you enter the keyword listed on the leaflet installed at the roadside station.

  • Solve the mystery and check the last mystery designated place

    Solve the mystery and the last mystery
    Confirm the designated place

    Please choose a convenient place from the roadside station where you are now.

  • Head to the last mystery installation location (SA/PA/facility)

    Last mystery location
    Go to (SA/PA/Facilities)

    The last mysterious installation location is Link destination Choose one place from

  • Enter Keyword

    the keyword

    設置のチラシに記載されたEnter Keywordすると最後の謎が出現。

  • Apply for the Completion W Chance Award

    Apply for the W Chance Award

    Clear all, lottery Luxury prize Let's participate in the application to win!

Promise from Wakapan

Last promise!

For the sake of your friends, please refrain from posting questions, answers, or handouts on social media.

Click here for prizes
  • "Find Wakapan! Edition" can be challenged without going to the site.
  • If you clear "Find Wakapan! Edition", the first 200 people will receive a "500 yen discount coupon that can be used for Wakayama Prefecture activity experience reservations".
  • "EX (Complete) Edition" is a game that cannot be solved unless you go to the site.
  • In the "EX (complete) edition", find Wakapan! You can't play unless you clear the hen.
  • There are two riddles in total in the "EX (complete) edition". of the link Installation location list Please choose in advance from and complete all the riddles by visiting a total of 2 locations.
  • The first mystery of "EX (complete) edition" starts with "designated roadside station".
    In the "designated service area (SA), parking area (PA) and facilities" where the last riddle is set, you can not solve it unless you solve the riddle of the question at the roadside station.
  • All the riddles at the "designated roadside station" are the same, so please choose the roadside station that is most convenient for you. The same is true for the last mystery question, "Designated SA/PA and facilities."
  • Be sure to start with the riddles set at the first "roadside station", move to the second "designated SA / PA and facilities" and solve them in order.
  • "Mystery 1: Keyword" written on the leaflets installed at "roadside stations" and "designated SA/PA and facilities"
    By entering "mystery 2: keyword" in LINE, the riddle will be displayed.
  • Transportation expenses along the way and LINE communication expenses will be borne by the customer. Please note.
  • Some of the designated facilities require a fee.
For customers who participate for the first time at the local "designated roadside station" and "designated SA/PA and facilities"
  • You can enjoy the mystery solving game from the beginning even on site. After checking the special site from the QR code posted on the installed flyer,
    You can enjoy it by registering with the LINE friend account of "Wakapan-Mystery Solving Game Underway-".
    First, challenge "Find Wakapan! Edition" and then proceed to "EX (Complete) Edition". The "keyword" on the flyer is required when playing "EX (complete)".
  • In the "EX (Complete) Edition", you can't solve it unless you first solve the mystery of the question at "Designated Roadside Station", so first register for "Designated SA / PA and Facility" Sorry to trouble you,
    Make a note of the "keyword" posted on the leaflet that was installed, and use the link " Installation location list ” to the nearest “Roadside Station” and clear the mystery at the “Roadside Station” first.
About gifts
Find Wakapan! Presents to the first 200 people who have cleared the chapter!

Activity Japan
Wakayama activity experience reservation 500 yen discount coupon that can be used for

500 yen discount coupon
EX (Complete) Edition Clear the 2nd question (lottery) as a gift!
Choose your favorite award and apply! !
Prize A

outdoor goods
Equivalent to 50,000 yen


The photograph is an image

1 person

Prize B

Glamping accommodation voucher
Equivalent to 30,000 yen

glamping facility

The photograph is an image

2 persons

Prize C

Camp facility accommodation ticket (with activity)
Equivalent to 10,000 yen

Camp facility

The photograph is an image

4 people

Prize D

Premium Wakayama products
Equivalent to 10,000 yen

Camp facility

The photograph is an image

2 persons

  • The application screen will be displayed in LINE after clearing the game of "EX (Complete)".
  • The announcement of the winner will be replaced by the shipping of the prize.
  • Please cooperate with mobile phone usage etiquette.
  • The event may be changed or canceled depending on the situation of coronavirus infection.
  • For the sake of the customers who will be enjoying the game, please refrain from posting questions, answers, or handouts on social media.
  • Handling of personal information
    Personal information provided by customers through the application will not be used for purposes other than the operation of this present.
  • Wakayama Mystery Solving Event Secretariat
  • Organizer: Wakayama Prefecture / Activity Japan Co., Ltd. Production: Secure Graph Co., Ltd.
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