Charm of Shiretoko Five Lakes and Recommended Guided Tour

Charm of Shiretoko Five Lakes and Recommended Guided Tour

"Shiretoko Five Lakes" teeth One of the Shiretoko Hakkei .
A Unique Ecosystem Comes to Life Shiretoko teeth, world Natural Heritage Site It is also a registered tourist spot.

If you want to take a stroll, Two routes you should know When, Notes and manners there is.

In this article Charm of Shiretoko Five Lakes and Recommended Guided Tour Introducing.
Shiretoko Five Lakes If you want to visit, please refer to it.

What are the Shiretoko Five Lakes?

夏of快晴ofShiretoko Five Lakes

Shiretoko Five Lakes teeth, Generic term for five lakes in Shari Town, Hokkaido is.

Five lakes surrounded by virgin forest, one lake , two lakes , three lakes , four lakes , five lakes and each has a name, Registered as a World Natural Heritage Site It has been.

The Shiretoko Goko Lakes, where nature remains untouched, has been rebuilt by local forestry officials with elevated wooden paths and promenades. Barrier-free By being Feel free to enjoy a stroll .

The fantastic scenery that becomes a picture no matter where you cut it, Shiretoko of popular spot As such, it attracts many tourists every year.

Position & Location


Shiretoko Five Lakes teeth Hokkaido eastern part of Eastern Hokkaido located in In Shiretoko National Park is in

The magnificent scenery of the Shiretoko Goko Lakes, formed by the volcanic activity of Mt.
Superb views of the Shiretoko mountain range and the Sea of Okhotsk can also be viewed.

Within the park grounds "Shiretoko Goko Lakes Field House" When "Shiretoko Goko Park Service Center" There are two buildings, and in addition to the procedures for walking, there is also a rest area and a sales space for souvenirs, light meals, etc. It is also recommended to stop by for a meal before walking around. you know.

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features and charm

Shiretoko Five Lakesに生息するエゾシカ

The Shiretoko Goko Lakes are surrounded by virgin forests and you can enjoy the great outdoors. Scenic spots in Shiretoko is also popular.

Around the Shiretoko Five Lakes, Many wild animals such as Ezo squirrels, Yezo deer and brown bears It is also the place where we live.

The mysterious and beautiful virgin forest reflected on the surface of the water, the spectacular view of the mountains, etc. The energy of nature that releases the feeling of daily blockage you will be able to feel

Recommended points and highlights for each season

autumnofShiretoko Five Lakes

Fantastic scenery that changes with the seasons You can also enjoy One of the attractions of Shiretoko Goko is.

From early May to mid-June, white petals are characteristic. Skunk cabbage is blooming, and if it is until about the end of June, Tachitsubo Violet and Ezo Corrida You can also enjoy the carefree flowers such as.

autumn It is the season of beautiful autumn leaves. Luxurious scenery with beautiful reddish golden mountains can enjoy

Tips and Manners for Sightseeing at Shiretoko Five Lakes

Tips and Manners for Sightseeing at Shiretoko Five Lakes

Shiretoko Five Lakes When visiting the following Observe precautions and manners .

  • take the trash home
  • do not eat or cook
  • do not pick plants
  • Do not feed or approach wild animals
  • don't smoke
  • Do not walk with pets
  • do not bring other plants
  • don't fly drone
  • Do not walk off the sidewalk or take a break (to avoid trampling the wetlands and vegetation)

Eating is prohibited outside of designated areas such as the Shiretoko Goko Park Service Center.
Food odors may attract brown bears Therefore, when taking a walk Put candy and gum in a sealed plastic bag keep it.

You can drink water and tea on the promenade, Drinks containing sugar such as sports drinks are prohibited in principle. It has been.

Breaking the rules may be punished under the Natural Parks Act. In order to walk safely without disturbing the wild animals, please observe manners and have fun.

Recommended guided tour around the Shiretoko Five Lakes

Shiretoko TouristofShiretokoガイドツアーを楽しむ人々

If you want to enjoy the Shiretoko Goko Lakes deeply Joining a tour is recommended .

If you're on a tour with a guide who knows the area, you might miss it Yezo deer footprints and brown bear claw marks , various local attractions A lot of benefits to teach me.

According to your physical strength 2–3 hours , 3–4 hours , 6+ hours Whenコースを選べるため, Participation with children But don't worry.

Wild flowers, dynamic virgin forests, etc. Shiretoko Let's enjoy a thrilling stroll while enjoying the great outdoors.

[Hokkaido/Shiretoko] 3 hours around the World Natural Heritage Core Zone Shiretoko Five Lakes! Morning trekking with guide (up to 10 people)

Shiretoko Nature Guide Starhours
5,000 Yen~ (tax included)

This is a trekking that goes around the Shiretoko Five Lakes, which are designated as a special protection area of Shiretoko National Park, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Area, including the elevated wooden path. Japan's first epoch-making forest adventure experience guided by a registered leader with a license in the area where brown bears live. Not only the lake, but also Ezo deer, red foxes, wild birds, alpine plants, autumn leaves, etc.

[Shiretoko Five Lakes] Starts at 9:00: Shiretoko Five Lakes Guided Tour - Certified guides will show you around all five lakes!

Shiretoko Tourist
5,300 Yen~ (tax included)

A nature guide will guide you deep into the pristine nature of Shiretoko. By taking a walk with a nature guide, you can approach the core of the world heritage Shiretoko, the mechanism of nature that you have never noticed before. Would you like to spend a luxurious time on a Shiretoko guided tour in the great outdoors? We rent binoculars free of charge to everyone on our guided tour. binoculars

[Hokkaido Shiretoko] Enjoy the rich nature of Shiretoko! Shiretoko 1DAY Guided Tour

Okhotsk Jinendo
10,000 Yen~ (tax included)

Summer in Hokkaido is something that everyone wants to visit at least once. We will guide you through "Okhotsk", which is rich in nature even in Hokkaido, for a leisurely day. The theme of the Shiretoko area is "to fully enjoy nature". In the morning, a guided walk around the Shiretoko Goko Lakes takes you through the representative fields of Shiretoko. We will pick you up at a restaurant in Utoro for lunch. The remaining half day is trekking in the primeval forest. Walking on the animal trail and cliffs

[Hokkaido/Shiretoko] Experience the world of animals by walking on the path of animals!

Shiretoko Tourist
13,000 Yen~ (tax included)

Shiretoko is a peninsula surrounded by the sea. Take a walk in a wonderful environment where you can feel the nature created by the mountains and the sea. Afternoon walks in the virgin forest will take you on a private tour through nature that is rarely seen by people. This tour is recommended for those who do not want to walk in the same places as other guided tours, and who want to explore a special place that is different from other people. Depending on the season, through the trees and plants as tall as you are

Shiretoko Five Lakes and Kamuiwakka Hot Falls Tour

Shiretoko guide Rise
12,000 Yen~ (tax included)

Shiretoko's No. 1 Scenic Spot After going around the Shiretoko Five Lakes, which are surrounded by virgin forest and dotted with five small lakes, it is a tour that goes around Kamuiwakka Yu Falls, which is famous for its hot spring water. At Kamuiwakka River Yunotaki, walk in the river to reach 4 waterfalls. It is no longer possible to enter the river freely from this year. Apply in advance and take lectures, helmets, mountain stream shoes

Shiretoko Five Lakes
Address: Iwaubetsu, Onnebetsu Village, Shari Town, Hokkaido
Access: About 1 hour and 25 minutes by bus from JR Senmo Main Line Shiretoko-Shari Station (Shari Bus Terminal)

Strolling around the Shiretoko Five Lakes / Two Ways to Walk

For walking around the Shiretoko Five Lakes "elevated boardwalk" When "Ground Walkway" There are two routes for

next Features of the two routes And so on. Please use it as a reference for walking around the Shiretoko Five Lakes.

Elevated wooden path

Shiretoko Five Lakesに行く途中にあるElevated wooden path

The total length of the elevated boardwalk is about 800m can be, Only one of the Shiretoko Five Lakes You can go

The elevated wooden path with an electric fence installed as a countermeasure against brown bears is barrier-free, so Wheelchair and stroller accessible is.

The round trip distance is 1.6 km, and it takes about 40 minutes. 2 observation terraces there is Shiretoko mountain range and Sea of Okhotsk You can enjoy each scenery.

Although it will be only one lake, People who want to enjoy the Shiretoko Goko Lakes casually, such as those with small children and those who are not confident in their physical strength It is a recommended course for

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