Let's play in Gifu

Leisure, playing in the river, food culture, Hand-making, playing a lot and taking a break
Leisure, playing in the river,
Food culture, Hand-making,
Play a lot
Let's take a break
Gifu map

Rediscovering the charm of Gifu! !

Gifu Prefecture has so many rivers that it is rich in nature and is known as the “Clear Country”. There are plenty of water Activity such as thrilling Rafting and idyllic sap. Let's have a "relief" by having fun playing in a stress-free nature. In addition, there are many experiences unique to Gifu Prefecture, such as a guided tour of the old streets of Hida and a Mino ware experience!

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With a "new lifestyle"
Let's enjoy going out!

At each facility, "Instructors and participants should have sufficient distance"Thorough hand washing and disinfection"Thorough disinfection of equipment We are working on infection prevention measures such as ".
When you go out, Wearing a mask"Hand washing practices"Avoid going out when you feel unwell Let's enjoy going out while taking measures against infection that each person can do.

Other infection control measures when going out "Picture of a new travel Ticket." Please refer to the.


Recommendation of Gifu experience

A clear river and serious river play!


[Gifu] canyoning-half-day course (am / pm)

8,000yen~(tax included)

This plan is a plan that can select canyoning from morning course or afternoon course. The person who wants to play firmly from the afternoon is a morning course. Leisurely in the morning, slowly the collectors choose the afternoon course!


Nagara river Rafting afternoon half-day experience! A profitable plan that includes photo data charges! ! Course for junior high school students and more

3,800yen~(tax included)

Gifu Prefecture In "Nogara River" located in Nagara River, you can experience Rafting, where you can taste the excitement of thrilling fullness. Recently Sun books are also gaining popularity Rafting seven to eight people seems to be a seemingly ordinary leisure sports like going down a river with a large rubber boat, but overflowing the river beyond torrents and rapids It is an active sports that you can taste the thrills and exhilaration to challenge the flow of a fierce river. For Rafting, please wear a dedicated life jacket, helmet, wet suit, wet jacket and specialized staff so that you can enjoy Rafting safely and fun. Also, at the play shop, not only Rafting but also facilities such as Hot spring facilities and restaurants & barbecues are also substantial, and we have a restaurant and a rest room so that we heal tired body It is also recommended. The play shop is a popular facility because of the achievement of Year, repeaters as well as many tours. If you are interested in "Rafting" or "I would like to try it" please visit Gifu prefecture Nagara river play house Rafting!

Manufacturing experience

Sample shop in the mountains

[Gifu / Shirotori] Let's make a delicious food sample! "Tissue case decoration" food sump

1,500yen~(tax included)

In the "sample shop in the mountains", now, you can experience the food samples making by the technique that uses a plastic resin sample craftsmen across the country are using. In our plan, we will decorate the tissue case Deco Suites. Travel time is about 1 hour.

Kakuyama made pot

[Gifu / Toki City] Beginners and small children can also enjoy! Electric potter's wheel experience Mino ware pottery

3,500yen~(tax included)

Nice to meet you, Kadoyama Ceramics. Founded in Meiji 16 Year we strive to make products that are painted by hand and painted by hand.

Guided tour to learn about life and history


[Gifu / Takayama] Hida Satoyama Cycling / 2 1/2 hours half plan! Private tour

8,100yen~(tax included)

Passing through the elegant old town of Hida Furukawa and slowly passing through the rural villages, you will see beautiful Satoyama gradually. In many places that can only be seen on this tour, there are cultures and cultures that people have inherited. It is a tour that does not appear in the guidebook and feel the beauty of everyday life.

Tourist rickshaw paradise sha

[Gifu Takayama] birthplace of tourism rickshaw! Elegance to over plan in the rickshaw the ancient capital alpine

4,000yen~(tax included)

Once flourished as a castle town, about a 15-minute ride the alpine to the old town has been also left now to the rickshaw, is a plan to guide. The street continuing the out grid, lined and sake brewery and traditional craft shops, has attracted people to the nostalgic atmosphere visit to the tourist. Such taste there a walk in town professional rickshaw pulling will guide while talking the history of alpine!

Gourmet experience

Road station Kurashira Sakae

[Gifu / Nakatsugawa] Handmade experience of local food "Gohei mochi" handed down from Tono in Gifu prefecture since ancient times! The fresh taste is exceptional!

3,300yen~(tax included)

Gohirai, Nagano Prefecture Kiso, Ina Region From Gifu Local food that has long been passed on in Tono prefecture. In Nakatsugawa, smashed rice is made into a dumpling, and 3 balls are pierced in bamboo chopsticks and baked. Characteristics of walnuts, sesame seeds, and soy sauce will make you appetite.

Sato farm

【Gifu · Ena】 Unlimited time · All you can eat! Blueberry hunting experience

Service out of period

Unlimited time! all-you-can-eat! Eating and drinking free! Nagoya For children with adult My mind! Nagoya It takes about one hour and 15 minutes. "Sato Farm" is a popular blueberry farm with a homely feeling at the foot of the Sakaori Tanada, one of Japan's 100 Tanada selections.

I want to enjoy it together!

Sightseeing spot introduction

Traditional fishing that takes people to a fantastic world over time

In the darkness of jet black, the bonfire that burns brightly is projected on the surface of the river, and the classic fishing method "Ukai" that the cormorant and the cormorant unfold together invites you to a mysterious world that seems to have slipped back in time to the ancient times of Chiko.

Enjoy the famous waterfall of Takako story and rich nature
Yoro Park

In addition to the famous waterfall "Yoro Waterfall" where the story of Takako is told, there are also facilities such as the experience-based art facility "Site of Reversible Destiny Yoro" and "Children's Country" with playground equipment, and it is a Year adult and children. You can enjoy through.

A clear stream gourmet where you can enjoy various tastes depending on the season

From the standard "Shio-yaki" to "Ayu's cooked rice" and "Ayu's tempura", you can enjoy fresh ayu dishes at a facility called "Yana" near the river from summer to autumn.

Enjoy learning while interacting with nature
Clear stream Nagara River Ayu Park

While interacting with the nature in the park, you can Fishing experience such as Ayu's friend fishing, catching and playing in the river.

Aerial athletic and refreshing!
Gifu Seiryu Satoyama Park

It is a park that can be enjoyed by the whole family, such as the experience-based adventure facility "PANZA Gifu Seiryu Satoyama Park" and various Satoyama experiences.

Soul food loved by the locals
Chicken (Kei)

"Kori-chan" is a local flavor loved by Gujo City and Gero City for a long time. This is a gem that you can grill chicken with soy sauce and miso-based sauce on a hot iron plate together with cabbage.

A classic spot in Hida Takayama!
Old town

The center of the castle town, the upper town that developed as a merchant town, and the three streets of the downtown area are collectively called the "old townscape." The town is lined with candy shops, traditional craft shops, and the famous "Mitarashi Dango" shop.

A Hot spring area that is said to have the largest number of open-air baths in Japan
Okuhida Hot spring Township

Five Hot spring resorts gathered at the western foot of the Northern Alps, where 3000m-class mountains are lined up. Not only is there abundant amount of hot water and good quality of the spring, but you can also enjoy the superb outdoor bath surrounded by nature.

Gifu The prefecture is proud of Japan
Hida beef

Only high-quality meat that meets certain standards is recognized as "Hida beef", and its very soft, melting taste in the mouth is the definitive version of Gifu gourmet food that you must eat when you visit Gifu!

Elegant houses, stylish cobblestones. A truly nostalgic world
Magome inn

The “Nakasendo” that was maintained during the Edo period crosses Gifu prefecture from east to west, and is dotted with 17 post stations. At Magome-juku, you can enjoy a retro walk around the city.

2020 March renewal! Enjoy the beauty of the valley in each season

The lake created by the dam offers a spectacular view, especially during the fall foliage season. There is also a leisure land "Enakyo Wonderland" nearby.

Limited time only! Let's taste the taste of autumn that is inevitably sold out
Sweet chestnut paste

Gifu Prefecture is famous as the birthplace of "Kuri-kinton", and it is characterized by its modest sweetness so that you can fully enjoy the original taste of chestnuts. September to next Year Jan. will be sold in the Japanese sweets shop, such as a limited time until around.