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Yokohama cruise!
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Beautiful Yokohama and gantry cranes and huge boats, enjoy the power of buildings,
It is a cruise to experience the history full of romance since the arrival of the 1854 black ship.
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What is Yokohama Cruise?

Overview of Yokohama Cruise

Since we operate five flights per Sun , we can enjoy cruising freely. Feel free to join in with family and friends.
After passing through the Bay Bridge, Admiral Perry goes through the "Perry Point" which is said to have anchored at the arrival of the black ship, and as she plans to think about the possibilities of further development as a city, we will look at the beautiful scenery.

Photogeneric cruise that you can experience as it is in Yokohama

Red lighthouse, Yokohama harbor, red brick, Minato Mirai, etc. · · · introduce the best shot points unique to Yokohama Port from time to time! Please enjoy the scenery without SNS glory mistake certainly.

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Access to Yokohama Cruise

Location Xingang middle Yokohama District 1-1 destination peer red brick pier
How to reach by car Metropolitan Expressway Yokohane lines to Yokohama "Minato Mirai" or "Koen" get off.
Cross the Yokohama Bay Bridge, via the Bayshore Route "Minato Mirai" get off.
How to reach by train Yokohama About 10 minutes on foot from High Speed Rail Minatomirai Line Bashamichi Station or Nippon Odori Station

Other details / notes

About payment Payment in cash only.
Payment methods The payment method specified by the operator.
About cancellation If Nasaru the cancellation in the convenience of our customers, the day before in the business hours (10: 00-18: 00) please contact.
Regarding discontinuation If we have canceled the cruise due to the weather, etc., as a general rule, please change to another date.
Precautions for participating in the course ・ Even if it is rainy, basically we will operate as usual.
・ Group Sale Price (for 20 people more)
1,200 adults yen → 1,100 yen Junior high school student 800 yen → 700 yen Elementary school student 600 yen → 500 yen
Other notices ・ Please note that sales start / end time may be around due to reasons such as congestion.
※ For preschoolers adult One person free of charge per person. Primary school children's charge will occur from the second person.
・ There is a case of suspension due to reservations. Detailed schedule Contact us Please give me.