In 2018
New things
Let's start with

To the New Year, I want to start something new, but for those who think that there is something!
Activity We will introduce the experiences plan Japan recommends by theme.

It takes courage to start a new thing, I think that it is uneasy ~, but there is no need to suppress the feelings I want to do!
When you start, it is surprising that there are many things that are simple or addictive.

It is good to expand the range of new hobbies by the New Year. Do what you wanted to do once in a lifetime.
There is no thing that human beings can not do. Let's expand my world more!

I want to try it once! Flying experience

I wanted to do it forever, Paragliding and sky diving . I try to feel birds.
Nanki Shirahama Sky Diving Club

【Kansai · Wakayama · Skydiving】 ~ Time to be a bird ~ Tandem flight experience 【With video data! 】


When you were young, have you ever felt a wonder over the rainbow over the sky? Have not you turned your eyes on the elegant dancing birds? The great men have continued to challenge the sky that human beings without feathers have long admired. And now it is easy to move using aircraft. Please feel this unknown experience with this wonderful scenery from the sky with this white beach. In the tandem flight we will glide with the instructor. After learning such as posture to fly out and aerial attitude, after table training, I will move on to the flight experience.

Asagiri Kogen Paragliding School







沖縄の青いさんご礁の海を、パイロットと一緒に200m上空を遊覧いたします。砂浜からの離着陸なので、そのままの服装で参加OK!カメラを持って、上空からのお写真を撮影することもできます。最大3機同時飛行が可能なので、お一人さまからグループでの参加も大歓迎!老若男女楽しめるアクティビティーとして満足度120%! ★★沖縄の景色を空から撮影したオリジナルDVDをプレゼント!!★★ 【新型コロナ対策への取り組み】 ①スタッフの検温を毎日実施し、体調管理の徹底 ②除菌アルコールの設置 ③三密回避の徹底 ・ビーチでのアクティビティとなっておりますので、密室を避けた風通しの良い場所です。 ・密集/密接を避けるため、1時間の受け入れ可能人数を制限させていただきます。 ④参加者の事前の健康チェック ・当日お電話にて、参加者全員の体調を確認させていただきます。 ・現地にて、非接触型体温計での検温を行います。 ⑤貸出機材について ・1グループ毎に、貸出機材の消毒を行います。 ・レンタル品は廃止させていただきました。 ⑥施設利用制限 ・更衣室(トイレなど)の使用を禁止させていただきます。 (着替えや手洗いは事前にお済ませください。) ⑦マスク着用のお願い ・アクティビティーご参加中は、マスクの着用を必須とさせていただきます。 ・参加者は各自マスクをご持参ください。ご協力をお願いいたします。 ※以下のご症状がある方のご参加をお断りしております。 ・発熱(37.5度以上)や咳がある ・14日以内に、海外または感染多発地域への往来 ・新型コロナウィルスの感染者と濃厚な接触があった

Shonan Sky Sports School

[Kanagawa Shonan] power paraglider tandem flight experience (motor paraglider) Saturday, Sunday and public holidays the best deals! ! ]


tandem(Sightseeing flight You can enjoy the feeling of an amusement park by flying 2 people! Experience to feel free to fly Paragliding So let's enjoy another world. Weekday The flight time is 10 minutes and the flight time is 15 minutes on weekends and holidays, so you can experience great deals on weekends and holidays!

Kyoto air sports

[Shiga ・ Hikone Arakamisan]Hang gliding Experience (half-day course)


Hikone sightseeing also Sun You can enjoy three basic flights in the morning and afternoon in two parts. I am very impressed that I could easily fly alone for 2 hours! It is a system of surprise that can easily fly from elementary school students to elderly people!

レジャーガイド 遊び屋 富良野


レジャーガイド 遊び屋 富良野

白銀の大雪、十勝岳連峰、富良野盆地を一望する風まかせの空中散歩。 広大な雪原やミニチュアのような街並みを見下ろしながら、まるで自分も富良野の大自然の一部になったかのようなひとときをお過ごしください。




​初めて気球に乗ってみたい方にお勧めの熱気球体験です。組み立てから一緒に行い、仕組みや歴史の解説を聞いてから乗る熱気球は、感動がより一層大きいはず。午後も催行するので、朝に来れなくても安心。前泊オプションもあり、パイロットしか知らない贅沢な過ごし方へ案内します。 ウイニングバルーンクラブ熱気球体験コロナウイルス対策 1、パイロット、クルーはマスク着用で参加します。 2、参加者全員、手袋を着用を行います。 ​3、人が触れる部分は毎日消毒を行います。 【独自のGoToトラベルキャンペーン実施中!】 期間:5月9日~(無期限延長中!) 条件:期間中、貸切宿泊と体験をセットで予約いただいた方。10名まで。 ■SOLABASEを1棟貸切で宿泊可能!通常37000円が35%OFF! ■通常休日貸切150,000円⇒100,000円! ※宿泊予約は別途「」からご予約。「Gotoキャンペーン希望」とお伝えください。 ※先着となりますので、予約状況などでお引き受けできない場合もございます。

Get a license for a new hobby

Let's step through the new world by expanding the range of my hobbies such as diving and horseback riding.
N.O.P 登別オフロードパーク

【 Hokkaido · Noboribetsu】 One person ride Snowmobile experience (90 minutes free course)

N.O.P 登別オフロードパーク

You can enjoy the on-site courses in the snowmobile. Since there is also banana boat experience course you can enjoy enough you also to organizations group customers.

ホースファーム ポラリス

[Yamanashi Kobuchizawa] get in a short period of time! Riding license acquisition training camp

ホースファーム ポラリス

Public Interest Incorporated Team Japan National Riding Club Association for the Promotion of certified rider license (Class 5-quaternary) You can learn the license at the short-term to the goal. Of course, you can join any one person. Basic Kontorouru of the horse, of course, you can practice the care-stables cleaning, care-saddle with the horse. Application is up to 10 days before the scheduled date. Please arrange on their own staying. The nearby ranch there are a number of pension hotels, etc..

ダイビングショップリコモ(DivingShop likklemore)

【Kanagawa · Yokohama】 To the sea of ​​the world with diving license acquisition! BSAC Ocean Diver Course

ダイビングショップリコモ(DivingShop likklemore)
Special Deals

Diving If you want to be a lifetime hobby Getting licenses(C card) is recommended! With C card Diving It proves that you have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge, and it is a permanent qualification that does not require updating. After acquisition Diving In addition to being able to borrow the necessary equipment at the shop, For advanced level people Take part in a tour of the waters of up to 18m in the Diving You will be able to enjoy




From the handling of the equipment and the launch of the glider, I will instruct it until I can fly by myself. We aim to acquire licenses with a flight experience of more for at least 10 hours and takeoff and landing experience of more 20 times.


[Wakayama Kushimoto] diving C card Licensing course [Open Water Diver course]


C card Getting licenses of School We hold it at any time. Open Water Diver Course is being held! ! Open Water Course It will be a four-day course.

Transform to another myself! Photogenic experience.

Quality you can not usually do on your own. Let's become another person.
Classical Princess Japon (クラシカルプリンセスジャポン)


Classical Princess Japon (クラシカルプリンセスジャポン)

To celebrate your birthday, to present on Mother's Day, to a special women's party ... Classical Princess Japon Wrapped itself in a kimono bustle dress that pulled out the ones's commitment, Full of romanticism Yokohama How about a superb princess experience at a cultural property facility in We will transform you into a yearning lady with high-quality hair and makeup staff and photography staff who are familiar with hospitality. Dreamlike premium experiences and beautiful pictures like paintings are sure to be wonderful memories. ※ Participation with one person is limited to those who can put "all data purchase plan (80 cuts)". (Separate 23,760 yen)

サムライアーマーフォトスタジオ(Samurai Armor Photo Studio)


サムライアーマーフォトスタジオ(Samurai Armor Photo Studio)

In modern antiquities, crafts, the armor that have a historical documentary character. Even in comparison with the armor of the world is beautiful and rich colors. In Samurai Armor Photo Studio, you will enjoy taking pictures of the memorial with a set of the studio Have dressing in professional dressing nurses choose your favorite armor.

H&M's バーチャルタトゥースタジオ


H&M's バーチャルタトゥースタジオ

Synthesize / edit pictures designed by staff of 30 years history of tattoo artists in your photo taken in costumes! It is a plan that you can feel free to experience Virtual Tattoo. To commemorate Asakusa Travel! Actually putting tattoos has resistance. I want to take a little strange pictures! Recommended for such ♪

松江着物レンタル 堀川小町

【島根・松江】忍者衣装レンタルプラン!貸出しから17時まで着られる !大人用子供用あります!

松江着物レンタル 堀川小町

2016 Year Kimono in Matsue City, a new store opened in Rental The specialty store is only our shop. The store is located at the foot of Shiroyama Hori River, and nearby tourist attractions such as National Treasure Matsue Castle and Samurai Residence are very convenient for exploring the castle town Matsue. Transform into a ninja and go to Matsue Castle! May I meet a warrior or a ninja?

Touch the latest technology.

Now in the technology field Sun Progress. latest Activity Let's experience



A drone is basically a radio control machine. It is equipped with an autonomous stable flight and an automatic navigation system, and flies in the same way as a helicopter. Not long ago, it was called a multicopter or a hexacopter. After that, things like drone including airplane type came to be called "drone". Power turns a powerful motor with a battery. The PCU controls each motor speed to change the direction. We offer six courses for beginners to advanced students. 1. Drone Control Experience Period:No holidays Price: 4,320 yen 2. Drone Basic Course Period: It will be decided after the meeting. Price: 43,200 yen 3. Drone Application Course Duration: Determined based on the meeting. Price: 43,200 yen 4. Drone Pro Course 1 Period: It will be decided after the meeting. Price: 108,000 yen 5. Drone Pro Course 2 Period: Never. Price: 270,000 yen 6. Drone pesticide spraying course Period: Determined after the meeting. Price: 64,800 yen


【Tokyo · Ikebukuro】 ~ American NY flight ~ The world's first virtual air 【In-flight meal】 First class


Simulated experiences with flights from America to NY! In the country of freedom, try to touch the stylish atmosphere of the New Yorker! FIRST AIRLINES is the world's first virtual aviation facility where you can experience the experience of aviation and world travel while on the ground. In a flight of about 100 minutes, various Activity You can enjoy in-flight meals that the first-class chef elaborates to suit local cuisine while enjoying the five senses. Sun Leaving normal life, people can travel at any time. Vision, taste, sense of touch ... Please enjoy "the air travel on the ground" by high-quality stimulation and hospitality unique to aviation by all means. State-of-the-art VR (Virtual Reality) technology You can experience an immersive and surprising experience as if you were there. ● immersive take-off and landing scenes You can experience the experience of departure and arrival of boarding flights and the scenery of air travel with video content. You can also enjoy local attractions and attractions together. ● Exotic feeling to taste with sound You can experience the place by the production of sounds such as sounds that can experience the cityscape, music full of exoticism, realistic engine sounds, and wireless sounds.

I try experiencing training.

Let's face ourselves through training such as Mamoru and waterfall line.



Bring your body close to the fire of wisdom of the immovable king, and pray for fulfilling your wishes. It is said to be immobile in the sense that the bodhi is hard and has insatiable wisdom. The heart and body should be tightened if you get a burning fire. Homa training Then, you can go to the privately-owned Fudoin main hall in a special way. If you go up to God's boundary, you will feel natural and serious.

京都 金花山宝泉寺


京都 金花山宝泉寺

In "Kinhanayama Hosen-ji Temple", for those who want to pray for fulfillment by themselves, those who want to look at themselves again through Goma rowing, and those who want to experience the change of feeling they feel by training the row, You can experience Goma Line.




It is an eco-tour that is struck by "Dai Nichi-taki", which is associated with the Dainichi Nyorai that has gathered the most faith from the masters. This waterfall is located about 10 minutes up a steep mountain path off the promenade, so there are very few people who usually go there, and it is said to be a phantom waterfall. This waterfall without a waterfall can reach just below the waterfall. You can clean yourself and your mind by closing your eyes gently with a gently falling waterfall like silk thread. The fantastic space where only the waters falling from the waterfalls resonate is filled with negative ions, and the vivid forest trees deliver healing between the bunch.

コ・コ・ニ・シ・カ Office

【Hiroshima / Miyajima】"Tour of Aki" Experience Calligraphy and Kendo in Miyajima Misen Daihonzan Daisho-in (with lunch)

コ・コ・ニ・シ・カ Office

Let's experience a special time at Akishima's oldest temple, Daishoin. It is a plan to experience the practice of the kendo "two swords flow" of the founder of the calligraphy workshop by the calligrapher "Sakaguchi equator" of Miyajima sightseeing ambassador and Kano "Miyamoto Musashi". Both calligraphy and kendo are works that calm the mind and seek the truth. There is also a spirit of practice, etiquette and etiquette, and you can get in touch with traditional Japanese culture. ※ English interpreter will be attached.

There is still more challenge activity!
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