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Okinawa Naha's creation of sea creatures
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As a way to make memories of Okinawa trip, it is a large classic "Shisa making experience". Enjoy the marine activities at the sea of ​​the emerald green, sightseeing Shuri Castle and the Churaumi Aquarium and eat a full of Okinawa local gourmet, I absolutely recommend Shiza making experience that you can experience traditional culture ◎

Beginners welcome ♪ Of course you can hand-make Shisa easily from children to adults so it is perfect for handmade souvenirs as memories of Okinawa sightseeing ♪ Pick up shisa-making school and workshop with good access from Naha airport and international street I will ◎ Hi Sai! Okinawa! It's fun ~ ♪

What is Okinawa Traditional Shisa

What is the experience of shi saker making

It is famous as a traditional Okinawa figure, but most people do not know much about Shisa in the first place. Is that a dog? Cat? Or. . . Seisa has the meaning as an amulet that pays the evil spirit that brings disaster to the village by the name of "the image of legendary beast of Okinawa", and there seem to be many people putting on the entrance of the house and the roof.

Etymology is said to be pronounced "Okinawa Narami" "Shinha" meaning lion in lions and Sanskrit. However, there seems to be various theories in its origin, such as Seisa's theory of "dog". When it becomes, it is meaningful as "amulet" and the fluffy "beast figure of legend of Okinawa" is nice laugh

In a word, there seems to be various kinds even if it calls Shisa, it seems that whether it is a male or a female, or Shisa who opened her mouth invites Fuku and Shisa who closes her mouth does not put any disaster into the house. . . There are also differences depending on the area, and the material is also diverse in the present age, there seem to be various things such as stone and pottery, plaster and concrete.

Well I think that "Shisa" as making memories of Okinawa trip is more casual and best to feel familiar with feeling about "Okinawa's cute figurine protecting home from disaster!" d (¯)

Types of shi saker making experience

Types of shi saker making experience

There are plans and menus for each type of experience of making sea cars, from simple to authentic ones depending on the process. Activities Japan can make reservations with three kinds of "Seasar making" to make Shisa from scratch, "Painting experience" to paint pictures and colors to Shisa, "Accessory making" making Shisa a motif motif ♪ Please refer to it when making a reservation ◎

· Shisa making
I will make original sea creatures with clay. Shisa that I made is perfect for souvenirs as well as plans that you can take home on the spot ◎
· Painting experience
It is an experience of giving unexpected colors and patterns to Shisa of unglazed bread prepared at the shop. Recommended because it can be enjoyed even by a small child ◎
· Make accessories
I will make original accessories with Shisa as motif. ◎ I can wear as earrings and pierced earrings, straps and key holders ◎

Seasa making Recommended shop 3 selection

First we will introduce three seaser making classes / studio selections in the Naha area ◎ Since it is within walking distance from the international street and the first Makishima market, you can experience souvenirs and shopping and stop the car ♪ One of the walks in Naha Carefully selected shops that are perfect ◎

Okinawa Art experience Birafu -Okinawa Art experience Birafu
3-2-50 Makishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa Prefecture 900-0013
Access: 8-minute walk from Yui Rail's Mie-bashi, Makishi Station.
Recommended point!
30 seconds walk from the first Makishima market ♪ We can experience nine kinds of plans, including making seasers, making accessories and painting the glass ♪ Okinawa sweets and souvenirs are abundant shops ♪

Handmade experience workshop tee under -Handmade experience workshop tee under
〒900-0014 Okinawa Prefecture Naha-shi Matsuo 1-9-8-103
Access: 5 minutes on foot from the monorail prefectural prefectural station
Recommended point!
Only 10 seconds from the international street! It is a shop where you can experience shisa making and painting experience, accessories making using shells and natural stone etc ♪ fashionable shop smelling the winds of tropical country is atmosphere GOOD ◎

Naha City Traditional Crafts Centre -Naha City Traditional Crafts Centre
3-2-10 Makishi City, Okinawa Prefecture 900-0013 Okinawa Prefecture Topograph of Naha 2nd Floor
Access: Get off at Makishi Station (16 minutes from Naha Airport) 4 minutes on foot
Recommended point!
Good location in the middle of the international street! It is a shop that can make handmade experiences such as Ryukyu glass and Okinawa traditional Shuri weave made book cover, coasters, Ryukyu lacquerware etc. ♪

Seasa making popular plan introduction

Citizen making experience plan near Naha can make reservations from the lowest price 1,250 yen making casual accessories! Because the fee price of the sea-saw making experience made from full-fledged clay can be made easily in about 2,000 yen to 3,000 yen per person, Shisa is recommended from "buy" "♪" by far ♪

Okinawa Art experience Birafu


Plan ID: 12005Okinawa Art experience Birafu
1,250yen~(tax included)

Making was attached to Schiesser that can be easily at the required time of about 20 minutes accessories is experience plan. Once you have chosen the Schiesser of your favorite form freely with the color, and finish in the accessories. Because after the completion can bring back the day, also to directly return wearing OK. You can feel free to experience drop by between sightseeing.

Okinawa Art experience Birafu


Plan ID: 12000Okinawa Art experience Birafu
1,550yen~(tax included)

"I souvenir to Shisa of ornament you want, a little difficulty likely to make a full-scale" What is recommended for anyone who is the plaster Schiesser painting experience plan. Select the Schiesser of your favorite shape from one single type of different sea Sir to be workshop of staff have made, you can enjoy a picture with your favorite colors. The memories will be the memories of the trip even in the colorful Schiesser of the perfect tropical in Okinawa image.

Handmade experience workshop tee under

【Okinawa・Naha】 Shisa painting workshop at Kokusai Street

Plan ID: 12797Handmade experience workshop tee under
1,7281,700yen~(tax included)

In the Teeanda handmade workshop where has a good location that just 10 seconds on foot from Kokusai Street, we prepared a variety of handmade experience that anyone would join us easily even family, couple and someone with friends. This is a plan that use your imagination to paint a unglazed shisa.

Handmade experience workshop tee under

【Okinawa・Naha】 Shisa handcraft Workshop​ ​

Plan ID: 12798Handmade experience workshop tee under
2,300yen~(tax included)

In the Teeanda handmade workshop where has a good location that just 10 seconds on foot from Kokusai Street, we prepared a variety of handmade experience that anyone would join us easily even family, couple and someone with friends. This is a plan that you will form an original shisa (Okinawan lion statues, used as talisman against evil) out of clay.