【Kyoto Tourist Leisure Complete Guide Book】 Introduce recommended Japanese cultural experiences and popular Kyoto leisure thoroughly! Kyoto in this winter is sure to be Kore! !

In the city where winter is most suited, the ancient capital Kyoto

Kyoto is one of the biggest sightseeing spots that Japan boasts that will not endanger the popularity of visiting foreign tourists as well as domestic travel destinations. With Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple, Kinkakuji and Toji (Kauri-ji Temple) and other such cultural tourist attractions that are not to be missed, walking around quaint streets represented by Gion and riverbeds lining along the Kamogawa There are new discoveries even when visiting many times, such as Kyoto - kamogo 's Kyoto gourmet spot tours etc, and it is a town that is charming with never getting tired ◎

It is also popular as the city most suited to winter in the four seasons and it is counted as one of the top destinations recommended for cold seasons in the coming seasons among a number of sightseeing spots ◎ This time we can enjoy Japanese culture as such a leisure for Kyoto travel ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 Please leave it to ♪

1. Kimono rental

Kyoto leisure recommendation kimono rental

[Duration] All year (Yukata in summer)
[Experience fee] 1,080Yen (tax included) ~
[Popular guests] Couple / girls travel

THE PHOTOGENIC Kyoto Walking Tour!
First of all, it is a popular activity of Kyoto sightseeing popular activity No. 1 "Kimono rental" ♪ You can enjoy Kyoto sightseeing many times by walking in ancient city Kyoto in Japanese style ◎ Japanese sightseeing spots boasting SNS shining of instructors etc Please enjoy patchy photogenic Japanese culture experience (* ゚ ∀ ゚ *) Start walking on clothes at the beginning of the day! Recommended for couples dating or girls travel ♪

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Kyoto Kimono rental Rei

[Kyoto, Kiyomizu Temple kimono rental] couple discount plan! Trying to explore Kyoto Kimono ☆ kimono, yukata rental

プランID:13640Kyoto Kimono rental Rei
3,500yen2,800yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

Let's go out for sightseeing in Kyoto is a nice kimono couple! In this plan so that you wear a kimono in deals to your couple, available at the normal 20% OFF. Kimono or yukata staff what you look good on each customer will be coordinated. Since the dressing is ending in about 30 minutes, after which it can slowly tourism remains kimono until 19:00 of the return time. Because it contains a set of what you need in the dressing is in the rental price, you can visit us empty-handed. Hair set in the option, make-up, hair ornaments and accessories can be rented. Enjoy the Kyoto kimono in Kyoto memorial a couple.

Kyoto Kimono rental dream Museum

【Kyoto · Gojo】 Taking a kimono day with Kimono (with hair set included) 【Recommended for women】

プランID:14791Kyoto Kimono rental dream Museum
4,644yen~​ ​(tax included)

京都観光に来たならまずは、着物! 女子旅やカップルなど楽しさ倍増!!夢館なら写真映えの可愛い着物も豊富♪ 春は桜、夏は川床、秋は紅葉の名所など散策しながら憧れの京都で素敵な思い出を。

Rental Kimono Four Seasons Sakura

【Kyoto · Higashiyama Ward】 You can freely choose 6 points of kimono and kimono, obi, bandage, bags, sandals! Kimono rental (selection plan)

プランID:12772Rental Kimono Four Seasons Sakura
5,400yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is a plan that you can choose all 6 points of kimono and kimono, obi, bandage, bags, sandals. We have a wide selection of types, so please choose from among your favorite colors and patterns. From December to March you can also take a stroll through the town of Kyoto without having to worry about the cold even in winter even in winter.

2. Cake making experience

Kyoto leisure Recommended sweets making experience

[Duration] All year (Yukata in summer)
[Experience fee] 1,080Yen (tax included) ~
[Popular guests] Couple / Girls travel / Family

Authentic Japanese sweets making is popular in Kyoto!
Because it is Kyoto sightseeing! It is popular as a leisure for "sweets making" including making sweets ♪ If you enjoy sweets and tea while watching the good old Japanese scenery, a relaxed time like a time slip flows ◎ Dumplings and Yatabashi, creative confectionery using Matcha etc etc ... Let's heal the tiredness of the trip with delicious sweets handmade by craftsmen 's hands ♪

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【Kyoto · Higashiyama】 Japanese sweets making experience class "Kampun temple Toza" (Higashiyama Kiyomizu Temple site)

2,160yen~​ ​(tax included)

We will make authentic Kyoto confectionery under craftsmen's guidance. Please make memories that can stay in memory forever in Kyoto.

Gelato Bene Corporation

【Kyoto · Shimogo】 Gelato is ready for matcha! Tea ceremony Gelato experience

プランID:14685Gelato Bene Corporation
10,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is an experience of handmade tea with delicious gelato of rich green tea. First, I will learn about the history of tea ceremony, the kind of tea, how to taste gelato. Safari while checking the included Matcha. I remember taste and aroma firmly here. After that, I blindfold and start tea ceremony (Kiki matcha). Believe your tongue and challenge!

The eighth bridge building

【Kyoto / Kyoto City】 Japanese sweets originating in Kyoto! Mitarashi dumpling making experience ☆

プランID:14693The eighth bridge building
1,280yen~​ ​(tax included)

「京都下鴨神社の奉納和菓子」みたらし団子を生地づくりから体験していただきます。京都風のコクのあるタレ作りも楽しみです。 できあがった「みたらし団子」は、その場でご賞味いただきます。

3. Ceramics Experience · Ceramics class

Kyoto Leisure Recommended Ceramics Experience

[Duration] All year
[Experience fee] 1,140Yen (tax included) ~
[Popular guests] Couple / Girls travel / Family

A big staple of Kyoto tourism leisure!
"Pottery experience" that can make full-fledged pottery works with electric potter's experiences and hand-knot experiences is a big staple of Kyoto tourist leisure ☆ It is gaining popularity as a handmade gift or as a Kyoto souvenir ♪ I feel Japanese Luxury to concentrate on making works by quieting the heart in the city of Kyoto. Excitable feeling that you can enjoy until finished is a Japanese culture experience recommended for families with children as well ☆

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Kaisho kiln pottery class

清水寺~徒歩6分 ☆ 京都らしさ漂う人気スポットで、20分間のお手軽ろくろ体験 ♪

プランID:17429Kaisho kiln pottery class
1,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

デートや女子旅の定番コース、二年坂~三年坂♪  誰もが「京都らしい!」と感じる人気スポットで、 一度やってみたかった陶芸を、手軽に楽しみましょう!

瑞光窯 京都清水店(zuikougama)


プランID:11728瑞光窯 京都清水店(zuikougama)
3, 130yen~​ ​(tax included)

Electric potter's wheel experience to form to concentrate the clay spinning. Or it got out of shape a little bit of distortion, does not immediately can easily. Because you will be a maximum of support, please try to feel free to experience the pottery also beginners. Sense of accomplishment of the finished is a wonderful thing.


[Kyoto Prefecture, potter's wheel pottery experience] of Kyo in the prime location ♪ modern workshop along the road of philosophy cups making

1,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

You can participate willingly in between Kyoto tourism, experience simple Kyo potter's wheel experience of time of 20 minutes. Turn the electric potter's wheel of professional use, let's produce cups of full-fledged Kyo. Since Kyo craftsman himself will tell carefully tricks and tricks, young and old will enjoy anyone you to those of our elderly from small children. Long you can love in the everyday use of the vessel, a gift that was cordially to the important people, by all means one of the original cups was standing in the world.

4. Maiko · Kaiko experience experience

Kyoto Leisure Recommended Maiko · Kaiko Experience Experience

[Duration] All year
[Experience fee] 4, 320Yen (tax included) ~
[Popular guests] Women's journey / school trip

Maiko is serious enough to mistake authentic!
Speaking of Kyoto sightseeing, being able to meet with Maiko who walks along the cobblestone gardens of Gion is also one of the pleasures ◎ I think that there are real people naturally, but in reality, it is those who are experiencing maiko enjoying as a leisure with a high probability゚ д ゚) Let's enjoy it by becoming a maiko enough to be mistaken as a genuine article ◎ Plan to be able to take a walk in Kyoto with a maiko figure and a full-featured shoot at a photo studio ♪

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Kyoto Luxury Oshika Makeover STUDIO Han Rin

【Kyoto · Gion store】 Easy luxury Kaiga experience "Yayoi plan" ♪ Shot in antique art studio ☆

プランID:16984Kyoto Luxury Oshika Makeover STUDIO Han Rin
5,400yen~​ ​(tax included)

~ Kaori experience in Kyoto ~ The staff will be hospitable at the studio of sticking attention, wearing luxurious hair ornaments to authentic color work in costumes. At the Gion shop, we will produce a noble flower figure that fits our customers, with the theme of "antique art". We will carefully support you to bring out beauty. ~ Dressing plan · · · dressing & hair making · studio shooting: 6 poses (group 2 cut) · data with 1 data for smartphone (additional 1 data 1000 yen) · · · free shooting: free in the library

Et Martha

[Kyoto Higashiyama-ku] long-established kimono full-fledged maiko experience in the store (to shooting from the dressing!)

プランID:12817Et Martha
14,580yen~​ ​(tax included)

Maiko once want to experience, if women, transformed into a geisha's! Surprisingly from makeup to dressing can be attractive makeover.

5. Kyoto sightseeing guided tour

Kyoto Leisure Recommend Sightseeing Guided Tour

[Duration] All year
[Experience fee] 1,300Yen (tax included) ~
[Popular guests] Friends group / couple / girls journey

Kyoto sightseeing which the professional guide will show!
For the first time in Kyoto sightseeing, it is recommended to join the tour that the professional guide will guide us ◎ It is a form of Kyoto sightseeing which is fun because it is an adult such as classic sightseeing tours and historical explanation ♪ The original sightseeing plan There are also tours that respond ◎ You may be taught how to enjoy not on the guide book to the staff who knew Kyoto ∧ ('Θ') ∧

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Kyoto Mystery Journey

[Kyoto / near Kyoto Station] is the difference between a ghost and haunted? Explore while visiting the ancient city of attractions, Kyoto Mystery Trip to-ghost Hen

プランID:14132Kyoto Mystery Journey
2,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Over a guide, it is a little ancient capital of Kyoto Mystery Tour has changed. The theme is the history of the Kyoto ghost. There is no foot is a ghost? Is the difference between a ghost and haunted? That ghosts do not know seems to know along with the history, we will tease. A little break in the middle. I'm glad plan with tea and sweets.

Kyoto Mystery Journey

Monopolized the [Kyoto / Kyoto Station] guide! To meet the original tourism plan. Kyoto Mystery Travel-chartered plan

プランID:14134Kyoto Mystery Journey
30,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Perfect for people that the time tourist destination tour, separated by hate! Select the location where you want to go on your own, luxurious Kyoto guide plan guide to accompany. Because there is a one-day tour and the 4-hour half-day tour of eight hours, also it features scheduled easy to set of travel.

Other Recommended Kyoto Leisure

___ ___ 0 If you are worried about schedule of Kyoto sightseeing in winter, please refer to the experience leisure introduced on this page ♪ And in addition to the noteworthy leisure introduced this time Kyoto is the area boasting one of the leading leisure plans in Japan ◎ If you are an activity Japan, I think that you will surely find "the experience you want to do because of Kyoto" (¯ ^ ¯) ü There are plenty of discount campaign reservations you can reserve for various eye sizes, so please check them ♪

Japan Cultural Experience
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Pottery Experience - pottery class / Glasswork and glass workshop / Chopsticks making experience / Marine Craft / Dyeing experience / Candle Making / Making accessories / Weaving experience, weaving classroom / Flower arrangement class / Handmade lampshade classroom / perfume making experience / sculpting class / braid class / interior goods making experience
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