Only in East Japan! Screaming hurricane boat

If you play in Yamanakako in the summer of 2017
Super refreshing new sensation activity
Experience a hurricane boat!

Popular leisure spot representing the Kanto-Koshinetsu area Experience the latest activity "Hurricane Boat" at Yamanakako Lake! "Hakutaka marine" that holds many popular activity experiences plans such as wake boards and fly boards and deals with deals by Activity Japan ◎

- ファミリー&学生におすすめの1日プラン -

What is a Hurricane Boat?

"Hurricane Boat" is a super-refreshing marine leisure where you can experience only Hakutaka marine at the first east landing in eastern Japan, Lake Yamanaka! For overseas resort areas etc., it is already a topic boiling ultra refreshing activity! Please have a refreshing feeling that is swaying around this summer Gururunun in a great location looking up at Mount Fuji! !

Hurricane boat diameter is about 5 m! It is possible to experience up to 8 people at a time so we encourage friends and family and other people to scream and enjoy waiwai ◎ It's the latest towing monster activity to pull by boat! ! Increase the feeling image with a movie, GO to Lake Yamanaka!

The hurricane board of the topic
Set plan is great!

New activity"Hurricane boat" and a set that can be reserved for popular regular leisure deals Sale Plan Activity Japan We prepared for limitation! Each separately Book Now More now 1,620 yen Enjoy the summer Lake Yamanaka leisure with a great set plan 得

Most popular Wakeboarding, Water pressure system of the topic Activity Fly board Hoverboard ・ Jet pack! It is recommended that you make an early reservation as the desired date and time will be difficult to obtain during the summer vacation period (especially in the Bon season and on weekends and holidays). ! hurry up~~~! !

Other recommended plans




BBQとセットで、1時間~ボートチャーターできるので、気兼ねなく楽しんでいただけます。 ウェイクボード、チュービング、バナナボート、水上スキーに加え、今年から話題のSUPに人気のハリケーンボートまで追加され更にパワーアップした超人気プランに進化しました 自分たちのやりたい遊びをその場でチョイス出来ます。




専用ボートを使い人工的に作られた波に乗りサーフィンする画期的なマリンスポーツです。 海と違いいつも一定の波ができることから、初心者はもちろん中級者、上級者の新しいトリックのtrainingとして楽しまれています。 このサーフィンは船の種類で波の大きさや形、パワーが変わってきます。弊社所有のボートは日本トップクラスの波を作りだします。おためしあれ! 手ぶらBBQ オプションあり!(1日限定5組) みんなでワイワイBBQを楽しんだ後、アクティビティ体験ができます♪ お1人様4,500円のところ、【3,000円】に割引中! <メニュー例> ・川魚(山梨は海がないので、BBQでは川魚が名物です!) ・牛肉、豚肉、手羽先、トントロなどBBQにはかかせないTHE肉!! ・焼きそば ・おばちゃん特製手作りおにぎり ※BBQは、開始から90分です。午前体験された場合は体験後BBQ、午後体験される場合は体験前からBBQスタートになります  アクティビティと一緒にお申し込みください。

Operating shop information

If it is a leisure at the lake, leave it to Hakuta Kamarin! last Year The shop where Takuya Kimura and Takeshi Shibata challenged the flyboard on the broadcasted TV program "SMAP x SMAP" is also Hakuta Kamarin! Enjoyable lakes with kindness, security and peace of mind Activity Provides ◎

shop's name Hakutakamarin
Reservation only dial:03-4540-9963
Handling line Wake board / fly board / hover board / Giotto pack / Banbo boat / Hurricane boat / Wake surfing / BBQ / Wagasa fishing (winter season)
Business hours 7: 00 ~ 19: 00 (seven days a week)
place Yamanakako Village Yamanaka Yamanaka Gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 401 0501
Venue Access

How to reach by car
From the central road "Kawaguchiko IC" or Higashi Fuji Five Lake Road "Yamanakako IC" Route 138 towards Yamanakako towards the direction of the Meizumae intersection (pedestrian bridge).

How to reach by train
Transfer to the Fuji Express line at the central main line "Otsuki station" and get off at "Fujiyoshida station" about 1 hour. From Fujiyoshida station by bus, go to "Gotemba" or "To Hirano" bus about 30 minutes. Get off at "Hotel Mount Fuji entrance" and walk 1 minute.

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