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Repeater "Amami Oshima" famous for its many tourists. Its charm is unspoiled nature unique to the south island represented by the beautiful coral reef ocean. Particularly recommended for autumn / winter are activities that enjoy "mangrove primeval forest" such as canoeing and trekking. And in the winter (February ~ March) we will encounter a group of dolphins and I will recommend an exciting experience at "dolphin watching".

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Recommended activities for Amami Oshima
We recommend autumn winter with clear air! Motor paraglider! ! Enjoy the sub-tropical vegetation primeval forest where the movie was also set!
Island Service (Island Service)

【Kagoshima · Amami Oshima】 mini-day (1) Kimagori Wildlife Walking and Trekking Tour (3 hours)

プランID:4838Island Service (Island Service)
3,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

It also takes a walk in the golden original primeval forest with plenty of sub-tropical plants, which is also the stage of the movie, usually not seen so much in 3 hours. Lychega glows to a height of 10 m. (It is said that it is the largest among ferns.) Otaniwanari, Ryukyu Rageji gashi, Kwazuimo as much as a person's height. Drumming of Oston Ooiagrassa inhabiting only this island and chirping of red whale. It is a tour that can absorb fresh air of the mysterious virgin forest.

Canoing the mangrove primeval forest with the real pleasure of the South Island!
Coral Chaya

[Kagoshima-Amami Oshima] snorkeling and mangrove canoe (1 day tour)

プランID:1077Coral Chaya
8,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Affordable tour would be the mangrove canoe and snorkeling in a day! Recommended in handy than diving for those who want to enjoy the sea. Canoe is Tsukisusumi to always hinterland of mangrove to see the tide of time of the day. It is a tour where you can enjoy a day in total manner.

Dolphin watching limited from February to March! !
Native Sea Amami (Native Sea AMAMI)

[Kagoshima Prefecture Amami Oshima] pounding powerful! Whale-watching (half day course)

プランID:6604Native Sea Amami (Native Sea AMAMI)
6,480yen~​ ​(tax included)

Winter only ★ humpback whales in Amami is! Is the tour to go whale watching in half a day.

Amami Oshima's charm, you will be fully satisfied! !
Unimare Sea and Forest Guide shop that faces nature and people

【Kagoshima · Amami Oshima】 1 tour only for one set! "Half-Day Nature Forest Bath Guide" 4 Tours to Choose

プランID:3305Unimare Sea and Forest Guide shop that faces nature and people
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Nature's cycle to experience through activities. Natural bathing ➡ Forest bathing has a high relaxing effect and has the effect of balancing autonomic nerve and is said to enhance the immune function of the body. There are individual differences, but the effect is about a month. Time of Amami's journey, we will show you the world that you feel healing while having fun.

Nature trek aiming at Yuwaake Observatory of Amami Oshima's highest peak!
Coral and hermit crab (SANGO TO YADOKARI)

Yuwandake and waterfalls of the Kagoshima-Amami Oshima] subtropical! Power spot walking tour (1 day course)

プランID:9409Coral and hermit crab (SANGO TO YADOKARI)
9,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

Tropical waterfall trees subtropical lush, Materia and Arangachi. Yuwandake observatory of Amami Oshima highest peak, will explore the banyan tree inhabited by spirits.

Popular SUP (stand-up paddle board) in autumn and winter!
Amanico (Amaniko)

★ Chartable ★ 【Kagoshima · Amami Oshima】 SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) Experience (120 minutes)

プランID:10147Amanico (Amaniko)
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Recommended marine sports to enjoy from the tour beginners can experience the stand-up board paddling the rising sea in a large board!

Cruising a canoe at Amami Oshima at night!
Mangrove Chaya

[Kagoshima-Amami Oshima] enjoy the mystical space! Night canoe touring

プランID:8427Mangrove Chaya
7,560yen~​ ​(tax included)

Why not while wrapped in the evening stillness felt the mysterious your time.

Exiting the sea with a yacht is the best experience!
Amami diving school bald Marine (HAGE MARINE)

[Kagoshima-Amami Oshima Southern] Amami Oshimakaikyo, Kakeroma coral reef snorkeling, yacht cruise 3 hour course

プランID:7342Amami diving school bald Marine (HAGE MARINE)
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Is a plan to enjoy snorkeling in the coral reefs around Kakeroma of Amami Oshimakaikyo. Round-trip to the point of snorkeling you can enjoy a yacht cruise (12 people capacity).

Please contact us immediately before reservation · group etc
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