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Activity We introduce the recommendation plan that you can enjoy the world heritage "Yakushima" carefully selected! Speaking of Yakushima, the trekking tour aiming for "Jomon cedar" is a large and large classic! Other Please feel the power spot of many hot spots such as "Shiratani Cloud Water Gorge" and "Okawa Falls", "Daio Cedar" and "Couple Couple" etc. ☆ If you search here for the Yakushima activity it is marigai · ∀ ·) ゞ

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World heritage "Yakushima" trekking
Let's go to see "Jomon cedar" age 7200 years!
AND (Eienudi)

[Kagoshima Yakushima] yearning of Jomon cedar trekking in the world natural heritage Yakushima!

プランID:11045AND (Eienudi)
10,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Through the tram track, Wilson Ltd., is a tour to go to see "Jomon cedar" of the Great while, such as looking at the cedar Yakushima maximum power spot old 7200 years. Route Arakawa trailhead - Kosugi valley ~ Sandaisugi ~ Daikabu sidewalk entrance - Wilson Co. - Great cedar - Jomon cedar (round trip the same route), the moving distance round-trip 22km, but is a round-trip 10 or more hours of trekking, the sense of accomplishment so big, it will be a lifetime of memories. Everyone Let's go to see "Jomon cedar" that yearn!

Discover living things such as deer and birds living in "Forest of Mononoke"!

[Kagoshima Prefecture Yakushima] go together! Forest Mononoke! ! !

プランID:10701GUIDE OFFICE Yakushima
10,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

In the journey of one day, while enjoying the forest that is said to be the forest of moss, once Yaku walk Kusugawa sidewalk made in order to carry the cedar, bathed in the sound of the swamp, which flows through the horizontal, the process proceeds to the back, "Mononoke of we aim to forest ".

You can choose courses from Yakushima popular power spot! !
Forest Walk Yakushima

[Kagoshima Yakushima] forest and waterfall, river, island tourism and a short period of time trekking, such as hot springs

プランID:5116Forest Walk Yakushima
15,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

For anyone who wants to climb a mountain physically in a little, Yakushima Forest (short time) and the waterfall, sea and whether this course is how to enjoy the hot springs and the like,? Shiratani Unsuikyo or Yakusugi Land (1 to 2 hours) "era cedar", "Okawa of the waterfall," "Chihiro waterfall," "the middle of the banyan tree," "western forest road", "Nagata Lighthouse", "countryside beach", "four SeraHama" This course is where I am to choose more from such as "Onoaida hot spring", "Yokogawa valley". You can set the course by the other hope.

Experience the "Forest of Shiratani Cloud Water Gorge" representing the forest of Yakushima!
Yakushima guide mountain lover

【Kagoshima · Yakushima】 trekking Shiratani cloud sanctuary day trip course (magistrate cedar course)

プランID:7488Yakushima guide mountain lover
8,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Listen to the pleasantly flowing sound of clear stream Shiratani River, you can feel the feelings of the people who had the fullest live in the Edo era Looking at the fallen trees and stumps that looks around. Shiratani Unsuikyo trailhead → magistrate cedar course → Shiratani hut → Mossy forest → drum rock → Mossy forest → Kusugawa sidewalk → Shiratani Unsuikyo trailhead (takes about 7-8 hours)

A giant trees route including "Oyo cedar" and "Couple couple"!
Yakushima Messenger (yakushima messenger)

Let's go to see [Kagoshima Yakushima] elder cedar! Jomon cedar trekking

プランID:6813Yakushima Messenger (yakushima messenger)
14,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Island of elder, also referred to as old 7200 years, I will go to see Jomon cedar. While feeling the history of Yaku cedar logging, walk a giant tree root etc. lined the Great cedar and couple cedar.

Aim for the summit of the highest "Miyanoura dake" in Kyushu!
Nature guide midsummer

[Kagoshima Yakushima] Miyanoura day panorama trekking tour (1 day course)

プランID:4737Nature guide midsummer
10,400yen~​ ​(tax included)

Miyanoura day trek, it takes about the same Kosutaimu the Jomon cedar day trekking. 5:00 AM around, will be starting from 6:30 AM around Yodogawa trailhead is asked to pick up to your inn. Climbing over the way of the one-way 8 kilometers about five hours, we will arrive at the summit of Mt. Miyanoura around noon.

It is a masterpiece to the thickness of "Jomon cedar"!
Yakushima guide mountain lover

[Kagoshima Yakushima] trekking Jomon cedar-day course

プランID:7506Yakushima guide mountain lover
9,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Many people come to Yakushima is coming to see the Jomon cedar. Jomon cedar that appears missing the forest of the world natural heritage. The big tree is said to be estimated old 7200 years. Also highlight the thickness of this cedar. Arakawa trailhead → Kosugi valley village trace → Sandaisugi → Daikabu sidewalk entrance → Wilson Ltd. → Great cedar → Jomon cedar → Great cedar → Wilson Ltd. → Daikabu sidewalk entrance → Sandaisugi → Kosugi valley village trace → Arakawa trailhead

Other Recommendations
River kayak
aqua style (aqua style)

[Morning and afternoon] River kayak in Yakushima (half day course) university student discount plan

プランID:3207aqua style (aqua style)
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Yakushima is one month is the rainy island of enough to be referred to as the 35 days rain a month in the for Yakushima of the mountains there is a myriad of rivers and waterfalls become a big river joins them is a number, it poured into the sea. Clean water and the fish that swim in there, caught the trees in the forest, which spread to one side around tweet birds. Rich forest views from the river. Since Yakushima kayak is carried out in a gentle stream, you can participate safely in the first one and women. ※ This plan is a plan of college students limited.

YNAC Yakushima outdoor activities Research Center

Touring [western forest road] in [Kagoshima Yakushima] World Heritage area

プランID:7933YNAC Yakushima outdoor activities Research Center
9, 180yen~​ ​(tax included)

Western forest road The area has become a World Heritage Site area. While admiring the magnificent scenery of the East China Sea, it will run through the fresh green of the tunnel.

Sea kayaking
YNAC Yakushima outdoor activities Research Center

[Kagoshima Yakushima] Tsukuse play the sea! Sea kayak tour

プランID:7937YNAC Yakushima outdoor activities Research Center
9, 180yen~​ ​(tax included)

Sea kayak tour of YNAC is Umiasobi. I can not believe I do not play in the ocean to come to Yakushima. So, a huge sea cave, also several muscle to fall into the sea of ​​the waterfall, such as cove surrounded by cliffs, the variegated Yakushima of coastline will Tsukuso play in the sea kayak!

Making bath salt

It is healed in [Kagoshima Yakushima] favorite scent! Skin also rejoice bus Salt Making

2,295yen~​ ​(tax included)

A full-fledged content is a popular plan to start from the salt-making to become a base, you can make the bath salts in Yakushima grace jammed salt. To handmade salt using Yakushima production of materials will continue with the scent. Since the mineral plenty of bath salts is friendly component to the skin is full on, you might expect beautiful skin effect. Salt made by yourself you can take home that day.

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