GOOUT CAMP 15 PhotoGallery

2015 Year May 29 Sun 31 Sun, Stand-up paddle board with "GOOUT CAMP Inawashiro vol. 2"Rental The we!

Activity Japan also participated in the camping event "GOOUT CAMP Inawashiro vol.2" sponsored by Mr. Sanei Shobo, held at the Tenjinhama Auto Camp Site in Inawashiro-cho, Yama-gun, Fukushima Prefecture from 29th to 31th May 2015 It was!
We rented a stand up paddle board this year. We focused on the photos of everyone who rented and uploaded the situation during the event as a gallery.

Photo by shooting team Taka

SUP Experience Photo Gallery

Other Photo Gallery

Last Sun Dive into a rough lake Activity Japan The staff's first fight was also posted lol
One of the staff is this time Events Wearing the wearable camera "EX-FR10" of Mr. CASIO who was lending to the forehead. I was worried about breaking it because it was mechanical noise, but I was able to bring it back without any problems due to the resistance of the stone!

It was regrettable that it could not be held from the middle due to the strong wind blowing from the 30th lunch time, but it was good that the course that I held on 30th was successfully completed! Thank you everyone who participated, GOOUT CAMP executive committee!