Interviewed hang gliding School 90 minutes from Osaka !

One of the 2015 Hung Glider World Championship contestants!
Hang history is a big veteran over 35 years!

This time we are introducing a large veteran who has over 35 years of hang glider history
Tono Air Hang Glider School Representative Hitoshi Amemura (Yoshikado Shinmura).

hang gliding Wakayama

Tonoair Hang gliding School Is Wakayama It is located in Kinokawa City, about a 30-minute drive from the city, and is a land rich in nature with mountains and rivers nearby.
The flight flies from the mountain, Longmenshan, and lands on the Kinokawa River. The office is close to the landing site.

Tono Air hang gliding School Mr. Uchimura

Mr. Uchimura is still active and acting as a hung glider player and instructor,
He appeared as a tandem (two-seater) flight instructor in the Nissan Serena TV commercial broadcasted in fall 2014.

Mr. Uchimura has participated in eleven world championships and has won multiple medals even at Japanese championships.
Many medals and trophies were displayed in the room we visited.

What is a hang gliding ?

How do hang gliding compete - do not many people know of it?

Many tournaments are held, including domestic and international hang gliders,
It seems that there are many things competing for "how quickly you reach the goal" as it comes to high-level bands.
I also heard that the flight distance is as long as 300 km.


By the way, I heard that the world's top players will fly 100 km in less than 2 hours.

About hang gliding School

Mr. Uchimura is not only a single player of a hang glider but also an instructor who runs a school.
There were people who came to learn hang gliders under Mr. Uchimura on the day we visited this time.

Hang gliders begin by learning the attitude of takeoff, flight and landing.
Compared to a paraglider often raised by a pair of hang gliders as one of the events that enjoys the sky, longer practice is necessary.
According to Mr. Mr. Okamura, I heard that it takes 15 minutes to 30 minutes only by the attitude lecture by the simulated flight device.

However, when you fly in the sky you can see the surrounding scenery from the height you can not usually taste.
It is different from what you see from an airplane, as it actually senses the wind with your skin
For those who have come to experience, you will enjoy a special experience.

Cooperation with the bird human contest

Under Mr. Okamura-san, I heard a story that the pilot of the Bird Human Contest annually makes a practice by staying overnight.
The Bird Human Contest is a competition competing for flight distance and flight time with a manpower plane made by himself,
Every Yomiuri TV is holding every year, it is familiar as a program.
Mr. Uchimura also said that he was cooperating in the management of the bird human contest.


After finishing the interview this time

After the interview was finished, Mr. Okamura's wife was treated with tempura of the wild plants and was delicious with the editor.

Impressed by the atmosphere of Tonoa people 's home atmosphere, we left Tono Air hang gliding School.

Mr. Uchimura is also participating as one of the national players in the world championship held in Mexico from February 28 to March 2015.
Mr. Okamura is 62 years old (as of March 2015). He is still active as one player of the hang glider.
I am grateful that I got valuable time this time, and I would like to support Mr. Uchimura from now on.

If you do a hang gliding in Kansai

Tono Air Hang Glider School you visited this time can do a tandem (two seater) experience.
Because it is a little bit faster than Tennoji in Osaka, it is a school where you can go on a day trip,
Why do not you visit once in Kansai if you live in Kansai.
Children can enjoy it like Serena's commercial, so it is recommended as an activity that you can experience with your family!

INFORMATIONBusiness information
Tono Air hang gliding School (TonoAir) Tono Air Hang Gliding School (TonoAir)

Tono also air hang gliding school car from Osaka, it will arrive in 90 minutes by train + bus. West Japan maximum of flight area, located in the Kinokawa flight within the Park.
Many of the flyer Mr. Keihanshin, Mie, Nara, it is also coming from Tottori.
Also the first one we'll take you from the instructor and two in the 600m of the mountain (tandem flight) because it is peace of mind. Please come by all means feel free to.
If you're weather conditions Kii Peninsula, sometimes also Setouchi can overlook.

For more information and plan of Tono Air Hang Glider School from here

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