【Tama River Rafting / Shower Climbing】 Shop which holds popular tours in Tokyo Okutama "Tama River Rafting winds"

【Tama River Rafting / Shower Climbing】 7 years old ~ OK! "Tamagawa Rafting winds" to host popular tours in Tokyo Okutama!

River activities heaven
Excellent access to Tokyo Okutama

"Tokyo · Okutama" which attracts the great nature that forget the hustle and bustle of the city in about 90 minutes from central Tokyo city. It is popular for dates and weekend drives due to its good access, and is surrounded by popular tourist attractions such as Okutama Lake and Hinohara cave, and many sightseeing spots where many hot spring ryokans and campgrounds are dotted ◎ And Okutama Tourism It is indispensable for enjoying the river's nature such as "Hatonosan Valley" and "Ontake Valley" where the upper stream of the Tamagawa flows and "Otaki" and "Suzaku no Taki (Hokusawa no Taki)" A lot of spectacular scenery points to enjoy ↑ It is also the spot where people who enjoy outdoor such as camping to enjoy the untouched nature from the spring and summer season are gathered ◎

In the Okutama area, river · sky · mountain etc making full use of its rich nature · outdoor activity experiences tour in all fields are actively being held, Activity Japan has a very popular area where many reservations · inquiries are received ◎ Especially popularity of classic river activities such as "rafting", "canyoning / shower climbing", "canoeing · kayaking" etc which are on season from spring to autumn every year (around April to late October) It can be said that "the river's activity heaven" representing abundant number of shops holding a tour experience as a leisure for children to adults can enjoy.

Recommended shops in Okutama
Tama River rafting winds

Tamagawa Rafting winds
Rafting tour down the Tamagawa river

So this time, at such an extremely popular spot of such river activity Tokyo Okutama "Rafting","Shower climbing","rafting"Recommended shop to host a tour of"Tama River rafting winds (Winds)Introduced in closeup ♪

Those tours guided by "river specialists" who have learned about the Tama river offer courses with a wide range of difficulty to enjoy from beginners to experienced ☆ Also the content of the tour is full of smiles from our children 's children to adults It is a content of great satisfaction ◎ It is a shop of the necessity check for the spring vacation season such as Golden Week, and summer production coming to next __ ___ 0 Please see the plan details and recommended points that can be booked on this site ☆ ☆ ☆


Tamagawa Rafting winds Recommended

Coco is recommended!
The king of the river activity to race in 3/1 season in 2018 "Rafting"! ! The field flows through the famous Ontake Valley as the landmark of autumn tints, "Tamagawa river" which is also selected as one of the famous waters ♪ Let's enjoy refreshing & thrilling water natural roller coasters ◎

Tamagawa Rafting winds Recommended

Coco is recommended!
Okutama is famous for "Canyoning (Sawa shimori)" representative of the Kanto area, but in winds you can experience "shower climbing (rain climbing)" only in Okutama ♪ Enjoy nature with natural waterslider etc. Let's experience "Ultimate river play" ◎

Tamagawa Rafting winds Recommended

Coco is recommended!
Two-seater inflatable (inflating with air) river experiences tour of Kayak " Inflatable Kayak " is also popular ♪ Let's challenge the torrent course with only two people if you receive lecture firmly ◎ active Recommended for couples and couples!

Tamagawa Rafting winds Recommended

Coco is recommended!
River Activity experience plan of "Tama river Rafting winds" instructor who knew nature of Tamagawa safely tour ◎ Kids of Rafting and shower climbing are 7 years old, Inflatable Kayak is 10 years of participation OK ◎ Student group etc We also accept reservations ↑


Satisfaction level of Activity experience depends on staff ('θ `) Rafting in Okutama Tokyo , shower climbing , enjoying Inflatable Kayak "Tama River rafting winds (Winds)"Staff who is popular from guests are enrolled ◎

Tamagawa Rafting winds Popular Staff

Ms. Bab
A river manager "Bab", a popular river manager for guests with a sweet mask and plenty of customer service ♪ Nepalese staff who came to Japan six years ago after rafting guides in India and Nepal ◎ Fluent Japanese and manipulated fluent Japanese Owner of "hospitality spirit" ↑


All tour participants are now in the winds special sticker gift campaign! Reservation and details of each plan is here ♪

Tama River rafting winds (Winds)

[Tokyo Tama] refreshing swim in a river! Rafting tour (half day course)

プランID:128Tama River rafting winds (Winds)
4,800yen~(tax included)

Rafting in the Tama River is a natural roller coaster! Seven customers ride into one rubber boat, we will go down together with the power. Enjoy a lot of fun, such as boating and jumping from rocks! Why do not you make a special experience in the wilderness of the Ontake Valley, which is chosen as one of the top 100 famous water?

Shower climbing (rain climbing)
Tama River rafting winds (Winds)

[Tokyo Tamagawa the adventure! ] Refreshing shower climbing tour (half day course)

プランID:129Tama River rafting winds (Winds)
5,800yen~(tax included)

~ What is shower climbing ~ Shower climbing is called "climb up climb" and it is a river sport that challenges the beautiful and varied rice that nature creates by walk ☆ It is a river sport ☆ A waterfall that contains plenty of negative ions and gives a splashed water, natural water Slider, natural pool! While swimming there, dive and jump in while aiming for the origin. It is full of beautiful flowing and refreshing! When I am reluctantly playing in a beautiful flow, I forget that I am an adult.

Tama River rafting winds (Winds)

[Tokyo Tama] ducky experience tour (half day course)

プランID:8270Tama River rafting winds (Winds)
6,300yen~(tax included)

~ Inflatable Kayak Tour is a Takagawa Inflatable Kayak Tour that allows you to join forces together and enjoy thrilling river descent ☆ Inflatable Kayak is a two-seater rubber boat that inflates with air, shaped like a Kayak . There is a sense of stability, the absorption of the impact is also firm. It's fun to Rafting with everyone together, but recommended for those who want to go down the river with the power of two people! Wed closer to the surface, Wed felt the force of the flow to direct, you can enjoy the Tama River in the more thrilling. I will Explanations way of rowing and safety, start practicing and start the tour. We will support the guide during the tour, so please do not worry.

Included in price
Guide fee, accident insurance, helmet, wet jacket, life jacket, wet suit is included in the tour price.
Available age
7 years old ( Inflatable Kayak is 10 years old ~)
Starting time
9: 00 ~ / 13: 00 pm
Things necessary
Swimsuit (you will wear as an inner wet suit)
bath towel
Water shoes
Glasses band the direction of glasses
 Shoes, spectacle bands available for rent


Tama River rafting winds of the tour, you can play in either of the half-day tour each morning and afternoon. There is also a 1DAY tour where you can enjoy two types of tours in one day. About 90 minutes from the city center and the access is good! Ease JR, you can enjoy plenty of day trips ♪

[Business Name]
 Tama River rafting winds (Winds)
[Handling Activity]
Rafting / shower climbing / Inflatable Kayak
[business hours]
8:00 to 18:00
[Closed holiday]
Open from noon during the season (from the end of April to the end of October)
2 4-1-1 Yunoki cho, Ome city, 1980064 Tokyo
 How to reach by car
Free parking is available. It is about 25 minutes from the Oriental IC, Sunrise IC in the area. Go to the Okutama area for prefectural highway No. 45 (Yoshino Kaido), opposite the Yukonomi Park Shopping Center, 600 meters from Yoshikawa Eiji Memorial Hall.
 How to reach by train
I will pick you up at the station. Please come to the JR Ome Line "Ninata- tao station" 5 minutes before the meeting time. Please acknowledge being guided to the nearest bus stop on the way back.